Friday, August 15, 2008

Kale's new seat and Mema needs a new truck

Well, we had to get a second car seat for Mema's truck. Bekah gave us one, but its only forward facing...Kale is busting out of his infant carrier and can't be forward facing for another 2, another car seat was the only option.

As a result, we have now declared Mema must start looking for a new truck. Yes, thats right, a new car seat deemed that Mema needs a new truck. Kale's car seat won't work in the middle of her back seat...because the lap belt in an old suburban does eventually wear down...and so it just isn't as secure as we would all like for it to be. So, for now in Mema's truck he is in a new car seat...riding on the passenger side in the back seat....with a window view (which I am sure he loves!)....until we can figure out what kind of truck Mema wants next.

Note to my dad: you have always made sure that mom was driving a "boat" of a car or we are not going to downsize her now that she is also toting around my pride and joy!!!! So, let the car idea go...if I have any influence...she is getting a mid-size SUV or larger!!!! I mean, seriously, do you really think they make a trunk big enough to compare to the cargo area of her suburban???? :) Yep, its going to be a SUV!!!

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