Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kale vs. The Underwear

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

But instead of worrying about what I haven't done this week, I am doing a NOT MY CHILD post today.

This is not my child. My child would not get this frustrated. Nor would my child refuse help when it is offered, because you know, he is not my child or anything. I would never do that, so why would he?

As a side note, it was not me who accidentally deleted the previous post of this video and it definitely was not me who had to work hard to keep from laughing all the way through filming this video.

Some things to note. We are potty training. Kale loves the idea of underwear with such fun things as cars, trains, eet on them. However, he is nowhere near ready to wear underwear yet. So, some days we compromise. Its on those days that Kale gets to wear his underwear OVER his diaper. I won't describe what that looks like, because hey, I wouldn't know because its not me that allows him to do that and so its so completely not my child wearing underwear over his diaper! It also wasn't me who allowed him to dump the entire underwear basket into the floor just so I could have another 20 minutes of time to keep cleaning out his closet!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cardiology check up and a slippery slope

Kale had his cardiology check up and things went fine. His WPW is still present but no medicine is needed because he continues to not have SVT or any other problems. We pray it continues this way. Its our understanding that when Kale gets older, he will have the surgery to close off the extra pathway.

Side note: I don't know which one of you said the prayer about Kale laying still for the EKG, but it seriously worked. You can now pray that we win the lotto! Seriously, I don't know if I have ever seen him be that still for that long without being sick or asleep. He amazed both of his parents, who I think were both holding their breath in hopes that he would lay still.

I left the appointment feeling a mixture of frustration and blessings. I know Kale's situation could be so much worse. However, since we took him home at 24 days old, we have been waiting for this appointment to find out if he would be one of the 30% who healed without surgery. And he is not in that 30%. Kind of a let down. But, at least now we know.

I had apparently allowed my anxiety get just a tad out of control or had reverse PMS or maybe a little of both of those situations, because I went on a McDonald's binge after we left the hospital. I needed a fast lunch for Kale and chose the closest place to his school. You would think that a parent who just left a cardiology clinic with a child would do a little better. Fail! Oh well. He actually ate half his cheeseburger and fries. I devoured my 1/4 pounder, fries (oops), and coke (whoops). I hurried us through lunch and got him to school so he could maybe nap for the last hour of nap time. It worked. I then tried to kill my screaming headache with a hot fudge/caramel sundae from McDonald's before heading back to work. Told you I binged!

However, my son put me to shame last night. Holy Moly that kid loves some refried beans and rice and cheese dip. His stomach felt like he swallowed a softball. He was still eating when we were done...and that NEVER happens! I am glad I remembered to give him some gas drops before he went to sleep. Whew!

This morning, right after he woke up and just before he peed the bed....I asked Kale if he went to the doctor yesterday. He said yes. I asked what the doctor checked. He looked at me, put his hand right over his heart, and said Kale's heart. It was just too cute. I was really impressed that after a night's sleep that he was able to remember that.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wishing, Hoping, Praying

Thats me today. Wishing, Hoping, Praying. The only thing is, I don't know which way to wish, hope, and pray. Ugh.

Kale has his annual cardiology check up tomorrow. There is nothing to be nervous about and we know the process. We will go to clinic, check in, and wait our turn. We will be called back to do a check of weight, height, pulse/blood pressure (which usually won't work on him because he won't be still long enough) and then we also move on to the EKG room. It takes me longer to get him undressed/redressed and them to hook him up than it takes for them to run the entire EKG. Usually, after the EKG, we get to go to an exam room and wait to see the doctor. On all previous clinic visit, we have had to do a 24hr Holter monitor, which is a monitor that Kale wears while 3 leads are stuck to his skin...for 24 hours. I was thoroughly relieved when they said we didn't have to do that this time because I wasn't sure how I was going to keep him from peeling those leads off and just ditching the entire monitor! Whew!

This time, its the part of talking to the doctor that has me anxious and not knowing which way to wish, hope, and pray. I have talked about this to both Ep and my mom. They get it.

We have reached the age of 2, which is where the stats say 30% of WPW patients outgrow the condition. So, this is the appointment where we find out if he has outgrown his WPW or not.

On one hand, if he has outgrown the WPW, then he won't have a possible surgery lingering in his future and we all go on about life as though nothing was ever wrong with his heart. Or so it woudl seem, but can anyone really gaurantee that it will never reappear? I worry that it would show back up later in childhood or adulthood, which is actually when most cases appear for the first time anyway.

On the other hand, if he has not outgrown the WPW, then he will most likely have an ablation surgery performed somewhere between the ages of 5-9 and this surgery has a 90-98% (depending on who you ask) rate of success. As long as Kale fit into the success group, then he (and we) would NEVER have to worry about him going into SVT ever again.

So, I don't know how to hope, wish, and pray. I want to direct my prayers for the right thing. I don't want to seem faithless. I also don't want to ever again be at the hospital with Kale in uncontrollable SVT. I know God covered him that day and that He continues to cover him daily. Its my poor mommy brain that is out of control. What if this, what if that...ugh. I feel equally torn between wanting to be told that Kale is WPW free and told that its still there, silently existing in his heart and threatening to cause SVT when we least expect it. At the moment, both have their bright and dark spots in my mind. Of course, my mind is currently clouded with anxious mommy worry, so I may not be making any sense at all. I know this.

And in typing all this out, it hit me. Just hope, wish, and pray that whatever happens is best for Kale and his future. I think I will go with that! If you would pray for that, then it would be even better!

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Zookeeper

Kale is officially the zookeeper at our house now.
This was how he was sleeping this morning when I woke up.
Apparently, the job of zookeeper involves sleeping ON your animals to keep them from running away!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do Apples? Do Colors?

On my iPhone, I have 2 different Apps that Kale can play.

The first one is "toddler cards" but Kale refers to it as "do apples" because one of the main cards has an apple on it.

The second one is called "scrible lite" but Kale calls it "do colors" because he is able to use his fingers to draw in different colors.

Just about every morning I am asked: Mommy, do apples? Mommy, do colors?

Some mornings I oblige him and of course he insists on doing it all by himself! It was during one of those little sessions that he drew this and managed to save it on my two years old!

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Friday, February 12, 2010


I'd say we got some deliveries today!!!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy No Nap Moly!

Last night, around 9pm, I crawled into bed and was watching tv as the scroll ran for schools closed yet again for inclement weather. Never did I expect to see that once again, our schools were closed--which means my offices wouldn't be open and neither would Kale's school (daycare). Wowzer! I celebrated by doing the happy dance in bed. Ep told me that I could have fun getting up with Kale during the night. Turns out, Kale had news for him. He called out for DAAADDDDDYYYYY about an hour later, which was much earlier than the call had been coming for me. He seemed pretty inconsolable and ended up in bed with us---Ep's choice.

Kale and I snoozed until 7:15am while Ep left sometime before dawn to go to the gym. Our morning went fine. Kale wanted to seemingly watch the first 5 minutes of every video in his collection. I was worn out with that by 9:30. I vowed that after his nap, we would be getting out of the house.

I thought our day was interesting enough when this happened: I just turned around to see Kale's bare booty in the air and him saying "Kale wipe booty" while his diaper was down around his ankles. Lovely! Thankfully, no mess involved.

Then, I fed Kale lunch and put him down for his nap. Thats when our day got REALLY interesting...or comical...or pick.

Kale had been laying in bed for an hour supposedly taking a nap. Instead, he was laying there talking to himself. He got quiet and I thought he had dozed off. I walked in to find him mostly naked in his bed and when I asked him what he was doing, it scared him so bad that he threw the diaper at me. I put him back in bed with a clean diaper. He got quiet after 15 minutes and I thought FINALLY he had gone to sleep. Nope. Once again, he took off the diaper. I gave up and let him get up. Before I could put another diaper on him...he walked over to the closet and peed.

It was at that point that I decided we were getting dressed and getting OUT of the house. We ran by Sonic, got gas for the truck, went by ACH to turn in our change for the radiothon, and went to Kroger. I figured somewhere in between one of those stops, Kale would pass out from not having a nap. Nope. He did not miss a beat this afternoon. He even made sure that I got him the CAR CART! while we were at Kroger. We expected him to absolutely crash way before bed time. We gave him an early bath (he was pretty calm--way more calm in the bath than usual) and put him to bed. We had a few cries, but he is now sleeping and will hopefully stay that way.

Whew...I am ready to go back to work tomorrow....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today, Ep fixed spaghetti for lunch.
Kale's version?
So, if you ask him, we had setti for lunch.
Can you tell?
He rather enjoyed his "setti" and actually ate well!
(and his hands are so cute, I could just eat them!)

Pics of Kale

Some pics of Kale from yesterday and today--all indoors since he HATES the snow!

Watching Daddy trying to leave for work

Something caught his attention...but look at those BRIGHT blue eyes!

Sitting with Montme and reading a book

Oh..and one of Montme (Monkey) he is Kale's sidekick lately.

Unexpected Snow Day

I keep track of the weather. Its rare for me to be surprised when it starts raining or storming outside. I especially pay attention to threats of winter weather. In fact, I am known within my team to be the weather guru. Yeah, well, we are only a 6 person team at the moment. However, I was quite surprised to hear sleet hitting our windows very early on Monday morning. It accumulated very quickly. Our forcast had been for rain...about 1-2 inches and said we "might" see some sleet or snow randomly mixed in.

Monday morning brought at least an inch of sleet coating everything and then covered with a dusting of snow. You could still see the grass. The weathermen kept saying it would warm up and turn to rain--and it eventually did, but only AFTER we had nearly 5 inches of snow on top of the original sleet. I am pretty sure these guys on our deck weren't expecting the winter weather either! If you look close enough, you will notice that the bulldozer has eyes too.

Before the heavy snow started falling, Ep attempted to go to work. I knew better than to try to convince him to stay home. So, I actually kept my mouth shut. Yes, I know hard to believe! However, I laughed my tail off as Kale and I watched Ep back out of the driveway and never make it one inch forward. You can see where he tried here....and you can see where he finally gave up here...and don't miss the fact that the tire tracks go from one side of the road to the other...We did eventually manage to get his car back into our driveway, but not before he ended up going all the way down the rest of the hill backwards.

We all enjoyed a great nap on our snow day. Until the a big KABOOM woke us up. Kale kept sleeping. He didn't care that we had just lost power. We waited until almost dark to light our fireplace. We tried to boil water on the outdoor grill (didn't work) and so we settled for hot dogs and soup warmed up on grill. We pulled a queen mattress into the living room and made a nice cozy family bed. We were watching this as we all started to doze off to sleep.

And with great timing, Entergy restored our power just as Ep and Kale had dozed off. Everything beeped and buzzed. We let the house warm up a bit and then put Kale in his bed and we crawled into ours. Whew, we survived 7 hours without electricity. Except for a dying cell phone battery...I think we did great! Oh, except for the part where Kale couldn't understand that no matter how many times he asked or for what dvd he asked for...we couldn't turn on his favorite shows.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nope, Not Me!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. In the meantime, here is what has not been going on in Fletcherville!

I am a great mom. So, its Not Me who thought our child was about to start wearing size 9 shoes when really, he is just now growing into size 8.5 and is nowhere near ready for size 9.

It was Not Me who was still up last night when the winter weather mayhem began. I didn't smile and wake up happy to yet another snow day off from work. I also didn't secretly hope that my husband would stay home as well.

Thus, it really really really was Not Me who stood at the door and giggled as my husband attempted to leave for work. He backed out of the driveway and despite many attempts to go forward, he only went backwards. I did not laugh. I also did not laugh at him when he nearly fell on his face trying to walk back up the hill that his car just slid down.

It was Not Me who colossally lost it on Friday night while letting my child adjust to going to bed by himself. I did not cry just as much as him, if not more. It did not nearly break me to hear him calling Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! over and over and over again.

It is also Not Me who continues to not correct our child when he says matato instead of tomato---just because its so darn cute!

It was absolutely Not Me who ate SEVEN soft batch cookies this morning with a glass a milk and called it breakfast. It also was Not Me who took those cookies and milk back to our bedroom and snuggled under the covers with them while watching shows on the DVR.

It is Not Me who is delighted to say that if the snow keeps falling this hard that I will probably be paid to sit at home tomorrow as well. Its also Not Me who will go out later and have a snowball fight with someone and make a snow angel.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mom's Bible Review

I received this Bible for free to review. I want to be clear about that up front. However, I also want you to know that my reviews for this (or any other product) are honest and genuine.

Title: Mom's Bible--God's Wisdom for Mothers
Notes by Bobbie Wolgemuth
Version: NCV

At first glance, this Bible is nice. Its beautifully designed and the hardback feature brings durability. It would definitely catch my eye on the shelf and I would want to look at it.

Each book of the Bible starts off with a brief introduction and guidance. Every few pages or so, there are "Insights" or "Walking In..." commentaries or devotional type segments are well, for lack of a better word, insightful and helpful. There are also commentaries about "Godly character", "Mom's in the Bible", and "Wonderful Counselor". Each of these has a different focus and purpose, but yet they are all leading you to think about the verses associated with them and offer applicable guidance as well.

The New Century Version (NCV) is not new to me. I actually prefer it for my everyday references to the Bible. Its just easier to understand and seems more direct. I don't get lost trying to figure out what is being said and then completely miss the message. However, I am not sure I would want this version for use in a church setting where the minister/preacher was using a more traditional version of text. However, thats just me. I think the NCV is great for the focus and purpose of the Mom's Bible.

One feature that I REALLY like about the Mom's Bible is the section in the back (starting on page 1421) that is titled "Answers to Questions Kid's Ask". I think its not only a good preparation for answering a kid's question, but for reminders to us adults or for adults who are new to the Bible and their relationship with God. I wish this section was larger. I also must add that I don't necessarily agree with every part of every answer given. However, that doesn't take away from the overall usefulness and impact that this special section of this Bible provides.

I look forward to using this Bible for my personal devotionals and for reference. I am really glad I requested it and I know that the spine of this Bible will be well worn as I stumble my way through motherhood!

I would feel good about recommending this Bible to my friends (which is what I am doing here) or to anyone who wanted to buy an easy gift for thier mom or a mom they think could benefit from this Bible.


Whowhahuh? That is the state of mind that I seem to constantly be experiencing lately. You know, along the lines of who/what/huh? Lately, I feel like I have been living a little bit of the Groundhog Day movie. Just going in a circle. Yuck.

Aside from the fact that we ALL needed more sleep, this is one of the reasons I have put my foot down with Kale and his bedtime routine! I need some time to myself. My day starts with him, then I am at work, then I pick him up...and have been his until after he goes to sleep at night. Several months ago, I asked my great husband to take over 100% bath duty during the week, just so I could have time to do things that I can't do with Kale on my heels. That, in itself, was a huge blessing he gave me. Sometimes its a five minute break and other nights its a 15 minute break. However, after bathtime, my time was over as well because Kale very much expected me to join him in bed until after he had zonked out. Then, I was left with a choice--join my husband in bed (sometimes he was already asleep) or stay up doing random things. Most nights (98%), I chose the first one due to the fact that I never knew if my night would be an 7 hour rest or a 4 hour rest (and really, I NEED 8 hours each night).

With the shift in bedtime routine last week, I have somewhat reclaimed my evenings. It hasn't been easy. In fact, Friday night was downright brutal for me. It was the first night that Kale really cried hard and called my name nonstop after I put him to bed. I ended up loosing it and bawling my eyes out as well, but I stayed out of Kale's room. I also ended up having a heated and then heart-to-heart conversation with my husband. I hope we made some progress on a few things. I am REALLY looking forward to sharing time with him to do "just us" devotionals. We plan to build them into our evenings once or twice a week. I hope its a good way for us to reconnect on some things, grow our relationship with each other, and most importantly to grow our relationships with God. Side note: if you know of a great couples or parents devotional book, let me know! I bought us a devotional book a while back, but I would like us to be able to have more than one book to use as a resource.

As for me and how I plan to spend some of my other reclaimed evening time...I would like to work more on my photography stuff and also on some sewing projects as well. I want to start walking as well as a step towards taking better care of myself and trying to shed some weight.

Kale is cooperating. Tonight, he got really sad when we told him goodnight. I offered to sit with him in the rocking chair. He liked that idea. We rocked maybe 90 seconds and he spied his milk bottle. I told him if he wanted it, he would have to get into his bed. It worked. He whimpered a bit about it, but he was ready for sleep and his milk. I heard him about 30 mintues later--he called out my name in his sleep. So yeah, Kale is cooperating. Now, if we can just get him to sleep through the rest of the night after 1:30am!

We were blessed to have my parents here this weekend. We were even more blessed to have them bring my old truck to our house AFTER they got it all "ready to run" again. That truck is 17 years old and is now on its 3rd transmition. But, she runs! We have been a little stuck on the weekends lately because we only have one personal vehicle (Ep has a work vehicle, but its ONLY for work).

We were also blessed to be visited by Uncle Brian, Aunt Wendi, and Fletcher this morning. It was great to see them and watch Kale play with his cousin.

After everyone left (or right before my parents left), we put Kale down for a nap and we enjoyed a nice nap ourselves. We were all due for it! Then, we spent some time on the deck while Ep grilled steaks. Of course, we did a little Super Bowl viewing as well.

I know this post is all over the place. Kind of fitting really, since thats how I have felt lately.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh, please be a trend

I am hoping that what is happening at our house at night is becoming a trend. Since I wasn't there and because I got home after the fellas were in bed, I am not sure exactly how bedtime went down. I asked Ep and he mumbled something about it went just fine and like the night before. Yay Kale!

Kale woke us up around 1:30 and joined us in our bed.

This weekend we might get really brave and see what happens if we don't go get him when he wakes up and wants out of his room....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Half Cold Turkey

I would classify what happened last night at our house as Half Cold Turkey. And let me tell ya, half cold turkey is way better than no cold turkey at all!

I should start by saying that I put the gate in Kale's doorway just to see if it would work. I then left it there and when he found oh wow. He was trying to find a secluded place to dirty his diaper and couldn't get into his room. He could have gone into our room, but seemed too distraught over this thing that was in his doorway. He seemed to need consoling, but wants to be alone when doing his stinky nothing was going to make him happy at that moment.

Kale actually started asking for bed at 6:45 but we managed to keep him up until 7:20. That is when I put him in his bed with his bottle, told him that mommy needed to go do some stuff and that I would be back to check on him. I turned on his friends (muscial birds that illuminate on the ceiling) and put the gate in the doorway. The gate got his attention. He raised up in his bed and looked over. I told him goodnight and reminded him that I would be back to check on him. As I turned to leave, I expected a "NO MOMMY!" or cry or something...and definitely did not expect to have a quiet retreat away from his door. Wow! Not one peep out of him. He drank his milk and started snoring. It took over an hour for me to actually say anything about the process out loud, for fear that I would somehow upend the magic of it all.

I expected to have a wailing little boy at his gate by 11:30pm. Ep made a comment about hoping that Kale didn't run into the gate and break a toe or mess up his face. Yes, he was serious. I have to admit, I worried about it too.

We didn't hear a peep until 1:30am. I sent Ep to check on him. Ep missed the memo about putting Kale back in his own bed. So, when Ep rounded the corner to Kale's room, he found him standing about six inches back from the gate with both arms stretched high. Ep picked him up and brought him to our bed. I got Kale some milk (about 4oz) and we all zonked out.

The next thing I knew, Ep was kissing me goodbye. A little bit later, Kale asked for more milk. I got him about 2oz. and we both zonked back out.

At 7:30am, I woke up. Kale slept until 8am.

Holy Sleep! Yea Sleep!

Two things to note:
  1. Between bedtime and 8am, Kale only got about 15oz of milk. That might seem like a lot, but most nights lately, he has been drinking about twice that (although we have been diluting the milk with water in the effort to make it less appealing).
  2. Because Kale didn't drink so much, we were able to make it through the night in one diaper and not wake up to a pee spot from a leaky diaper!

One step at a time. Brick by Brick. Here is to hoping tonight goes equally well or better. It ought to be interesting because tonight is the one night each week that I am not at home when Kale goes to bed...but Ep is very capable...its just a matter of whether Kale wants to cooperate.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cold Turkey

Unless my attitude changes along the way today, Kale is going to discover "going cold turkey" tonight. I suppose we all have our breaking points and this morning around 5am, I found mine.
Since Kale never really slept in his crib and then tried to use his toddler bed as a trampoline, we transitioned rather early to the double bed on the floor. It has box springs, but no frame. It also has a "don't roll out of bed" rail, which could also be labeled as the "show the older folks how out of shape they are" rail. Ugh.

Unfortunately, the following is how most nights look at our house:
  • Mommy lays down withe Kale while he drinks his milk in the bottle (yep, just about every part of that sentence is a parental FAIL).
  • Mommy slips out of Kale's bed after he dozes off
  • Somewhere around 11pm-midnight, Kale wakes up and starts wailing. If one of us does not go to him, he comes to our bed. 99% of the time, he gets into our bed at this point. About two seconds later, he asks for more milk. Most nights, he gets it. Then we all sleep for maybe a few hours.
  • Somewhere around 2am, Kale wakes up again--sometimes to ask for more milk, sometimes to just celebrate being in our bed, sometimes we have no idea why. Some nights, I fix him milk and take him back to his bed--which means I lay down in there with him. Other nights, I fix him the milk and we all crash back out.
  • On nights when we are out of our minds lucky, we get to sleep from this point until sometime after 5:30am. All the other nights, we get to do the 2am process again.
  • Most nights, between the liquids he drinks in the evenings (the only time of day he gets free reign on his cup) and then drinks during the night....we usually either find a wet spot in the bed or have to change his diaper to prevent a wet spot.
And then came last night.
  • Bed time routine was normal. Complete with him telling me that his milk, monkey, and puppy dog cover were MINE! (as in, don't take them from me mommy!)
  • He cried out once, but went back to sleep--for 10 minutes. Then he came to our room. And he brought not only the monkey, but also the puppy dog covers (sleeping bag) with him. And all of it had to join him in our bed. Milk was given and we all slept. Ep served up milk for the next round and I asked him to change Kale's diaper. I have no idea what happened next, but 30 minutes later and after a fresh diaper change....we had a wet bed. Ugh.
  • Hello 5:15am. This is when Kale, the monkey, the puppy dog covers, a fresh bottle, and me all went BACK to Kale's bed. This time, we took a sippy cup of juice. Once again, if I tried to adjust anything or take his sippy cup out of his hand (so it wouldn't leak on the bed), I was reminded that all things in Kale's world are MINE! Yes, even out of a snoring sleep, he will let you know its his. Then he wanted to talk about Thomas the train and then about the fact that mommy took off her glasses. I tried to explain that I took them off because I wanted to sleep. He missed the point entirely. Then he decided he needed a kleenex. Because I had become delirious, I told him to go get the kleenex himself. I still haven't figured out what he actually did with the kleenex box that immediately went missing. And thats how we started our day.
So, when I tell you that tonight, Kale is going cold turkey on just about understand, right? If you don't, keep it to yourself please. We can't take it anymore. Kale is in complete control of the night and its like being on a runaway train and the conductor has already jumped off.

Tonight, Kale is going to bed by himself. He will get his milk bottle. He will see me put up the baby gate in his door. I am sure there will be much yelling/screaming/crying on his part. I am just hoping he can't climb the darn thing. I am just hoping that when he eventually gives up, he gets into his bed and doesn't just curl up in the floor. And here is hoping that I can actually walk my talk.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nuh uh, Not Me!

Whew, its another Not Me Monday!

It was Not Me who didn't do an ounce of laundry during our 3 day weekend (thank you sleet/snow). It was also Not Me who didn't give the kitchen counters a good clean swipe last night.

It was Not Me who went sledding down our hill on the neighbors sled and then had to Huff, Puff, and Huff some more to get myself back up the hill. It was Not Me who declined a second run simply because I didn't want to climb the hill again.

There is no way that I bought our son everything he would need for winter weather play just in case we got some snow this year (we have had two opportunities thus far, which probably means we won't see snow here again for say, five years) only to find out the hard way that we have the only child on the earth who despises snow and won't even walk on it without a fit. Nope, no way, Not Me!

It is Not Me who currently has pink eye. Nope, my eye is not red and slightly swollen. You must be thinking about someone else. It also wasn't me who told my husband that the best way for him to avoid getting pink eye from me was to just sleep outside with the dog when he made a comment about hoping that I don't give pink eye to him.

Its also Not Me wearing a pair of glasses that are slightly out or prescription for my left eye. Its not my eyes that feel strained already today and its not my head that hurts.

Its Not Me who has been planning our family vacation, only to find out today that during the same month I will also be traveling to Slovakia for work for about 7 days. So, I guess it also won't be me who is MIA from our house most of that month!

And once again, it was Not Me who knows there were more Not Me moments in the past week but can't remember them just right now....

Because I don't have a camcorder in the bed at 2am

I doubt my husband will remember any of this and I don't have a camcorder in the bed at 2am. Yet, this needs to be documented since it made me nearly fal out of the bed laughing.

Kale came to our bed and requested milk. I got him the milk and let him stay in our bed. When he was done with the milk, he handed it to me with a "tank you mommy" and rolled over.

He cuddled up to his daddy and burped so loud that they heard it 3 states away. He then said "bless you daddy" followed by "bless you Kale" at nearly the top of his lungs.

He then ran his feet down the back of my underwear, pooted, burped loudly again, pooted again, and proceeded to start outsnoring his daddy.

Side note that the burps were quite possibly right into his daddy's face.

He is now doing a snort/snore routine and compltetly hogging the middle of our bed.

Really, who knew I needed a camcorder in the bed at 2am? If this is Kale at 2 at 2am, then we are in trouble when he gets older!

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