Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poland and Slovakia

Ok, I am getting a little more into this trip now. Its taken a few days for the excitement to kick in. I am still having twinges of doubt, but I think that is to be expected. My doubt is about leaving Kale. I completely 100% trust him being in the hands of Ep and my mom...its the doubt about ME being able to cope without being around HIM that has me going a little nuts. Ah, mommyhood and its unexpected emotions and changes.

Nothing will be set for sure until early September, but for now the trip is shaping up like this...

  • Leave Little Rock on Oct 6th or 7th (and I lose a day, so by the time I arrive it will either be the 7th or 8th). I will leave Little Rock and fly to a connecting city (an international terminal) in the US before catching a flight across the Atlantic to somewhere in Europe, where I will then catch another flight to Poland. By the time I land in Poland, I will have been traveling for nearly 24 hours (or more).
  • I will arrive in Krakow, Poland and see some projects.
  • After a few days, I will travel with Joanna (she works in our Poland office) to Slovakia. We will cross the border in a car...I have never crossed a border on the ground. I know that seems wierd, but all my border crossing thus far has been on a plane!
  • We will be in Slovakia for a meeting/training on the 12th and 13th. Then, I will visit some Slovakia projects and attend another meeting on the 16th.
  • I will fly out of Kosice, Slovakia on the 17th....and arrive home sometime later that night (when I fly home, I come backwards in time...yes, it is strange).
  • So, I will probably leave Slovakia at the crack of dawn and land somewhere else in Europe mid-morning...spend the majority of the day flying across the Atlantic...and land somewhere in the US by late afternoon (which will feel like night time to me) and then travel on to Little Rock and arrive probably around 9pm or later.
  • By the time I arrive home, it will be nearly morning of the next day back in Slovakia and my body will know that...its always a guess as to how quick I can adjust back to US time.

One thing I should add....for these kinds of trip, Ambien is my friend. For the international flights, I take half a pill so I can grab four hours of sleep...which helps me be somewhat sane by the time I reach my destination! :)

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