Sunday, August 31, 2008

First the belly, now the hiney...

Well, Kale is still sick. I plan to call the doctor's office again tomorrow. We have removed all fruits and most veggies from his he is mostly formula only right now. He occassionally runs a low grade fever.

If you give him real food, he gives you a stinky diaper within an hour of eating. Its not your normal stinky diaper either. Poor kid.

As a result, his hiney is quite red. He is so completely raw. We have tried all the diaper creams and even his prescription one. We stopped using baby wipes 2 days ago and were using wash cloths to get him clean. Today, we decided that after his next diry diaper, we would just wash off his hiney in the sink...nice cool or warm water...which will probably result in him turning on his sprinkler as well. He hasn't given us the opportunity to use that method just yet...and we are thankful.

His daddy took him back to our bedroom with a bottle about an hour ago...and I haven't heard a peep from them in a while.

While you say prayers for all those affected by Hurrican Gustav....say prayers for the quick healing of Kale's belly and hiney too! :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kale can OFFICIALLY crawl!!!!!

Well, Kale can officially crawl...he started doing this today!!!!

It took some sputtering and coughing, but he got there!

Sorry the video is so choppy, but I was just a tad excited!

New pictures

I managed to snap a few pics of Kale this morning...the light in the living room was just perfect...

See my teeth???

Getting there..

one leg up...

both legs up...


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, as we are learning with almost everything we do with Kale...we should have known something wasn't quite right. He was soooo irritable last night and refused to relax and sleep last night. He had a "loose" diaper last night. No big deal....until he had 2 more this morning and another one at lunch. Then the low grade fever popped off to the pediatrician we went...

So much for my other half of the work least I got to work on a few things from home this evening (thank you mom and Ep). I am a little swamped right now...oh well.

The pediatrician says that its either a bug or teething. No surprise there. I really didn't expect her (not our usual doc) to tell us that it was one or the other. Kale is at the age where it could be this...or it could always be teething. Ugh. She did tell us that his ears were a little red...but no infection...but its something to watch I guess.

We have a new problem in our house. Seems that shortly after Mommy turned off the milk jugs, Kale became a "I only want my Mema" boy. :( Rejection is tough. He does sometimes still call for me...but usually its a last ditch effort on his part to escape naptime or bedtime. He likes to be with one of us...and then call for the other one...and bounce from lap to lap...we are SO bad...he has us completely wrapped around his finger AND he knows it!

He has a new name for seems to change from time to time when he says it, but mostly it sounds like Nana...sometimes its more like Nini...

I am still Maaaaaa (and usually only when he is mad, tired, sleepy, or all of the above) and Ep is Da Da or Bubba.

The newest trick...oh, its good. He can officially pull up. He has been doing it randomly in his crib, but last night he figured out he can do it anywhere. He pulled up on this huge block toy...and it was soooo completely game over. Today he pulled up on the ottoman. Then, tonight, he started taking steps between one rail and the other in his crib. I swear he might just go from scoot and army crawling to walking. Thats what his dad who knows.

I know I am not saying anything new here or that each parent hasn't learned along the way...but...EACH day is a new day with might be a lot like the day before...or it might be so very different. It seems like yesterday that I was longing for him to be able to sit up on his own...and then for crawling. The other day, I realized how far he had come...and how his is so quickly turning into a little boy. Ugh.....I had heard parents talk about that kind of stuff and my own parents have told me how fast it goes by...but man oh man...its a lot like everything just don't know or "get it" until you experience for yourself! I think its harder on Ep than me...simply because I got to watch my brother grow up. Ep has never spent THIS much time around a baby and its a joy to watch him discover how quickly Kale changes. Parenthood is wonderful...squirty diapers, sleepless nights and more love than you could have ever imagined!

Monday, August 25, 2008

New look...

Hope you like the new look...I was bored with the original I looked around until I found a layout that seemed to fit...this is the best that I could do.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend life...

Well, here is a quick update on a few things...

  • Kale discovered his temper and immediately figured out how to lose it. Well, he already knew about it, but this weekend it seems that he learned how to lose his temper AND throw a fit about it. I have NO IDEA where he got that from...
  • Kale bites. I know, he only has two teeth. However, he can bite...he gets part of your skin in his mouth and clamps down with two teeth and the strongest upper gum you have ever known. We have thought for a while that he was going to be a biter...he loves to shove things in his mouth and clamp down...all the more so now that he has two teeth. Oh, the fun ahead! By the way, he didn't bruise me but he did bite me hard enough on Friday night to make my jaw bone (what he bit) sore for two days so far.
  • My wedding ring is still did not magically fix itself over night. Ugh. The reality of it hit me today. It just slowly sunk in...and at times I struggle with being so materialistic about it. I waited what felt like FOREVER for a wedding ring. I LOVED that ring and what it stood for...and now it is broken. At least what it stood for is still in place...that means more to me than the ring. Oh, but I also loved my beautiful ring and I know my husband was so proud of was I. It still makes me sick to think about when it broke. I guess there are three different avenues now....either the store I was in will take responsibility and replace/fix it OR maybe we can file a home owner's insurance claim OR maybe the orginal designer will step up to the plate and fix/replace it. I really doubt the designer will do that at this point...I called them immediately after getting home on Friday and thier response was that I could send it to them to find out if they could repair it (I am sure, at our expense) and if they can't then I would just have to buy a new ring. So, I am taking it tomorrow to a couple of reputable jewelry stores tomorrow...and we will see what they say. No way am I just going to box it up and send it to California so they can determine if they can fix it before I get some opinions on the local front.

Ok...I just got invaded by "Mr I Want to Crawl or Walk but Haven't Quite Figured Out How to do Either".....

He has this to say....... k erumo n t4 fd54etuoii[ilutwedse3 46uykbnjkluyktyrtwewrcvuyvuyvbuiuuuyuyuyuyuyuUIIHTFTYYTYTRG

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I broke my wedding ring

Only I could do this...I broke my platinum "I waited years and years for this and love everything it represents" eternity wedding ring. Yes, really. I wouldn't joke about this.

Ep was out of town...and I had to wait until he got home to tell him. It was only 24 hours...and that nearly killed me almost as much as when I nearly died after realizing I broke my ring. That sounds funny...I broke my doesn't even sound real. So, now that I have told him, I can vent on here about it.

I won't go into all the details...I just had to tell him the whole story, which sounds absolutely ridiculous when I tell it. I was in a store buying a new ring got hung on a screw that was on the shopping cart (the screw was supposed to be holding up a part of the cart...but it was broken). I didn't even know I had broken my ring until several minutes later...after a diamond had already disapeared.

For those of you who don't know...I don't have the traditional engagement ring and wedding band. I have an eternity has diamonds all the way around. I wanted something different. I didn't want a this eternity diamond band was a perfect ring for me. The ironic part is that I have never been one to want a solitaire that sticks up from my hand for fear that I would knock out the diamond by banging my hand on something. Who knew you could break an eternity band...

Long story short...I was able to find the missing diamond. I have all the parts of my ring...all four pieces of it...the main part of the band, the broken section of the band...and the two diamonds that fell out when it broke. I know, it was a shear act of God that I was able to locate both of those diamonds. Heck, it was a sure act of God that I didn't pass out or puke when I realized I broke my ring. My finger feels so strange without it there.

For now, we wait. Monday might bring some answers. I know finger didn't break the ring and the box I was lifting didn't break the ring...the screw or cart broke the ring. Somebody owes me a wedding ring!

Ok, now, I am going to snuggle up to my loving and understanding husband...and try to convince my fourth finger on my left hand that it will be ok.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bright Eyes, Curls, and Playtime

Mr Bright blues...and some drool.

Hi momma, what do you have?

This is what happens when his hair gets wet or he sweats. His hair just curls right up! This was right after he woke up from a nap and had a sweaty head!

Play Play Play...two boys having fun!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The basket and bed

He was all smiles when Mema set him in the basket. Hmmph...

Look what I can do, Look what I can do!

I have to have a little help...but once I am there...yippee, I can hang out here a while!

Too bad this isn't the look on his face when he discovers that he is sleeping in his bed at night....

A Hat and Biscuit

Well, enough of the jabbering...we are overdue for some pictures!

Finally getting to wear his baseball hat! It only took all summer for him to grow into it!

Warning...if you give Kale a teething biscuit, a bath will be necessary!

Ok, I think my tanks are full!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And then there was Tuesday

Ah, Tuesday...the nothing day. Well, not really. But when you have Manic Monday, Hump Day Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and Fabulous Friday....Tuesday just seems bland! :)

Today is better. I remembered my phone. I ate lunch with my favorite grown up guy. My mom announced that she is staying here this weekend. Kale woke up looking for me...but didn't seem disappointed that his milk was coming from a bottle (we are in the process of weaning...gotta close up the boobie milk shop before heading overseas!).

I am going to take advantage of my "alone" time....Ep has a tournament tonight and Mema/Kale are going to my aunt's house for dinner. I am going to run a few errands and ponder all the things I need to accomplish in the next six weeks....

  1. Plan Kale's birthday party (or decided not to have a party and just have a quick family thingy.
  2. Research where I am going...
  3. Figure out what clothes to pack for Poland/Slovakia---highs in the 50's and lows in the 30' they will be a lot farther into fall/winter than we will be here in Arkansas! I only have a few long sleeve things out so far.
  4. Find a way to celebrate our two year anniversary in the middle of all that mayhem listed above. (maybe this past weekend should count for that???)
  5. Halloween??? Candy?? How do you celebrate Halloween with a 1 year old?
  6. #5 freaked me out...Kale will be a 1 year old??? Yep, find a way to cope with that fact is now on the list...
  7. I am not a big fan of alcohol by any means...but I do like it indulge every great once in a while. I don't remember the last time I over-indulged though. My last sip of alcohol was in January 2007....and its August think I am due...there are about 3 different drinks that I am ready to "Ep, take me to the bar" to the list! Ok, just realized that its quite funny that I haven't drank alcohol in nearly 18 months and that my job is about to send me to the birthplace of vodka! LOL!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, its definitely been a Monday. I am hoping to enjoy Monday night and then move on to Tuesday. Enough of this Monday stuff!

I started my day off by forgetting my cell phone at home. I felt/feel so completely out of sync without it. Ok, I remember when only the richest people had cell phones...but then they got cheaper...and everyone got one...and now we can't survive without them. I seriously contemplated driving all the way home and back to work again...just to get my phone. However, my stubborness held my phone is still at home and I am still at work. (shhh...yes, blogging at work)

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kale and my mom for lunch. That flew out the door. Someone was cranky this morning. Someone didn't pack last night and waited until this morning to get everything together. The longer I waited today, the more anxious I got. I was seriously having Kale withdrawal. Ugh. However, its nearly 4pm and I just got my "fix", but will still probably call it a day in about 30 minutes.

I forgot to bring a check I was supposed to deposit on Saturday, but since I was out of town on Saturday...I was going to deposit it today. Apparently, when you are given a check, you are supposed to deposit it immediately...and when someone says to wait until the 16th to deposit it...they really mean that they are going to call you on the 15th and wonder why you haven't deposited it yet. Anyway...I got frustrated with myself after I forgot the check at home. Yet another reason I nearly made a return trip home.

Ok, enough of my whining...big girls don't whine...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well, the weekend is wrapping up. We haven't seen Kale since Friday morning and we are really aching for him at this point. Yep, I am going to die when I try to go 10-14 days without him. I am sure of it.

We had a great time and really enjoyed just being together...we even managed to stay up after midnight on Friday. We had ambitious plans on Saturday night, but then we got our bellies full and decided that going to sleep for the next 9 hours sounded wonderful! I did some shopping on Saturday (yea!) while Ep watched "Dark Knight"--which completely disapointed him...and nearly disgusted him. Good thing he got to see it free! As a result of that movie, we have declared ourselves "old". Hollywood no longer markets movies to our age range...or, rather, we have outgrown the age range that the majority of Hollywood is targeting! But did I mention that I got to go outlet shopping??? Gap, Eddie Bauer, Carters...whooohooo! I got about 5-6 things for me, 1 thing for Ep, and about 20 things for Kale...yes, seriously. I mean, I don't want my boy to be naked!

We came home and unloaded the truck....then went out for pizza and salad before coming home to "chill". Its sooooo quiet here. Too quiet. I am ready for Kale to come home.

Kale and Mema will make the journey back to Little Rock tomorrow...maybe he will actually get to look out the window this time...he fell asleep before they even left our house on Friday and didn't wake up until he was already at Mema's house! For those of you who don't was a 3 hour trip! Yep, we think he likes and is enjoying the room in his new car seat!!!! :)

Ok...bed time!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The time has come...

Well, the time has come. I knew this day would eventually come, but just wasn't sure how or why. This weekend has a variety of names...all of which explain what time has arrived...

  • Kale's first weekend away from his parents.

  • Mema's first grand voyage home with Kale.

  • Mema and Papaw show off their grandson to everyone, all of the River Valley.

  • Marcia gets a trial run at spending time (more than a work day) away from Kale (in preparation for that upcoming trip overseas).

  • Ep and Marcia get some "just the two of us" quality time and hopefully know what to do with themselves. (besides look at each other and ask...."and who are you?") LOL!

Ok, yep, that sums it up. There is more to this weekend than those little titles...but that pretty much sums it up.

Kale is headed to Alma to see what kind of trouble he can stir up with his Papaw and Uncle Chris and Mema. When I asked my mom about taking him home with her this weekend...she nearly fell out of the chair giggling. That was answer enough. Rumor is that Uncle Chris called last night to see if Kale was arriving then, or on Friday. Papaw already has lots of plans with Kale. I am fairly sure they are beyond themselves excited that Kale is coming and they could care less that we aren't coming as well. :) We are ok with that.

Ep and I are just heading....out of enjoy some much needed time with one another. We plan to prove that we still know how to have a fun time by ourselves!

So, normal life will once again resume on Monday....Ep and I will return to work...Kale and Mema will come back to Little Rock...but until then.....whooohoooo, let the weekend begin!!!!

Kale's new seat and Mema needs a new truck

Well, we had to get a second car seat for Mema's truck. Bekah gave us one, but its only forward facing...Kale is busting out of his infant carrier and can't be forward facing for another 2, another car seat was the only option.

As a result, we have now declared Mema must start looking for a new truck. Yes, thats right, a new car seat deemed that Mema needs a new truck. Kale's car seat won't work in the middle of her back seat...because the lap belt in an old suburban does eventually wear down...and so it just isn't as secure as we would all like for it to be. So, for now in Mema's truck he is in a new car seat...riding on the passenger side in the back seat....with a window view (which I am sure he loves!)....until we can figure out what kind of truck Mema wants next.

Note to my dad: you have always made sure that mom was driving a "boat" of a car or we are not going to downsize her now that she is also toting around my pride and joy!!!! So, let the car idea go...if I have any influence...she is getting a mid-size SUV or larger!!!! I mean, seriously, do you really think they make a trunk big enough to compare to the cargo area of her suburban???? :) Yep, its going to be a SUV!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poland and Slovakia

Ok, I am getting a little more into this trip now. Its taken a few days for the excitement to kick in. I am still having twinges of doubt, but I think that is to be expected. My doubt is about leaving Kale. I completely 100% trust him being in the hands of Ep and my mom...its the doubt about ME being able to cope without being around HIM that has me going a little nuts. Ah, mommyhood and its unexpected emotions and changes.

Nothing will be set for sure until early September, but for now the trip is shaping up like this...

  • Leave Little Rock on Oct 6th or 7th (and I lose a day, so by the time I arrive it will either be the 7th or 8th). I will leave Little Rock and fly to a connecting city (an international terminal) in the US before catching a flight across the Atlantic to somewhere in Europe, where I will then catch another flight to Poland. By the time I land in Poland, I will have been traveling for nearly 24 hours (or more).
  • I will arrive in Krakow, Poland and see some projects.
  • After a few days, I will travel with Joanna (she works in our Poland office) to Slovakia. We will cross the border in a car...I have never crossed a border on the ground. I know that seems wierd, but all my border crossing thus far has been on a plane!
  • We will be in Slovakia for a meeting/training on the 12th and 13th. Then, I will visit some Slovakia projects and attend another meeting on the 16th.
  • I will fly out of Kosice, Slovakia on the 17th....and arrive home sometime later that night (when I fly home, I come backwards in time...yes, it is strange).
  • So, I will probably leave Slovakia at the crack of dawn and land somewhere else in Europe mid-morning...spend the majority of the day flying across the Atlantic...and land somewhere in the US by late afternoon (which will feel like night time to me) and then travel on to Little Rock and arrive probably around 9pm or later.
  • By the time I arrive home, it will be nearly morning of the next day back in Slovakia and my body will know that...its always a guess as to how quick I can adjust back to US time.

One thing I should add....for these kinds of trip, Ambien is my friend. For the international flights, I take half a pill so I can grab four hours of sleep...which helps me be somewhat sane by the time I reach my destination! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well, it was a somewhat quiet and peaceful weekend at our house, just not a well rested one. Ugh. Oh, the joys of teeth and figuring out that ANY bed is better than a crib!

We have created a snuggling cuddling bed monster. On any given night, you can find him either in our bed or in bed with Mema. However, word on the street is that we are going to conquer the battle of Kale sleeping in his crib. Daddy has been doing research. We are all on board with the idea of Kale sleeping in his crib, except that Kale doesn't agree. He doesn't know what is headed his way this week. This whole concept of sleep a few hours is about to go out the door and its going to take the night time bottles with it!

Ep found a new neighbor this to Kale's first tooth, it is now very apparent that tooth #2 has moved into the neighborhood. Kale has also learned how to chomp down on you with this tooth and seems to not mind the fact that you get no warning before the chomp. Ep started calling tooth #2 the new neighbor...and the nickname has stuck. I actually got a glimpse of the new neighbor this morning.

Which brings on a whole different topic...with my upcoming trip overseas...and his teeth multiplying...I am going to have to get serious about this weaning thing...I have a feeling it won't be so easy on either one of us. :( Can you tell I am not looking forward to it? I was fine with giving up the daytime feedings...and am ok with the idea of giving up the bed time feeding, but giving up that morning time feeding with him will be hard.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hanging out in the living room...
Then discovering that mom is taking my picture

Look what I can do!

The carpet bit me! I flopped down nose first and did not enjoy it one bit! It took me about 3 seconds of making this face and a kiss from mom before I decided I would survive.

A day in the life...

Just wanted to show a brief glimpse of a day in the life of Mema and Kale....working on fixing a bottle.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

youtube premiere

Kale has made his premiere on youtube....

He is part of a website called Asher and Jacob's friends...and they made this video. Kale shows up around the 4 minute close attention to the wording right before and after his picture...and no, we didn't have anything to do with the picture placement....

Here is a link to the video.

Oh...and here is your warning...I cry every single time I watch it..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And then...

I knew this would come. I just wasn't quite mentally ready for it. Ugh. One of the perks of my job is the really not so frequently traveled locations. Although I must say, I have scored some pretty cool trips to tourist spots as well. When I first started this job, I traveled several times a year. As our team grew, our travel budget did not grow proportionately, so my travel decreased. I was ok with that, especially while trying to become and then while being pregnant. With the economy being so awful, our team budget was squished for practically no financial growth. I figured there wouldn't be any travel for me during FY09 (July 2008-June 2009). Again, I was ok with that. I wasn't disapointed at all.

Today, my boss came to me and my co-worker (she does the same job as me, only with different countries) to let us know that in October we will both be traveling for meetings. Ack. While my co-worker nearly licked the feet of our boss for the opportunity to travel, I just tried to keep a straight face and stay engaged in the conversation. Meanwhile, internal panic began. I am flip flopping between excitement (glad to know that the excitement for travel is still around) and a strange combination of fear and sadness. The idea of leaving Kale for that long just absolutely breaks me right now. (yes, Ep, I can both go with me)

So, I guess its time to research travel to Slovakia (and possibly Poland and Romania).

The interesting part is that its in October...which is also the month that Ep has a big tournament in Kentucky and also when Kale will be turning a year old. I guess I also now have a hard deadline for getting Kale weaned from me. Geez, that month just got over-busy in a hurry!

Ok..mostly, this is just a brain dump. If it doesn't make much sense, sorry.