Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, its been a while and I am busting back onto the scene with some fun. Welcome to my first Not Me Monday. Its a crazy little thing created by one of my favorite bloggers. You can check it out at and with that little bit of credit comes my first Not Me Monday....

It was Not Me who went Black Friday shopping with my mom and managed to score a parking spot near the door at 7:30am, and it was not me who snagged the last 1/2 price portable dvd player in the store. It was Not My Mom who easily scored a cart for our goodies. It was not me who also scored the last 1/2 price vacuum cleaner in the store.

It was Not Me who told the girl's at the pizza place that it was mom's birthday and so it was not me that was responsible for them delivering a cherry pizza to the table with song.

It was Not Me who napped every single chance I got over the past 5 days because it was =Not Me who was sick over the entire holiday break.

It was Not Me who managed to stop herself from going into a rant at her husband on Thanksgiving Day. It was Not Me that got two sentences into the fray and then decided that he is a big boy and can learn his own lessons no matter how frustrating that might be for me.

It was Not Me who let my 2 year old play with an Christmas ornament. It definitely was Not Me who all too late saw him tripping over a toy and falling face first onto the ornament. It is Not Me who feels guilty every time I look at the little purple/blue bruise it left on his forhead.

It was Not Me who had to gather up a birthday gift and return it to a neighbor--bag, cards, and all because our dog stole it from thier porch. It was Not Me who got to explain it to the laughing neighbors.

It is Not Me who wonders if we should secretly tape the next Fletcher family vacation and then sell the hilarity to the highest bidder. It was Not Me who asked my husband "did you say they had Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral" because I was sure my ears were really clogged on that one! It was also Not Me who wondered if the last time they ate at Golden Corral was when the Fox started his antics and had them sing happy birthday to me on not my birthday!

It is Not Me who has given up hope on keeping our dog in our yard. It is Not Me who is considering offering him to anyone with a farm of 10 acres or more.

Yeah...ok, thats enough I think. It surely was Not Me who probably dug about three holes with that post!

And as for the rest of the overdue updating...Not Me will get around to that soon.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who are you?

This was my thought last night at Larry's Pizza. Who are you? I know you are not my sweet son Kale, because he would never ever scream so loud that his orange hair thought about falling out. A little background here might help...every Tuesday night we end up at our local Larry's Pizza for some yummy easy supper. The waitresses all know Kale and I am pretty sure they just call us Kale's dad and Kale's mom. On two occassions, Kale has found the game room there. Now, back to last night.

I had carried Kale inside while Ep made a phone call. He said he would pay while I got us a table. Seems like everyone else showed up right before us and tables were not plentiful. As I walked around looking, Kale struggled to get down. I had ahold of his hand when he decided to break away from mommy just as a waitress walked in front of us. My choice was to let him go or cause her to trip. I let him go. I had to wait for her to pass and that was just enough time for Kale to bound his way into the game room and head straight for the game that has a steering wheel.

Kale has no concept of money going into the machines. He just wants to play with the steering wheel. He was climbing up and was inches from the beloved steering wheel when I caught up to him and grabbed him. He started kicking, screaming and basically becoming a rigid plank of a boy as I tried to exit the game room with him. The other kids gave me a wide path, it was that bad.

Exiting the gameroom only amplified his screaming and yelling. Everyone, and I mean everyone from the smallest of child to the nearly deaf lady sitting in the corner was looking to see who was screaming and why. If I had a free hand, it would have been a great time to raise my hand and own up to him getting that behavior from me. At least I admit to that fact. But I didn't have a free hand because both my hands were wrangling the 21 year old man that had taken over my son's body. It was in this moment that I realized that Ep was still outside on the phone and unaware of his son's desire to deafen everyone in the place. We headed for the door, which yes, was all the way across the room. That 30 feet seemed to span 300 yards last night.

I opened the door and out we went, screaming and all. The bewildered look on Ep's face was funny, but I didn't have time to laugh because I was too busy handing off the newest member of wrestlemania. Then, we all three walked back inside...Kale being carried by Ep. I suppose that Kale thought he had won the fight and we were taking him back to the game room because he started yelling when he realized that wasn't happening. Ep headed back outside with him. Apparently they had a little man to man talk of some kind and I am not sure that Kale liked what was said but apparently he believed whatever he was told. They came back inside and went to find us a table. By the time I got to the table with the high chair, Kale was contemplating fit #2 and staging a "I'm not getting in the high chair revolt". I quietly asked him if we needed to go outside and mentioned something about a spanking. He limbered up and piped down and got into the high chair. By now, Ep is trying to feel Kale's head to see if he has a fever because this behavior is so completely out of the norm for him in a place he truly likes to be. As if it was his way of having the final word, he started rocking the high chair from side to side. Or maybe he was trying to rock it all the way into the game room. Who really knows. We sure as heck don't. We are still trying to figure out who that kid was!

We all ate dinner and our favorite waitress there brought Kale a sucker. His words after that were MMMMMMMMmmmmm, MMMMMMmmmmm.

So, yeah, whoever the 21 year old man was that showed up in my 2 year old son's body last night can go away and never come back again thank you very very much!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our week isn't over yet, but thus far has included the following:

Hives that are now turning to bruises on Kale...which made us start the week with a cranky and unhappy boy who is finally getting happy again.

A hole in the master bathroom sink drain....which led to a flooded "underneath the sink area"...which led to me cleaning all that out and drying it out...which led to my husband trying to fix the sink drain but only finding out that he needs more "stuff" and that we should now go forward with using pvc pipes...and a very happy wife that her husband is at least trying and will succeed to conquer this drain problem.

A dog who has decided he must once again climb the fence (because he knows that every hole digging spot is completely sealed off). For now, the problem is solved with a bike placed in the corner where he was climbing. Its only a matter of time before the bike no longer intimidates him and the climbing begins again. Then it will be time to bring back out the "shock made for a cow" stuff and remind him that he is supposed to stay inside the fence. For those of you who think this sounds cruel--please know we have exhausted every other method. He chewed through the shock stuff made for dogs. Either we do the shock for cows or he runs free where he can bite someone or get hit by a car...we choose the shock. Sitting him in time out just doesn't work. Sorry.

But on a positive note, we now have lots of kleenex (which Walgreens PAID ME to take from their store legally). We also have some really nice smelling holiday stuff for which I paid Target $3.64 (including tax) and they in turn gave me the nice smelling Glade stuff AND $10 in gift cards. I also ordered some holiday cards last night...50 of them...and they didn't cost me anything more than the time it took to create them...and they are shipping to me free. Yippee!

Oh, and if you haven't tried the peppermint chocolate holiday shake thingy from Chik-fil-A then you should...I swear it has just a nip of Heaven in it!

Man, there sure is a lot of mention of holiday in this would think Christmas is coming or something....oh man...I am in trouble!

Monday, November 9, 2009


First, let me say, poor Kale. He is itchy, cranky, and his joints ache. Today, he has pretty much been a cantankerous old man in a toddler's body. After realizing his joints seemed to be swelling, we booked him an appt at the pediatrician and let them have a look at him. Yep, still a harsh reaction to the amoxicillin. Doc prescribed some steriods and Allergra to alternate with the Benadryl. We aren't sure whether it was the steroid kicking in, his body just finding a "good moment" in his healing, or the fact that daddy came home...or maybe just the fluke thing of all three at once....but tonight the cranky old man started bouncing around the house and the whiny, cranky boy left the building. (whew)

Second, ahem, announcement. Granddaddy, you have a name. For the moment, you are deedaddy. I am sure we will find the place of grand, but for now its dee. Don't ask, because we don't know. We just know thats you.

Third. Need some perspective? Here is some: If you can't find some perspective there, then you need serious help. Its a blog about a family. Lately, the blog has been more specifically about the journey of thier one year old son...who wasn't even supposed to live to see his own birth. But he did. While I was reading about him, one word stood out. in the same thing that Kale can have as a result of his WPW. This other little boy has other heart issues and I haven't seen them mention WPW. However, SVT has become a normal event in their lives and they know how to do vagals to interupt it. We were taught about vagals, but we have never had to do them. I hope we never do. I don't even know if Ep remembers what a vagal is...but I know he would know how to do it. Anyway, perspective...the one year old was supposed to have ablation tomorrow. Doctors don't prefer to do ablations on babies/toddlers because they are so difficult to do on such a small organ/body. His heart had other ideas and pretty much screamed that it needed to be done today. His heart screamed so loud that it wore itself out and the little guy flat-lined right in front of his doctors, nurses, and his momma. It takes my breath and makes the tears flow to just try to fathom what that was like for her. Through it all, she kept her faith. They were finally able to take him to surgery for his ablation and hit roadblock after roadblock after roadblock. You would think this story wouldn't end well, given the way it unfolded throughout the day. But see, GOD IS GOOD. When medicals science says there shouldn't be a way, God CREATES a way. He did that today for Kellan. Tonight, one year old Kellan is recovering from his ablation and his doctors fully expect for him to be SVT free for the rest of his life. This is far better of an outcome than any of the doctors were willing to hope would happen and it did happen because GOD IS GOOD! :)

Go read about this family, their struggles, or even just what they have experienced today....and you tell me...really, how bad are your struggles and problems? I know mine are in check tonight.

Weekend Whhheeee

Thats what I am calling this past weekend. Weekend in what you say on a ride at the fair or amusement park...wheee, because thats what it feels like.

I guess we could also call it the unplanned weekend because just about everything we tried to plan somehow didn't happen. Oh well.

Originally, Ep was going to fish a tournament...which got moved to a location he didn't want to fish.

Then we decided to go see the Hogs play South Carolina and the crazy coach. Mema took Kale to her house and we didn't make it there until after he had gone to bed for the night...not that he cared...she picked him up from school and he didn't ask for us until right at bedtime and it was only once even then.

Kale spent all day Saturday playing with Mema and Unnel Kiss (uncle Chris). Meanwhile, his parents drove up to the game, had breakfast with some boys (ok, brother in law and good friend), and walked over to the game. That is where I found out that my Hog loving husband has become a "medium Larry" and has forgotten how to cheer at the stadium. He sat there and was all pesimistic and such...and I am all "dude, we are winning...why are you just sitting there? Are you OK?" I really worried about him. Finally, in the third quarter, medium Larry disapeared and my husband showed back up. We won, walked back to our friend's house, and waited for the traffic to die down.

Hunger took over and we headed over to JJ's to meet some friends and enjoy some good food/drinks. Oh, and let me tell you...they have $1.99 margaritas all day every day...and they aren't wimpy or little ones either! I had some good food with two margaritas and got cut off by my husband. That was a first. Later we headed back to Alma and we managed to accidentally intercept Kale and Mema on a trip to the store. We completely stalked them. Then, I enjoyed ice cream while Ep devoured some good Braum's food. Before Kale and Mema returned, one of us had crashed out...before 8pm...yep, that would be me...nothing like beating your toddler to bed!

I needed the sleep because on Sunday, Kale reminded us that he can push our buttons on any given day without any warning. Ep asked me to come look at Kale. I took my time and got a little verbage for that...deservingly. Kale was covered in red bumps. Not the chicken pock kind. But big and small red bumps over his entire body. My vote was medicine allergic reaction. Ep said bug bites. I won. Unfortunately. You can read more about that here: . So, the short of this is that Kale has to use non-"cillin" antibiotics from now on.

Mema was the Presidential nominee again because she dropped everything and came on down the road about 30 minutes behind us. She went to go get the callamine, oatmeal bath, and such when we left the clinic. We took Kale home, unloaded the truck, and waited for Mema to arrive with the goods.

After an oatmeal bath and then a coating of callamine lotion, Kale nearly fell asleep before we could really get him fully into bed. He was THAT tired and it was before I gave him the Benadryl! I had hives at 14 but had forgotten how worn out it can make your body feel. Little dude scared his momma twice...because at 2am he still had not stirred. I literally went in and moved his arm to make sure he wasn't rigid. Yeah, I know, bad. Its really rare for him to sleep more than 4 hours after going to bed without waking someone up. He had slept 5.5 and was still snoozing. He got more meds and still didn't stir until 90 minutes later. At 6:45am I went in to check on him again. I again moved is arm. Dude was totally konked out!

He greeted the day scratching around 7:15 am and by 7:30 am had a new pink coating of callamine and dose of Bendadryl.

Once again, he has left his mommy and daddy giving sympathy scratches to their own heads while they say, "wow we totally didn't see that one coming!" See....wheeeeeee....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is a reminder: God is soooo Good!

Note: if you read Kale's caringbridge site, this is a duplicate post from there....

Let me tell you this: GOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

2 years ago, right now...on this date...I was in an ambulance with Kale and we were being rushed to Arkansas Children's Hospital. Over the course of the next few hours, all we could do was watch and pray that Kale would survive. It was a surreal experience and we couldn't really grasp the magnitude of in the moment. That day, I was reminded who has the ULTIMATE POWER and CONTROL. Not me, but God. Not Ep, or our parents, or our friends and extended family memebers....ONLY GOD.

I am still eternally thankful for the support and people that God brought to us that day. I will never forget the fact that my cousin who works at ACH came running to us and held our hands and explained things to us and told us when we could watch and when we shouldn't. And when I didn't listen, she stood between me and my baby so I counldn't see what she didn't want me to see and remember.

Some things from that day are fading. I think we are all ok with that. I know I am. The part that will never fade is the memory of Ep and I clinging together as they shocked our child on several different occassions. And our strong little man laid there an took it and survived. Its a very humbling feeling to realize that the ONLY thing you can do for your child to make him better is to pray. I can close my eyes and see it all...the flurry of doctors and nurses, Kale laying there, I can see us in the corner of the room trying to see what is happening but trying to stay out of the way...I can hear the incessant beeps and screams coming from the monitors as they warned that his heart rate was too high. And in all that, I can see myself sitting there indian style literally chanting a whisper to God: "Please watch over my baby. Please take care of my boy."

And He did. God is THAT GOOD! In fact, he is soooo good that I left that little boy sitting on the couch watching boo-boders (bulldozers) on tv while he waited for his Mema to bring him some oatmeal to eat this morning. Yep, GOD IS GOOD! To all of you who supported us on this day two years ago and the many days follwoing, whether in person or in prayer...thank you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Am boo lant

This morning on the way to school/work, we were driving on the interstate and passed an ambulance going the other way. Kale immediately said "faar tuck" (fire truck). I told him that it was an ambulance.

There was silence in the backseat for about 10 seconds. Apparently, he was working on it.

Then, out of the silence comes "am boo lant" as a question. Yes, Kale, ambulance. Then he repeated am boo lant about 8 more times.

He cracks me up. So, its no longer an ambulance...its an amboolant. How could anyone NOT love this kid????

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sinus Infection

Well, today the little pumpkin was sporting a constant stream of yellow junk coming out of his nose. Pleasant, I know. Sorry. After a dose of Benadryl, it just kept coming. I called the "on call" number to see if he could get a script called in. No deal. I called the after hours clinic at ACH and he got an appt for two hours later. Not bad for the Sunday after Halloween! So, a 15 minute visit later, we had a script for Amoxicillin and off we went to Walgreens. The doc said there was a 50/50 chance he had a sinus infection. He said we had equal chances of the amoxicillin helping him get better (it will work if its a sinus infection). Since Kale has had a cough for weeks and his nose runs more than not, the doc was willing to write the script. Fine by me.

So, another 10 days of Kale taking a medicine I have to be sure not to lick off my fingers or let stain my kitchen counter. Ok, really I am not too worried about that second one because we already stained it plenty with the first round of meds about 2 months ago (along with bunches of other things).

Word on the street is that reinforcement (aka, Mema) will arrive mid-week...and we are all excited about that!

Big Toy Book

As I looked through the ads in the Sunday paper, I noticed the Toys R Us Big Toy Book. I thought I would give it a look and see what kind of toys were being pushed this year. As I looked through it, a very curious boy arrived on the scene and proceeded to take possession of the toy book.

He went to the couch, crawled up, and settled in for a good look.

When he discovered this page (with motorized riding toys) he gawked for quite a long bit in complete silence. I tried and tried to get his attention but was apparently talking to a wall.

Finally, after about 3 minutes of complete stillness and silence (two things that aren't often assoicated with Kale!), I was able to get his attention.

And then he decided to look through the rest of my "paper discard pile" for anymore toy books before grabbing the toy book and heading to the other room with it.

Happy Halloween

Our neighborhood has never been a great place for kiddos looking to fill their goody bags on Halloween night. So, we knew that if we wanted to hit more than a few houses with Elmo (Kale) then we would need to go elsewhere. We also figured this is probably the last year we can get away with NOT going out for some loot on Halloween night.

So, we decided to stay home. Ep grilled burgers and we watched the Hog game until about dark. At about 6:30, we had our first and last group of kids come to the door. Kale looked on with wide eyes at the kids in costumes and kept looking outside to see if there were anymore coming. As I looked out the door, I noticed that a few of our neighbors had thier front porch light on, so I told Ep we should take Kale for a quick trip of trick or treating. We tossed him into his Elmo costume and got his Elmo bucket. We grabbed a flash light and off we went.
As we rounded the corner of our house, we discovered that one neighbor had already turned off the porch light. It was 7pm. Ok, on to the other neighbor with the light on. We got to the door and I put on his Elmo hood and rang the bell. I then stepped back and told him to say trick or treat. He started saying tic o tee immediately and just kept repeating it. After about 2 minutes, I realized that the neighbor wasn't home and had left on the porch light for security and not as an invitation for Halloween fun. Bummer. As I told Kale nobody was home, you would have thought he understood that he was supposed to be getting candy. Oh my goodness the crying and tears. Great, now we have a crying Elmo. After our first house. He wasn't upset that he didn't get candy. He had no way to know he was SUPPOSED to get candy. He was upset that nobody came to the door and said hello to him. At this point, there are NO front porch lights on besides ours and the neighbor who isn't home.

We knew our neighbor (age 14) was home because her dad told us that she was home alone right before he left for an errand. So, we went to her door. She opened up the door and started searching for candy. They had none. I told her that was fine because Kale doesn't yet know he is supposed to get candy for doing this. She laughed and talked to him and all was well. Her parents arrived home as we were leaving and got a good giggle over little Elmo. We then walked home and let daddy hurry inside so we could trick or treat at our own house. Daddy was quite giving with the candy (m&m's) and Kale was quite surprised. We then went inside and called it an night.