Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forgot this one...just remembered

I forgot to blog this its a few weeks delayed....

Momma is not a word that frequents Kale's mouth anymore. Everyone is either Nana or Dada. He seems to alternate equally between calling me either of those names. Great. And then along came chocolate. A few weeks ago I was enjoying a little bit of Halloween chocolate. Well of course, my busy pants had to come see what Momma was eating. So I gave him a small piece...and his immediate response was big eyes and a very vocal MMMMMMMM. He also made it VERY clear that he wanted MORE...

Fast forward to a few nights later. Mema Nana was giving us date night...and I called to see if she wanted us to bring her anything. That was when she shared this with me. She was enjoying some chocolate and again, mr busy pants had to come inspect. So, she gave him a tiny piece. How does he respond? MMMMMmmmm Momma Momma

So now, I am truly one with chocolate. Momma is chocolate and chocolate is least right now in the world of Kale anyway!!!

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