Sunday, September 25, 2011

Each night

Each night I lay down with Kale as he falls asleep.  This started again after we moved.  I had once escaped this routine, but moving and him suddenly being on the other side of the house just messed his whole bedtime routine.  Since we are moving again soon to another house in the area, I am waiting to "re-train" him until we are moved and settled.

I lay there next to my son and as his sleepiness takes over, he becomes really calm and snuggly.  I often end up staying there beside him in bed after his breathing has found steady pace and he is snoozing.  It is in those moments that I relive his day with me and wonder how I can sometimes get so frustrated with such a loving and sweet boy. would be because while he is awake, he will push all of us to our limits repeatedly.  He can't help it, as God just made him that way.  It seems he inherited all of the same characteristics that his parents had that drove his grandparents crazy at he time...and then God threw in a few extra just for giggles.  Still, he is an amazing, loving, and wonderful boy.  I wouldn't want him any other way.

So, when you read a post about Kale and its time stamped after 9pm, you can pretty much bet that it was written on my phone while I am cuddled up next to him.  Just wanted to document the origin of those posts...

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