Monday, November 9, 2009


First, let me say, poor Kale. He is itchy, cranky, and his joints ache. Today, he has pretty much been a cantankerous old man in a toddler's body. After realizing his joints seemed to be swelling, we booked him an appt at the pediatrician and let them have a look at him. Yep, still a harsh reaction to the amoxicillin. Doc prescribed some steriods and Allergra to alternate with the Benadryl. We aren't sure whether it was the steroid kicking in, his body just finding a "good moment" in his healing, or the fact that daddy came home...or maybe just the fluke thing of all three at once....but tonight the cranky old man started bouncing around the house and the whiny, cranky boy left the building. (whew)

Second, ahem, announcement. Granddaddy, you have a name. For the moment, you are deedaddy. I am sure we will find the place of grand, but for now its dee. Don't ask, because we don't know. We just know thats you.

Third. Need some perspective? Here is some: If you can't find some perspective there, then you need serious help. Its a blog about a family. Lately, the blog has been more specifically about the journey of thier one year old son...who wasn't even supposed to live to see his own birth. But he did. While I was reading about him, one word stood out. in the same thing that Kale can have as a result of his WPW. This other little boy has other heart issues and I haven't seen them mention WPW. However, SVT has become a normal event in their lives and they know how to do vagals to interupt it. We were taught about vagals, but we have never had to do them. I hope we never do. I don't even know if Ep remembers what a vagal is...but I know he would know how to do it. Anyway, perspective...the one year old was supposed to have ablation tomorrow. Doctors don't prefer to do ablations on babies/toddlers because they are so difficult to do on such a small organ/body. His heart had other ideas and pretty much screamed that it needed to be done today. His heart screamed so loud that it wore itself out and the little guy flat-lined right in front of his doctors, nurses, and his momma. It takes my breath and makes the tears flow to just try to fathom what that was like for her. Through it all, she kept her faith. They were finally able to take him to surgery for his ablation and hit roadblock after roadblock after roadblock. You would think this story wouldn't end well, given the way it unfolded throughout the day. But see, GOD IS GOOD. When medicals science says there shouldn't be a way, God CREATES a way. He did that today for Kellan. Tonight, one year old Kellan is recovering from his ablation and his doctors fully expect for him to be SVT free for the rest of his life. This is far better of an outcome than any of the doctors were willing to hope would happen and it did happen because GOD IS GOOD! :)

Go read about this family, their struggles, or even just what they have experienced today....and you tell me...really, how bad are your struggles and problems? I know mine are in check tonight.

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