Monday, May 9, 2011

Another trip

Well, that makes my third trip to labor/delivery due to doctor's orders. Thankfully, since it didn't result in a delivery, it was my shortest visit yet.

I've been to the clinic and l/d enough times that the nurses and staff all seem to know me.

My bp had been up for two days, but just an hour at the hospital calmed that down. They processed my labs, which looked good. So, home was my destination.

Maybe we will make that scheduled date after all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

36 weeks and then some

I saw the doc again yesterday.  I got to once again walk into the clinic carrying my 24 hour jug 'o pee.  Yes, lovely, I know.  My bp, which had been up all morning, suddenly decided to drop a bit since I was at the doc's office.  I suppose my body knows when to be on its best behavior?  There was protein in the small sample I give them every time they see me, but they decided to wait until they get my 24 hour jug results back from the lab before making any decisions.  So, they sent me home. 

I had a conversation with the doc about the delivery of sassy pants.  Its pretty obvious to me that its going to be a c-section at this point. I am ok with that.  However, I wanted to know if we were past the point in this pregnancy where sassy pants would automatically have to go to the NICU after birth--which is what happened when I had Kale.  He was so early that it didn't matter how well he was doing on his own, he was going to the NICU.  Thankfully, we have passed that point with sassy pants.  Unless there are some unforeseen complications, she will be able to hang out with us in the OR and recovery and then go back to my room with me.  This made me nearly jump off the table and hug the doc, but I was sans pants so I stayed put. 

I am hoping that sassy pants can come to my room with us and have some bonding time with just her mommy, daddy, and big brother for a little while.  We need and deserve that time as a family at this point.  When we are settled, stable, and ready...we will allow visitors into the room to meet sassy pants. 

It won't surprise me one bit to get a call today from the doc telling me to head on to the hospital.  Of course, it seems every time I think they may send me there, they don't and vice versa.  So, who knows.  I have made it past my 36 week goal and surpassed what I think the doc thought I would do several weeks ago.  I believe he truly thought we were headed down the same path as we did with Kale.  Thanks be to God, that wasn't the case.  I learned my lesson and have followed the rules better this time around.  I remind myself that I am sick, even though I don't feel it.  I remind myself not to feel guilty for laying on my tail while the world goes on around me and other people take care of things that I want to/should be doing myself.  The support of our extended family and some close friends have been helpful beyond words.  I have been the one responsible for making good choices and carrying sassy pants this far into the pregnancy, but I could not have done it without the help and prayers of so many others. 

And now, we wait....