Monday, February 1, 2010

Nuh uh, Not Me!

Whew, its another Not Me Monday!

It was Not Me who didn't do an ounce of laundry during our 3 day weekend (thank you sleet/snow). It was also Not Me who didn't give the kitchen counters a good clean swipe last night.

It was Not Me who went sledding down our hill on the neighbors sled and then had to Huff, Puff, and Huff some more to get myself back up the hill. It was Not Me who declined a second run simply because I didn't want to climb the hill again.

There is no way that I bought our son everything he would need for winter weather play just in case we got some snow this year (we have had two opportunities thus far, which probably means we won't see snow here again for say, five years) only to find out the hard way that we have the only child on the earth who despises snow and won't even walk on it without a fit. Nope, no way, Not Me!

It is Not Me who currently has pink eye. Nope, my eye is not red and slightly swollen. You must be thinking about someone else. It also wasn't me who told my husband that the best way for him to avoid getting pink eye from me was to just sleep outside with the dog when he made a comment about hoping that I don't give pink eye to him.

Its also Not Me wearing a pair of glasses that are slightly out or prescription for my left eye. Its not my eyes that feel strained already today and its not my head that hurts.

Its Not Me who has been planning our family vacation, only to find out today that during the same month I will also be traveling to Slovakia for work for about 7 days. So, I guess it also won't be me who is MIA from our house most of that month!

And once again, it was Not Me who knows there were more Not Me moments in the past week but can't remember them just right now....

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