Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet Brother

Tonight, Scout wasn't feeling well. She settled down and fell asleep on my chest as I stretched out in the recliner. Kale came into the room and I told him that sissy didn't feel good. He walked over, didn't say a word, and kissed his sister on her forehead. He then turned and walked away. Meanwhile, my heart was overwhelmed with the love my children already have for one another.

A few moments ago, as I was snuggled up to Kale, I told him it was sweet that he kissed his sister earlier. His reply? I know mommy.

My lesson for the night? Life is in the little moments!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Notes

Someone must have talked to the kids at Kale's school about notes.  All of a sudden, I am getting notes at home from Kale.  He will ask for paper, get his marker, and scribble scrabble a note.

Last night his note said this:  Dear school, Kale is not allergic to eggs.

God help me.  He is writing a note with a blatant lie at age 3 (almost 4).  I am scared of where that will lead when he is oh, say 8 years old and forging our names.

His note to me this morning was apparently a combination of a note and prayer:  Dear mommy, I want to stay home with you, daddy, and sissy.  Amen.

Gotta love him!

Each night

Each night I lay down with Kale as he falls asleep.  This started again after we moved.  I had once escaped this routine, but moving and him suddenly being on the other side of the house just messed his whole bedtime routine.  Since we are moving again soon to another house in the area, I am waiting to "re-train" him until we are moved and settled.

I lay there next to my son and as his sleepiness takes over, he becomes really calm and snuggly.  I often end up staying there beside him in bed after his breathing has found steady pace and he is snoozing.  It is in those moments that I relive his day with me and wonder how I can sometimes get so frustrated with such a loving and sweet boy. would be because while he is awake, he will push all of us to our limits repeatedly.  He can't help it, as God just made him that way.  It seems he inherited all of the same characteristics that his parents had that drove his grandparents crazy at he time...and then God threw in a few extra just for giggles.  Still, he is an amazing, loving, and wonderful boy.  I wouldn't want him any other way.

So, when you read a post about Kale and its time stamped after 9pm, you can pretty much bet that it was written on my phone while I am cuddled up next to him.  Just wanted to document the origin of those posts...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pant shopping with Kale

Dear Kale,

Once again son, you have run me ragged. Actually, life in general has run me ragged and you are God's reminder of what is important and why I do what I do.

Taking you "pant shopping" today was not what you had in mind as a special surprise. See, you have decided that non school days must include a special surprise. We managed to find some pants that fit and you scored some new John Deere shirts too! Your face literally lit up when you saw those shirts.

Thank you son for giving me the chance to practice my patience while trying to get you to try on pants and for reminding me that you are almost as strong willed as me! My apologies to the people in Kohls who were nearly run over by an almost four year old cart pusher who was running from his Mema and momma. My apologies also go out to those who nearly lost their hearing as you screamed the whole way to the back of the store because you knew you were in trouble.

I love you son. I hope you grow like crazy this next year. If you do, your daddy will be taking you short shopping in the spring!

Love, Mommy

Love, mom

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Kale

Dear Kale,

Son, sometimes I really wonder what on earth kind of madness your daddy pulled as a child to make us both pay so hard for our raising. See, there is no way that the paying we are doing while raising you is my fault! Ok, that is probably not true.

You get your persistence from me. Your poor daddy is just up a creek if your sister is as persistent as you and me. You get your stamina and metabolism from your daddy. You just NEVER stop.

Today, at different times, you managed to push both of your parents to the "about to go crazy" limit.

Yet, as I lay here next to you in bed listening to you breathe, I know that I wouldn't want you to be any different than exactly who you are....

The little boy with his feet thrown over my legs because you have always preferred to your feet touching me. The little boy who is scared of lightning and "sunder". The little boy who is singing to me more and more and who melts me every time he asks me to sing the Jesus song. The little boy who gets in trouble because he loves his sister so much that he just can't stay out of her face and is always trying to kiss on her...feet, head, want to love on all of her and it's the sweetest love too. The little boy who is fascinated with all things involving wheels, especially tractors. The little boy who asks "what today is it?" and truly has his own concept of time going.

Yes Kale, mommy loves you more than ever and for being exactly who you are, even on the days when you make me feel like I hit a brick wall.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The park

I recently dropped Scout off at home with her daddy and 
enjoyed some "at the park" time with Kale after work.  
He had a blast!  Can you tell which slide was his favorite???

This pretty much sums up what he 
thought of our adventure to the park!

Slowing Down

So, apparently, I am supposed to slow down.  How do I know this?  Well, I am pretty sure that God is trying to send me that message on the road. 

Each day, I make a 30 minute drive to work with both my kids, who are dropped off at daycare just before I get to work.  I have to leave the house by a certain time to beat the traffic, drop them off, and be at my desk by 8am.  Just a few minutes delayed, and the whole commute turns stressful in a hurry....more traffic, more rushed getting the kids to their classrooms (although their teachers are great and I can literally drop Scout off still in her car guess as to how I know this). 

Monday, after I had picked up the kids, we were on our way home.  We had gone a few blocks and were approaching a busy street.  I had the green light but slowed to make sure traffic was stopped or would stop.  I came to a stop before I entered the intersection because despite having the green light, there was an approaching "box truck" (think big UHaul type truck) that either never saw the light or just didn't care to stop.  I was thankful the car behind me stopped and didn't ram me either.  If I had proceeded into the intersection, we would have been hit on the drivers side of my truck and that would mean all three of us would have taken a direct hit.  Kale sits directly behind the driver's seat and Scout is right next to him.  Scary thought.  It made tears come to my eyes when I realized that "driving ahead of myself" had possibly just saved our lives.  Even though the truck passed a good 15 feet in front of me, it still made me shaky to think about what could have happened. 

Then there was Wednesday at lunch.  My husband doesn't even know this part of the story.  I went out for lunch, which included grabbing a quick fast food meal and then browsing a consignment shop.  On my way back to work, I was cruising along and was thankfully paying attention when a young woman carrying a baby in an infant seat started across the crosswalk in front of me.  I had plenty of time to stop, but she didn't seem to care if traffic was going to stop for her.  She just walked right on out into the street.  The crosswalk isn't at an intersection with a stoplight, so its not as noticeable.  Had I not been paying attention, it could have been a bad situation.  

Apparently, I wasn't getting the message.  So, Thursday morning I had another opportunity to get the message.  My husband had to leave extra early so I was solo with getting myself and both kids up, fed, dressed, and on our way.  My days start at 5:30am and I am not a morning person.  If I am lucky, my bedtime is 9:15, but usually ends up being later.  So, by Thursday morning I am dragging and feeling the wear of the week on my body.  I was a good ten minutes late getting out the door.  Yep, I hurried on the commute.  I got the kids to school and to their classes and got back in my truck with just enough time to get to my parking spot, make the trek into work, and get to my desk on time....if I hurried.  Its easy to hurry until the blue lights show up behind you.  In 21 years of driving, I had never been pulled over until Wednesday.  When I saw the blue lights, I hoped it was my brother because he was working that morning.  When he didn't immediately open the door and hop out of the patrol unit, I knew I was in trouble.  So, I did what any sister would do, I called my brother and begged him to somehow have the officer show me leniency.  I got pulled over for not letting an old lady get on her bicycle and completely leave the crosswalk.  The street is extra wide with parallel parking on both sides and is a one way street.  I was on the right side of the street and she was on the left, a few feet from the curb and had paused to get onto her bicycle.  I went on through the crosswalk.  Here came the blue lights.  The officer stepped out and was a beanstalk.  He told me why he stopped me, took my license, registration and insurance, and went back to his unit.  I immediately called my brother. 

**Side note:  I was mean as all get out to my brother when we were little.  I loved him immensely (and still do), but I also tormented him.  He saw his chance for some revenge and took it.  He let me know the officer was working special assignment crosswalk patrol and couldn't write me a warning.  I was getting a ticket.  I wanted to cry.  I didn't.  But I wanted to.  The officer brought me my WARNING and let me go.  It was only then that my brother sent me a message to say he was just messing with me about the ticket.  Silly younger got me, but I will get you back, don't you worry!  Ok, side note over.**

You would think the word "WARNING" might get my attention.  It did, but not enough.  I knew I was going to be late for work, but was hoping it would only be by a few minutes at this point.  I turned into the parking lot and groaned.  There wasn't one parking spot.  Oh wait, there was one spot.  It was way down at the end of the row that is assigned for state employee parking (that is me!).  I considered myself lucky because I have been told that if you get to work after 7:55 you may not find a parking spot you won't have to pay for, as there are not enough spots for the number of employees.  Whew.  I got a spot.  I parked and took off for my desk.  I completely missed the fact that the last two parking spots on that row are marked with numbers and not the "state employee parking with permit" signs.  The numbered spots require you to pay a lot meter.  I walked out of work that afternoon and was looking forward to some time with the kids and my mom as we ran a few errands.  Oh look, a yellow envelope on my truck!  Even better, a parking ticket inside the yellow envelope!  I started laughing.  Ok God, I get it.  Slow down. 

I managed to go from never getting pulled over to pulled over and given a warning and scoring a parking ticket all in one less than 9 hours.  Besides the slow down lesson and my brother getting the chance to have some revenge, the only other good thing I can name from the experience was that at least my husband was out of town at training as they ran my license plate not once, but twice in the same day.  If he had been in town, he could have easily heard it on the radio traffic.  It might have stood out to him since he would have heard his own name go across the radio. 

However, I did do one thing in a hurry...I paid my parking ticket.  I was warned by both my loving officers (husband and brother) that if I didn't pay it, a warrant would be issued for me.  I think I will draw the line at having to ask them to come bail me out of jail because I didn't pay a $5 parking ticket. 

I get it God, slow down!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

12 years ago

I love this time of year.  The weather FINALLY starts to cool off, I can start changing the clothes from summer to winter in my closet (because I am bored with my summer clothes at this point), Razorback football gets into full swing, and I get nostalgic about that one fall where God threw a huge kink in my plan and then showed me His plan. 

**right here is probably where my husband is rolling his eyes and will quit reading**

Twelve years ago, I had just met my husband.  I didn't know he would be my husband.  I didn't even know I was in the market for a husband because I thought I had already picked mine out.  Yep, really.  Seems God had a different pick and was about to let me know it.  I was starting my senior year of college.  After a rocky spring/summer with the guy I was supposedly going to marry, I walked into my fall classes ready for a fresh start and determined not to let my world completely revolved around my love life.  God laughed. 

So, yeah, I walked into my first two classes on Monday.  They were back to back.  There was this one guy in both of the classes and I remember thinking that he and I needed to become friends so we could cover for one another if one of us should decide to skip a day.  Then I went to class on Tuesday...again, back to back classes.  Well, guess who was also in both of those classes?  Yep, same guy.  He was in all four of my classes.  Then I really decided we should be friends because we could skip TWO days and still be ok with one phone call.  I didn't perpetually skip class, but I didn't mind skipping from time to time.  So, I had intentions of making friends with this guy because he seemed nice enough, was friendly, and we were in all four classes together.  God laughed.  The irony is that my attendance that fall was probably better than any other semester.  The reason?  I wanted to see that guy and knew I could see him if I went to class. 

Did I mention that I was um, seeing someone else at the time.  Um....I don't think God laughed at that one and boy did I ever create one big chaotic mess there. 

So, back to this guy in my class.  One day I read an essay in class.  That same day, after class, there was a note on my truck window with his name, number, and call me written on it.  I still have the note.  I remember standing there wondering how this guy knew which truck was mine since he hadn't walked with me to my truck (yet).  I was too flustered by the thought of should/shouldn't I call him to be worried about the fact that the guy had basically stalked me (and this might have been my first clue to him choosing his eventual career...and I totally missed the clue).  I didn't call him.  I apologized the next day.  I don't remember what excuse I gave.  The truth was that I couldn't find the guts to call him that night.  God laughed and then gave me the guts as I moved forward.

What started as group lunches after class turned into just me/him lunches.  And I wasn't exactly single.  It was like I was a boomerang.  The more I tried to run from the situation, God turned me right around and flung me right back towards it.  You would think I might have clued into that, but I didn't.  I still thought I was in control.  God laughed.  You might think that the moment I knew I was in over my head would be surrounded by chirping birds, romantic music...something like that.  Nope.  We were sitting in a Taco Bell and had been there for over two hours.  We ate lunch and just kept talking...and talking...and talking.  I have documented this story here before and what happened through the rest of that weekend was tormenting, exciting, and life altering.  The bottom line is that by Monday morning, I was no longer seeing the other guy and wasn't sure where I was headed with this new guy. 

That new guy turned into my husband, eventually.  He is a fisherman.  However, he had absolutely NO IDEA that he had just landed one really feisty and persistent fish.  When he did figure that part out, he tried to throw me back a few times.  It didn't work.  He would turn around and I was right there in the boat.  God had a good laugh at him too. 

I am a few weeks early on this, simply because none of this story unraveled over night.  Those group lunches started weeks before I finally got the message to end one relationship for good and start fresh with someone else.  At least I finally got the message.  On Sunday, October 4, 1999, I got God's message loud and clear.  I could choose who I wanted, but He had his own plans for me and they weren't the plans I had designed.  He not only showed me who my life mate would be (although I didn't know it that night), but He also reminded me of who was in charge.  There have been a few times since that I have slipped back into thinking I am in charge...and every time God sends me a reminder and its usually through my husband.  Most times, when that happens, I am not even sure my husband knows how much God is working through him. 

So, here we are, 12 years have passed.  We just recently moved back to the town where we first met.  My husband's new job and career brought us here.  Talk about coming full circle.  We left here twice before...yet here we are again and this time with two kids in tow.  We know God has a plan for us here, because we know that God's plan is always in action.  After all, we are the result of God's plan in action. 

I'm just thankful for the man God gave me as my mate and the father of my two amazing kids!

Kale's prayer tonight

Dear God,

Thank you for the orange tractor and the blue tractor at my Mema's house.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Look Out!

Look out y'all...I have time to write a post.  Kale is at Mema's house, I have a day off from work, Ep is at work, and Scout is sleeping.  It will probably have to be another holiday before I have time to post again. 

Things are well here.  I don't want to write an entire book, so I am just going to bullet what has been happening around here:

  • I got a new job.  It was the first job I applied for after we moved here.  I am a program eligibility specialist with DHS.  
  • The kids were attending two separate daycares.  I put Kale in daycare this summer so that he/I wouldn't kill each other.  He was tired of me and bored with the "newborn in the house" lifestyle, so I found a "school" for him and he liked it there.  That school didn't take kids under 2, so when I landed a job sooner than expected, I had to find a place for Scout.  It only took a few weeks of carting each of them to different places and knowing that Ep's help with that would be limited this fall...and I finally found a place that would provide great care to both kids!  Plus, they are only five minutes from my work, so I don't have to come all the way home if I need to run errands.  
  • We had a close call last month.  The dry weather and some kids being stupid led to a fire that came way to close to where we are living.  We experienced one near evacuation and thankfully I didn't unpack us much from that because a few days later we had to evacuate for real.  Nothing like leaving your house with your kids and what you could throw in your truck and seeing flames shooting out of the trees behind the house while your husband has just thrown his work clothes back on to go work the situation.  Thankfully, we have wonderful friends here and they opened their door to me and the kids.  Our house was fine, but I did find some burned debri that landed in our yard...thankfully it did not ignite.  
  • Kale is doing great and being three.  He is testing us daily.  We experience our fare share of temper tantrums, yelling, and other boundary pushing fun.  When I get frustrated with him, I try to remember that he is three and has had his whole work turned upside down multiple times in the past 4 months.  
  • Kale has adjusted pretty well to being a big brother.  If he hears his sister crying, he comes running.  More times than not, we have to tell him to not get so close to his sister's face....he loves to talk to her, love on her, and is completely smitten with her.  She just encourages him by smiling big at him. 
  • Scout is growing literally daily.  She talks to us (lots of gggaaa and maaaa) all the time.  She only fusses when she is tired or hungry.  She smiles at us all the time and we just melt every time.  About a month ago, I bought her 3 lovies (small square velour blankies with an animal head...monkey, giraffe, and hippo).  She loves all three and currently will shove any of them in her mouth if given the chance.  That and the amount of drool we are seeing makes us wonder if the teething adventure is right around the corner. 
  • Kale still likes to zick (lick) a sucker, has a hoke-a-matrol (remote control) car, and still loves anything with wheels (especially tractors).  
So...thats us...thats not everything, but its a start...and my little sleeper is waking up now.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scout on the move

Well, you can see how much time I have to blog lately...none!

Wanted to get in a quick post to document a milestone for Scout.

This afternoon, her daddy put her on the floor for tummy time and instead of protesting, she just resolved the problem of being on het tummy by turning over to her back. I walked in right after it happened...but didn't see it. She hasn't yer done or again bit has been trying now for at least a week. It's only a matter of time until she gets it figured out and then she will be rolling everywhere!

For the record, she has been doing pinwheels in her crib for weeks now. She is really good at 180's and every once in a while will complete a 360 just to show out.