Friday, November 7, 2008

Here comes the weekend

Well, its been a full week. Our weeks seem to just move faster and faster lately.

Monday--Kale went to stay with Robin and the boys...and had a great time. I took him to Old Navy and Target afterwards and he wasn't as thrilled with that! Nana arrived in time to transfer him to her bed that night...and he was overjoyed to wake up next to her on Tuesday.

Tuesday--Kale got a follow up flu shot....he was NOT happy about that...for about 20 seconds. I voted after dropping off Kale and Nana at home. Nana had an audiology (ENT) appt that afternoon, so Kale and I went looking for peelies and then to the mall (my first time to the mall in months! yes, really!). We managed to eat Chik-fil-A for both breakfast AND lunch on that day. Then it was home so Merry Maids could come give us a quote and then we watched election night coverage while munching on Sonic...Kale WILL steal your cheese stick if you don't watch him! He was a fry and cheese stick thief and was even eyeing my burger! It must have worn him out....he was out by 8pm. :)

Wednesday--I am trying to remember....I know I had lunch with Ep...oh, and we went out for date night in two different vehicles because we had to pick one up along the way and take it back to our house. We had sushi...yummy. I think Ep tried to grow a rice field in his belly.

Thursday--ummm, I don't remember? I know that Ep took Kale to go pick up Noney and Grandaddy from the airport. Nana and I went out for some girl time...since we never seem to make time for that anymore. We went looking for some "girl support" and then to dinner at Mimi's Cafe. Nana nearly disowned me for not introducing her to Mimi's before now...
We came home to find Ep and Kale snuggled up in the bed and that Noney and Grandaddy had already bailed out of town because they were vacationed out...

Friday--whew...are we there yet? Ep and I shared lunch and invited Nana and Kale to join us. However, since Kale was sleeping and Nana was about to Holiday House it...they declined. Kale got the best of Nana at Holiday House though...she said she couldn't go a couple feet without someone stopping her to tell her how beautiful his hair is...and then she called me and threatened to shave him bald! Whoa! They are still Holiday Housing...although one of them had a bottle and dozed off for a while. Tonight will just be some family time. Ep leaves us in the morning and won't be back for a week. We don't want to see him until next Sunday. He is going to Charlotte, NC to fish in a national tournamen that he qualified to fish. They have a "cut" on Friday. The final day is Saturday...

Nana and I don't have much planned this weekend....well, we do, but nothign of note...just your normal weekend stuff. Run errands...sell things on ebay (me) and buy stuff on ebay (Nana)...and get to work on Holidaying our house before the holiday crew arrives later next month.

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