Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Whhheeee

Thats what I am calling this past weekend. Weekend in what you say on a ride at the fair or amusement park...wheee, because thats what it feels like.

I guess we could also call it the unplanned weekend because just about everything we tried to plan somehow didn't happen. Oh well.

Originally, Ep was going to fish a tournament...which got moved to a location he didn't want to fish.

Then we decided to go see the Hogs play South Carolina and the crazy coach. Mema took Kale to her house and we didn't make it there until after he had gone to bed for the night...not that he cared...she picked him up from school and he didn't ask for us until right at bedtime and it was only once even then.

Kale spent all day Saturday playing with Mema and Unnel Kiss (uncle Chris). Meanwhile, his parents drove up to the game, had breakfast with some boys (ok, brother in law and good friend), and walked over to the game. That is where I found out that my Hog loving husband has become a "medium Larry" and has forgotten how to cheer at the stadium. He sat there and was all pesimistic and such...and I am all "dude, we are winning...why are you just sitting there? Are you OK?" I really worried about him. Finally, in the third quarter, medium Larry disapeared and my husband showed back up. We won, walked back to our friend's house, and waited for the traffic to die down.

Hunger took over and we headed over to JJ's to meet some friends and enjoy some good food/drinks. Oh, and let me tell you...they have $1.99 margaritas all day every day...and they aren't wimpy or little ones either! I had some good food with two margaritas and got cut off by my husband. That was a first. Later we headed back to Alma and we managed to accidentally intercept Kale and Mema on a trip to the store. We completely stalked them. Then, I enjoyed ice cream while Ep devoured some good Braum's food. Before Kale and Mema returned, one of us had crashed out...before 8pm...yep, that would be me...nothing like beating your toddler to bed!

I needed the sleep because on Sunday, Kale reminded us that he can push our buttons on any given day without any warning. Ep asked me to come look at Kale. I took my time and got a little verbage for that...deservingly. Kale was covered in red bumps. Not the chicken pock kind. But big and small red bumps over his entire body. My vote was medicine allergic reaction. Ep said bug bites. I won. Unfortunately. You can read more about that here: . So, the short of this is that Kale has to use non-"cillin" antibiotics from now on.

Mema was the Presidential nominee again because she dropped everything and came on down the road about 30 minutes behind us. She went to go get the callamine, oatmeal bath, and such when we left the clinic. We took Kale home, unloaded the truck, and waited for Mema to arrive with the goods.

After an oatmeal bath and then a coating of callamine lotion, Kale nearly fell asleep before we could really get him fully into bed. He was THAT tired and it was before I gave him the Benadryl! I had hives at 14 but had forgotten how worn out it can make your body feel. Little dude scared his momma twice...because at 2am he still had not stirred. I literally went in and moved his arm to make sure he wasn't rigid. Yeah, I know, bad. Its really rare for him to sleep more than 4 hours after going to bed without waking someone up. He had slept 5.5 and was still snoozing. He got more meds and still didn't stir until 90 minutes later. At 6:45am I went in to check on him again. I again moved is arm. Dude was totally konked out!

He greeted the day scratching around 7:15 am and by 7:30 am had a new pink coating of callamine and dose of Bendadryl.

Once again, he has left his mommy and daddy giving sympathy scratches to their own heads while they say, "wow we totally didn't see that one coming!" See....wheeeeeee....

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