Sunday, November 30, 2008

A week?

Ugh, how did that happen? I went a week without updating and now I need to play "catch you up"! Hmmm, well, grab a comfy we go...

Last weekend was a the big prep for Christmas cleaning. We are hosting "Moody Christmas" at our house this year because its my mom's year to host. Its much easier for her family to drive 20-40 miles to our house than the 150 miles to her house. We have made some updates and such as we started preparing for Dec 20th. We got Merry Maids involved. There was some misunderstandings on their part and the official "deep clean" on Monday turned into more of a "somewhat clean" event. That resulted in a disgruntled phone call on Monday evening, which resulted in a visit to our house by the manager the next morning, which resulted in a team of three merry maids revisiting our house that afternoon. And THEN we had a very clean house! Wednesday came and went with a half day of work for me and then some errand running with Kale. My dad arrived and Ep had made deer stew...we all enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving meal!

Thursday was a fast and furious version of Thanksgiving. We all went to Lonoke...but not really Lonoke to be thankful with some extended family. It was a good time. From there, Ep and I ran away together for a few days. Kale stayed in Little Rock with Mema Nana and Pawpaw. We think he kept them in line.

Ep and I had a lot of fun...I did some shopping, but very little was on Friday and I was disapointed with my options on Saturday. Duh Marcia...Friday was the busiest shopping day of the year...there are NO BARGAINS LEFT the next day! We returned home today to find our little boy walking all over the place. Its just plain unreal to me! He will just take off walking...its crazy! He will also walk with you by holding onto your pant leg, but if you try to hold his hand to help him walk then he just drops to the floor. I am posting the proof of walking in the video below...

Larry, you might want to get that firewall fixed and Wendi, here is your warning...your dad is probably about to come to your house... :)

As I was typing this, Ep made the following comment from the couch: "Marcia, he is walking all over this house...he just walked from the ottoman to halfway across the room and to his rocking horse and...(I don't remember the rest)., ignore the people in the background of this video!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just some pics...we have a wild man on the loose at our house.

We didn't comb his hair today, can you tell???
In case you were wondering, his shirt says "I don't have an off button"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another week...and what month is it again?

Wow. That is all I can really say. I can't believe its almost Thanksgiving. I have been incredibly busy with work. I got behind on a project and then being out of the country for 12 days didn't help either. Whew...but I got that project behind me. I finished it on Friday. Monday will bring a new one, but its much shorter and easier.

I haven't bought one single Christmas gift. I haven't even THOUGHT about what I will be getting everyone. I don't even know what I want...much less what anyone else wants.

Ep and I made a journey to Lowe's today. We survived. THAT is a miracle. We didn't kill each other OR leave our loaded cart in the middle of an aisle and walk out because of poor customer service. Don't be misled...they had AWFUL customer service...but we just aren't in a position right now to make our stand for good customer service. We could have gone to Home Depot, but they are worse than Lowe's. If someone knows a good place to buy home improvement stuff in our area...AND get good customer service...speak up!!!

We then celebrated by having pizza for lunch. :) Yummy!

After we got home...we installed a new set of blinds in the kitchen. It was a tag team effort. Let's just leave it at that....

Tomorrow, I am painting the hall bathroom. We bought a sprayer to that ought to be really interesting. I just hope I don't accidentally spray the tub or toilet!

Well, I will leave you with some pics of the star of our show....

Trying to get a drink from an unopened soup can. When that one didn't work, he threw it down and went for another one from his stash (see the grocery bag of cans?)
Just a happy little boy on a Saturday morning.
He loves to roll that little pumpkin all over the house.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Manic Monday

Just another manic Monday whoooaaaoooo.... (anybody besides me remember that song?)

Kale woke us up at 5am...for no reason other than to talk to us apparently. There were lots of Dada and Hi's being said in our bed this morning...before dawn. Ugh. We responded with a lot of shhhh and its still night night and its sleepy time, but he didn't care. After 30 minutes of bed olympics, he finally settled back down with a bottle while I cradled him next to me. Ep helped send him the message that it was still sleepytime by snoring from his side of the bed. Then Kale proceeded to sleep until 8am! I had to get up by 7am to take a shower before Ep left. Oh yea!

When the sleeping prince awoke, I got him dressed and fed him breakfast. Apprently, he wanted the world to know I fed him breakfast because he gave my jeans an open mouth oatmeal slathered slobbery kiss...twice. I knew that if I changed jeans, he would just find a way to make the I just wore them anyway. He proceeded to bite me several times before we left the house...they weren't aggressive bites...they were more like the "I am loving on you...mmm, you taste good...chomp!" kind of bite.

Down the road we went to the pediatrician...and what does he do? He falls asleep. I thought I might sneek in a trip to Target, but since he was sleeping I just decided to hang out in the parking lot and let him rest. I waited until the last minute to get him out...and of course he woke up. Mr-I-can't-miss-anything was not going to sleep through getting out of the truck, oh no! He wasn't sure where he was...but he was ok with it. Poor guy, had no idea what was coming. He got his shot (for RSV) and nearly turned purple...he was definitely crimson red...and then came the dreaded wail. So, I just stood there and held him tight until he decided that we hadn't tried to kill him. He gulped down some bottle while I put his pants back on. Oh...and he weighs 24 pounds, 9.5 ounces.

So, back in the truck and down the road we go to Aunt Robin's house. He nearly fell asleep again. He was being pretty clingy and docile when I left him with Robin. Thankfully, he was clinging to her and not upset that I left. Mema Nana picked him up a few hours later and they are probably back at our house by now. Thank you Robin for keeping him for a couple of hours really helped!

I don't know what tonight holds, but I know it involves tackling projects on the "get it done before Dec 20th list" and also cutting up deer meat (Ep will be doing that!). We didn't shoot cousin did...and shared the meat with us.

Just another manic Monday...whooooaaaooooo

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Seems a week without daddy leads to a little boy remembering how to say momma. Still, he seems to mostly associate it with food. Everytime I hear my name, he is either getting food from one of us or wanting food from one of us. Ep said that he was saying Momma when they woke up from their nap today...but I bet it was because he was hungry from sleeping right through lunch! Oh least he is saying it more! :)

PS...Bekah...just got your message...will email or something tomorrow...

Kale's letter to Santa....

Kale's letter to Santa....

Dear Santa,
I have been very, very good. I promise.
PS--don't believe what my mommy might tell you about toilet paper, the fridge, doors, and my teeth. She doesn't know what she is talking about!

The bestest boy ever,

And then there is mommy's version....
I must say...Kale is growing up. How do I know this? Well, for one, the word NO is being said a LOT around our house recently. He understands no. Its VERY clear that he understands the concept and meaning of NO. Kale will approach something he knows he is not supposed to have and start shaking his head no. Most times, he does well and leaves whatever it is alone. Other times, not so much...he will shake his head no and then go for it anyway. Here is some proof from his recent escapades....

He found the toilet paper roll....then proved he could care less about the paper and was still spinning the roller when he realized he was "caught".

I got something out of the fridge and left the door open as I placed it on the counter. I turned around and this is what I saw. He played there for so long that his hands felt like ice cubes (acording to Mema Nana)

Oh we get to babyproof the doors.....this was on Halloween. This it the door to the garage, which is where we most frequently come and go from the house.

This is from yesterday....cute pic huh?
Well, I chose it for a reason...see those chompers?
Those top two have friends...two more on top and three on the bottom!
He knows how to use them and he knows he can bite more than just his food!
Try to ignore Mema Nana playing "tump the ottoman" in the background...she may get me for not cropping that out!

PS...I still think I have the bestest boy ever!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgot this one...just remembered

I forgot to blog this its a few weeks delayed....

Momma is not a word that frequents Kale's mouth anymore. Everyone is either Nana or Dada. He seems to alternate equally between calling me either of those names. Great. And then along came chocolate. A few weeks ago I was enjoying a little bit of Halloween chocolate. Well of course, my busy pants had to come see what Momma was eating. So I gave him a small piece...and his immediate response was big eyes and a very vocal MMMMMMMM. He also made it VERY clear that he wanted MORE...

Fast forward to a few nights later. Mema Nana was giving us date night...and I called to see if she wanted us to bring her anything. That was when she shared this with me. She was enjoying some chocolate and again, mr busy pants had to come inspect. So, she gave him a tiny piece. How does he respond? MMMMMmmmm Momma Momma

So now, I am truly one with chocolate. Momma is chocolate and chocolate is least right now in the world of Kale anyway!!!

.49 for two coffee mates!

Edited to add that this is only good on the liquid coffee mate!!!!

I have decided to start sharing some of my here goes....

Ok, for all the Coffee Mate liquid is a deal for you. Get it while its good. If your name is Sue not do this...I have it taken care of for you... :)

This deal will get you two cans of Coffee Mate for .49 this week at Walgreens....

Go here: ...just follow the directions. You can uninstall the coupon printer after you print. IMPORTANT: after you print the first one, hit the back button on your browser...then hit refresh. Then, print again. You should be able to print two sets of the coupons.

Now...go to your local Walgreens...look for the ad at the front of the store...take one (this is also the ad that comes in the Sunday paper). Open it to page 2 and find the in store coupon for Buy One Get One (BOGO) on Coffee Mate. Now, go find your coffee mate. Get two. Go to the front of the store....get in line...when its your turn...give the coffee mate to the cashier...give her your instore coupon (you can give her the ad, you don't have to tear it out)....give her your two coupons for $1 off one coffee mate. Pay your .49 plus tax...and leave. Its that easy.

Now...if you are wondering about using 3 coupons on 2 Walgreens (and Target for that matter) you can combine a manufacturers coupon (the one you printed) with an in store coupon (specific to that store...Walgreens, Target, etc). me...have fun getting your cheap coffee mate!

Coffee Mate--Math:$2.49 with in ad bogo free Q-( 2) $1.00 MQ= $0.49

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its his time...

Its Ep's time...thats all I am saying. He had a great day....thats all I am saying....because I don't want to jinx anything!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm not Britney, but oops, I did it again....

Don't ask me how...I have no idea, but oops, I did it again! Ep and I play this game when we have news to share...we try to find some good news to go with any bad here goes. The good can be fixed and won't cost us a dime. The bad news is that I already managed to lose a diamond out of my new rings. I lost a diamond out of the rose gold ring. Again, no idea how I did that, especially since that ring nests between the other two rings! Since we went a phenomenal jeweler this time around...less than 2.5 hours after I noticed I was missing a diamond, our jeweler has already returned my call and told me to bring the ring in and he will get it fixed. How many jewelers do you know that will call you after hours to assure you that your jewelry can and will be fixed? I don't know many, but I know one...and that is what counts! :)

I was texting with Ep while he waited for his name to be called during "pairings", which is when they assign a co-angler to fish from the back of his boat. So, I let him know via text. As soon as I typed "the diamond is missing from my rose ring" and hit send...the messages stopped coming from his end. So, either he is mad or his name got called. I am going with the notion that his name got called. I KNOW I didn't do anything to make this diamond fall out. Nobody knows how freaking careful I am now with my rings. Its insane how careful I very not like me for the first 32 years of my life...but so much like me for the past couple of months.

On a completely different note...I gave blood today. We had a blood drive at work and I chose to give. I had decided to give anyway, so it was just convenient that it was at work. I tried to think of something good and positive I could do every year to commemorate the day that is forever etched in our minds (Nov 5th)...which is the day Kale was admitted to Arkansas Children's Hospital with his heart condition. I felt so incredibly helpless that day. Since he received blood that day, I decided that by donating blood I could give back AND help someone else the way that someone helped Kale. So, I gave blood today. It wasn't hard and didn't hurt. If you haven't ever given blood, I challenge you to give it a try. It DOES make a difference...need proof...see the video in the previous post of the little orange headed boy walking around...he is living proof that someone giving blood DOES make a difference! If you have given before but haven't done so in a is your reminder...its time to give! I also found out that in our area, the blood bank has about 1/2 days worth of blood on hand...and that is it! Whew...more people need to matter where you are...I am sure that the stats in your area aren't much different! Ok..Marcia's personal GIVE BLOOD psa is now over...but don't forget...GIVE BLOOD!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

assisted walking and a small temper

Well...he started a new trick today. The temper isn't new...and here it is in full view...when he runs into something, he gets mad because he hasn't quite figured out how to change direction or turn around yet. Thats only a matter of days away, hopefully. He has not done this assisted walking at ALL before today. A few hours ago he just got up and took off...Mema Nana nearly fell over from shock!

So...Ep made the prediction that Kale might be walking by the time he comes home this weekend...sorry honey...he might be running by then! :)

Oh, and yes...we know...he has a temper...and its out of control. Oh the fun ahead of us as we try to tame it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday night already?

Whew, can't believe its already Sunday night. Another weekend gone...some stuff accomplished, but it seems that we don't quite ever get it all done. However, we have some we just need to follow through....

Kale is dadadadadada dadadadaddada hi dadadaddadadada hi. And when he isn't saying that, he just anyone, anything, for no apparent reason...other than the fact that he can. At dinner tonight, her made a 3 1/2 year old nearly fall out of her chair staring at him because he started yelling. He doesn't seem to understand what "sshhhh, quiet...inside voices" means just yet. Oh..and he bites...he was giving me kisses today...twice...the first kisses he has granted me in a while...and then CHOMP! Pretty sure I will have a bruise on my cheek soon. We have decided that all the yelling is so his daddy can hear him all the way in North Carolina.

Ok...its bedtime...bottle, cuddly boy...and making sure his head or feet are touching me all night long...oh yea! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Here comes the weekend

Well, its been a full week. Our weeks seem to just move faster and faster lately.

Monday--Kale went to stay with Robin and the boys...and had a great time. I took him to Old Navy and Target afterwards and he wasn't as thrilled with that! Nana arrived in time to transfer him to her bed that night...and he was overjoyed to wake up next to her on Tuesday.

Tuesday--Kale got a follow up flu shot....he was NOT happy about that...for about 20 seconds. I voted after dropping off Kale and Nana at home. Nana had an audiology (ENT) appt that afternoon, so Kale and I went looking for peelies and then to the mall (my first time to the mall in months! yes, really!). We managed to eat Chik-fil-A for both breakfast AND lunch on that day. Then it was home so Merry Maids could come give us a quote and then we watched election night coverage while munching on Sonic...Kale WILL steal your cheese stick if you don't watch him! He was a fry and cheese stick thief and was even eyeing my burger! It must have worn him out....he was out by 8pm. :)

Wednesday--I am trying to remember....I know I had lunch with Ep...oh, and we went out for date night in two different vehicles because we had to pick one up along the way and take it back to our house. We had sushi...yummy. I think Ep tried to grow a rice field in his belly.

Thursday--ummm, I don't remember? I know that Ep took Kale to go pick up Noney and Grandaddy from the airport. Nana and I went out for some girl time...since we never seem to make time for that anymore. We went looking for some "girl support" and then to dinner at Mimi's Cafe. Nana nearly disowned me for not introducing her to Mimi's before now...
We came home to find Ep and Kale snuggled up in the bed and that Noney and Grandaddy had already bailed out of town because they were vacationed out...

Friday--whew...are we there yet? Ep and I shared lunch and invited Nana and Kale to join us. However, since Kale was sleeping and Nana was about to Holiday House it...they declined. Kale got the best of Nana at Holiday House though...she said she couldn't go a couple feet without someone stopping her to tell her how beautiful his hair is...and then she called me and threatened to shave him bald! Whoa! They are still Holiday Housing...although one of them had a bottle and dozed off for a while. Tonight will just be some family time. Ep leaves us in the morning and won't be back for a week. We don't want to see him until next Sunday. He is going to Charlotte, NC to fish in a national tournamen that he qualified to fish. They have a "cut" on Friday. The final day is Saturday...

Nana and I don't have much planned this weekend....well, we do, but nothign of note...just your normal weekend stuff. Run errands...sell things on ebay (me) and buy stuff on ebay (Nana)...and get to work on Holidaying our house before the holiday crew arrives later next month.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a difference a year makes

Around 10am this morning, I had the sudden realization of what today is...this was odd for me, because I have been awaiting this day for a while now. Then, the day gets here, and I am completely oblivious to it for hours. Maybe thats not such a bad thing.

Warning...this won't be an easy read...

A year ago today, our world seemed to stop spinning for about 12 hours. We didn't recover to a normal level for months and still have moments of rememberance to jolt us. A year ago today, Kale rode in the ambulance to the hospital and spent over 3 hours in the ER while they tried to get an IV started and slow down his heartbeat. He was "ice bagged" twice--once at the dr's office and once in the ER. Being "ice bagged" is when they fill a ziplock type bag with water and ice...and then it really, really looks like they are trying to smother you with it while they attempt to confuse your body. He was poked and prodded so many times that eventually they had to give him blood as well after he was stable. Before he left the ER, he had been shocked twice in the attempt to slow his heart rate. in the thing they do to dead people to restart the heart...only they were just trying to slow his down. It worked the second time. We discovered what is was like to have the "code team" in your child's room....those are the people that come when they think your child's body might give out and they might need to administer drugs or machines to help him survive. I can't put into the words the feelings that a parent feels when thier child is laying there with so many hands trying to help him...and knowing all you can do is pray. Its a very humbling experience at the least. I prayed more that day than I probably have prayed in all the other days of my life. When all other words failed to come...I still managed to find the words of "Please Lord, watch over my son, please help my son." There was a point when thats all I could say. I remember thinking that Ep might very well physically kick the "social worker" out of the room. She was trying to help...but she didn't know us...and what she was saying/doing wasn't helping. I don't even remember what it was that she was saying and doing...I just know it aggravated the fire out of Ep.

After Kale was transferred to the CV-ICU, we had to wait until they got him settled before we could go inside. I don't remember when various family members arrived...I just know they came. We had barely been in the room with Kale for a few minutes when his heart rate jumped back up...and they had to shock him again. I remember thinking "is it us...are we causing this?". I know that sounds absurd...but nothing--and I mean nothing--is logical at all when your child has been that close to death and is still fighting for his life. Your brain takes you to places you didn't know existed...or just goes numb.

Kale was eventually stable. However, our journey felt really rocky. We would be told promising news only to be told something completely different a few hours later. Need an example? How about when they told us that we might get to go home the next day...only to come by a few hours later and tell us that they were having to change his medicine again because the one he was on was showing signs of giving him a possibly fatal heart beat. Needless to say...we told them we would stay as long as necessary.

Ep and I slept in the waiting room until Kale finally got moved to the "step down unit". Ep went home every day to shower and get anything we needed. For that week, I lived at the hospital. In fact, I didn't step one foot outside that entire week we were there. I didn't cross the threshold of an outside door. I ate, slept, showered, name it...all at the hospital.

During that time, we made associations that we didn't even know about...specifically, the smell of the soap and the antibacterial foam that is used all over the hospital. I can smell that soap and my mind shows me a picture of tiny Kale...wires and cords everywhere...him weighing less than 5 lbs and surrounded by machines that beeped and hissed.

There is a nurse that I won't ever forget. Her name is Heather. I was thinking today about why she means more to me than any of the other nurses Kale had during his stay. I think its because she was his first nurse...she provided us with a sense of calm, security, and assurance during at time when we really needed it. She knew her stuff...she was confident...and we needed someone like that caring for our child. Plus...she had auburn hair. :) I took Kale to see her a few months ago...she laughed and asked what I had been feeding him and just loved on him and his fat rolls.

During the stress of what happened to him, Kale forgot how to suck...and we had to remind him. He came within minutes of being "tubed" so they could provide him with nutrients...but God sent us a NICU nurse to the area (I refuse to believe that she just happened to be there) who was preparing for an incoming child. She took a moment to show me what I call the shotgun method. It worked...and he started gulping his milk. He hasn't slowed down since!

There are lots of times now when I think about something Ep said during or after Kale's "event". He said...we don't/didn't even know him. We had only had a week alone with our child. We were still learning about him and his personality. We truly had no idea...we didn't know he was stubborn, or about his temper, or his persistance, or that he has a way of drawing everyone to him. Now we least some of it. We are still learning about him daily and its a joy to do so.

I only remember breaking down one time. I was laying on my chair bed in the waiting room and I just lost it. We had received some news that wasn't good...but I don't remember what. I just remember asking Ep..."when will it stop?" and telling him that I couldn't handle anything more. He held me and I cried for a few minutes. Then I pulled myself together again. I haven't really cried about it since. I blocked the tears, the pain, and the anger. I get tears in my eyes as I remember, but I don't cry about it. I don't know why. I just don't. Maybe my mind knows that the pain of that situations just isn't bearable and so it won't let me go there. Either way, I do my best to not run from this memory...but to hold onto it...and remember how STRONG our little boy is and what he showed us that day. I still have up and down days with God about it all, but that is ok too.

I still look at Kale sometimes and wonder....did that REALLY happen? To look at him, you wouldn't know he has a heart condition. You wouldn't know he nearly died. He looks like most other one year olds...full of energy, fat and happy....he loves his bottle, babbles to us, loves Baby Einstein videos, lets us know--without any doubt--when he isn't happy, refuses to sleep in his bed, and loves to be outside. He is just a typical one year old. Funny what a difference a year truly does make!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday...everything on Tuesday

We started out the day with a trip to the doctors office for Kale to get his second round of the flu shot. Oh yea! Actually, it wasn't that bad. Yes, he yelled and screamed...for about 10 seconds. Then he just gave me and the nurse a look that let us know he wasn't exactly happy about whatever we just did to him. 30 seconds later, he was over it. We had grabbed some breakfast from Chick-fil-A on the way with some biscuit on his belly, the gentle motion of the truck put him to sleep quickly.

We made another stop before the doctor so I could score some "peelies" and then we also ran to Old Navy to score some more socks on sale. Kale had all of four pairs that fit we NEEDED socks. After an Old Navy run last night...and the one this morning...he is good on socks now!

We then made one more "peelie" stop on the way home...but no luck.

I dropped Nana and Kale off at home and then went to vote. Let me tell you, there were some REALY energized people at the parking lot entrance. Wow! So, I leave me be and don't tell me I can't gripe and complain about politicians for the next four years. I I get to gripe, celebrate, or complain! Those who don't can't do that!!!! I know who you are... :) Be happy I am not calling you out here! :)

I am literally heading back out the door of work...Nana has her ENT appointment that means that Kale and I have a middle of the day date....until after her appt is over. :) Then, they will go home and I will come back to work....

This has been the most non-work "work" day ever....

Monday, November 3, 2008


Just to capture, before I forget....

Halloween was uneventful. We took a stroller ride to the only house in our neighbohood with its light on (it was still daylight, but still...). We then walked up to the fire station. Kale was more impressed with the long walk than he was with the candy. He doesn't even know he got candy for that matter. Even after dark, I think there were only two houses in our neighborhood with the light on...and ours was one of them. So yes, we trick or treated our own house since Nana was guarding the door. Ahem, Kale was our only trick or treater....we turned out the lights and were all in bed by 8:30pm.

We had the worst night with Kale last night...possibly the worst night thus far. He could NOT get comfy. His poor mouth was causing him too much pain. I gave him everything he could have, alternating every four hours. It didn't help that he decided to head butt the wall twice while half asleep. As if the yelling and screaming wasn't already bad enough...that just made it worse. He would fall asleep on top of me...but when I tried to lay him in the was a full on squall. ugh. I tried to go into his room to rock...oh heck no! He might fall asleep and be put in his crib, so I had to drag the rocker into our room. Oh yea! Something else to trip over during the night...

I wish I could say this morning was better....but we still have a very cranky, clingy, angry little boy. When I dropped him off at Robin's house, he immediately started playing and having a good time. He was playing by himself and got all excited or something and let out a yell that sent BOTH her boys running! Mind you, they are 9 months older than Kale...and can walk/run! It was hilarious. They may all be deaf by the time Kale gets done with them today. God BLESS them!!!! God BLESS Robin for letting me drop off my cranky boy so I could go to work.

Nana isn't faring much better....she has a fever caused by a sudden kidney infection. She got anitbiotics and is coming to report for duty...God BLESS her as well!

Ok...gotta go...