Monday, September 5, 2011

Look Out!

Look out y'all...I have time to write a post.  Kale is at Mema's house, I have a day off from work, Ep is at work, and Scout is sleeping.  It will probably have to be another holiday before I have time to post again. 

Things are well here.  I don't want to write an entire book, so I am just going to bullet what has been happening around here:

  • I got a new job.  It was the first job I applied for after we moved here.  I am a program eligibility specialist with DHS.  
  • The kids were attending two separate daycares.  I put Kale in daycare this summer so that he/I wouldn't kill each other.  He was tired of me and bored with the "newborn in the house" lifestyle, so I found a "school" for him and he liked it there.  That school didn't take kids under 2, so when I landed a job sooner than expected, I had to find a place for Scout.  It only took a few weeks of carting each of them to different places and knowing that Ep's help with that would be limited this fall...and I finally found a place that would provide great care to both kids!  Plus, they are only five minutes from my work, so I don't have to come all the way home if I need to run errands.  
  • We had a close call last month.  The dry weather and some kids being stupid led to a fire that came way to close to where we are living.  We experienced one near evacuation and thankfully I didn't unpack us much from that because a few days later we had to evacuate for real.  Nothing like leaving your house with your kids and what you could throw in your truck and seeing flames shooting out of the trees behind the house while your husband has just thrown his work clothes back on to go work the situation.  Thankfully, we have wonderful friends here and they opened their door to me and the kids.  Our house was fine, but I did find some burned debri that landed in our yard...thankfully it did not ignite.  
  • Kale is doing great and being three.  He is testing us daily.  We experience our fare share of temper tantrums, yelling, and other boundary pushing fun.  When I get frustrated with him, I try to remember that he is three and has had his whole work turned upside down multiple times in the past 4 months.  
  • Kale has adjusted pretty well to being a big brother.  If he hears his sister crying, he comes running.  More times than not, we have to tell him to not get so close to his sister's face....he loves to talk to her, love on her, and is completely smitten with her.  She just encourages him by smiling big at him. 
  • Scout is growing literally daily.  She talks to us (lots of gggaaa and maaaa) all the time.  She only fusses when she is tired or hungry.  She smiles at us all the time and we just melt every time.  About a month ago, I bought her 3 lovies (small square velour blankies with an animal head...monkey, giraffe, and hippo).  She loves all three and currently will shove any of them in her mouth if given the chance.  That and the amount of drool we are seeing makes us wonder if the teething adventure is right around the corner. 
  • Kale still likes to zick (lick) a sucker, has a hoke-a-matrol (remote control) car, and still loves anything with wheels (especially tractors).  
So...thats us...thats not everything, but its a start...and my little sleeper is waking up now.

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