Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is a reminder: God is soooo Good!

Note: if you read Kale's caringbridge site, this is a duplicate post from there....

Let me tell you this: GOD IS SOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

2 years ago, right now...on this date...I was in an ambulance with Kale and we were being rushed to Arkansas Children's Hospital. Over the course of the next few hours, all we could do was watch and pray that Kale would survive. It was a surreal experience and we couldn't really grasp the magnitude of in the moment. That day, I was reminded who has the ULTIMATE POWER and CONTROL. Not me, but God. Not Ep, or our parents, or our friends and extended family memebers....ONLY GOD.

I am still eternally thankful for the support and people that God brought to us that day. I will never forget the fact that my cousin who works at ACH came running to us and held our hands and explained things to us and told us when we could watch and when we shouldn't. And when I didn't listen, she stood between me and my baby so I counldn't see what she didn't want me to see and remember.

Some things from that day are fading. I think we are all ok with that. I know I am. The part that will never fade is the memory of Ep and I clinging together as they shocked our child on several different occassions. And our strong little man laid there an took it and survived. Its a very humbling feeling to realize that the ONLY thing you can do for your child to make him better is to pray. I can close my eyes and see it all...the flurry of doctors and nurses, Kale laying there, I can see us in the corner of the room trying to see what is happening but trying to stay out of the way...I can hear the incessant beeps and screams coming from the monitors as they warned that his heart rate was too high. And in all that, I can see myself sitting there indian style literally chanting a whisper to God: "Please watch over my baby. Please take care of my boy."

And He did. God is THAT GOOD! In fact, he is soooo good that I left that little boy sitting on the couch watching boo-boders (bulldozers) on tv while he waited for his Mema to bring him some oatmeal to eat this morning. Yep, GOD IS GOOD! To all of you who supported us on this day two years ago and the many days follwoing, whether in person or in prayer...thank you.

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