Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Holy No Nap Moly!

Last night, around 9pm, I crawled into bed and was watching tv as the scroll ran for schools closed yet again for inclement weather. Never did I expect to see that once again, our schools were closed--which means my offices wouldn't be open and neither would Kale's school (daycare). Wowzer! I celebrated by doing the happy dance in bed. Ep told me that I could have fun getting up with Kale during the night. Turns out, Kale had news for him. He called out for DAAADDDDDYYYYY about an hour later, which was much earlier than the call had been coming for me. He seemed pretty inconsolable and ended up in bed with us---Ep's choice.

Kale and I snoozed until 7:15am while Ep left sometime before dawn to go to the gym. Our morning went fine. Kale wanted to seemingly watch the first 5 minutes of every video in his collection. I was worn out with that by 9:30. I vowed that after his nap, we would be getting out of the house.

I thought our day was interesting enough when this happened: I just turned around to see Kale's bare booty in the air and him saying "Kale wipe booty" while his diaper was down around his ankles. Lovely! Thankfully, no mess involved.

Then, I fed Kale lunch and put him down for his nap. Thats when our day got REALLY interesting...or comical...or pick.

Kale had been laying in bed for an hour supposedly taking a nap. Instead, he was laying there talking to himself. He got quiet and I thought he had dozed off. I walked in to find him mostly naked in his bed and when I asked him what he was doing, it scared him so bad that he threw the diaper at me. I put him back in bed with a clean diaper. He got quiet after 15 minutes and I thought FINALLY he had gone to sleep. Nope. Once again, he took off the diaper. I gave up and let him get up. Before I could put another diaper on him...he walked over to the closet and peed.

It was at that point that I decided we were getting dressed and getting OUT of the house. We ran by Sonic, got gas for the truck, went by ACH to turn in our change for the radiothon, and went to Kroger. I figured somewhere in between one of those stops, Kale would pass out from not having a nap. Nope. He did not miss a beat this afternoon. He even made sure that I got him the CAR CART! while we were at Kroger. We expected him to absolutely crash way before bed time. We gave him an early bath (he was pretty calm--way more calm in the bath than usual) and put him to bed. We had a few cries, but he is now sleeping and will hopefully stay that way.

Whew...I am ready to go back to work tomorrow....

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Trish said...

I've been snowed in with Carson since Saturday (With only one SUV, Nate's been the one going to work every day.).....and I can't wait to go to work tomorrow. Trust me, I feel your pain! : )