Sunday, November 30, 2008

A week?

Ugh, how did that happen? I went a week without updating and now I need to play "catch you up"! Hmmm, well, grab a comfy we go...

Last weekend was a the big prep for Christmas cleaning. We are hosting "Moody Christmas" at our house this year because its my mom's year to host. Its much easier for her family to drive 20-40 miles to our house than the 150 miles to her house. We have made some updates and such as we started preparing for Dec 20th. We got Merry Maids involved. There was some misunderstandings on their part and the official "deep clean" on Monday turned into more of a "somewhat clean" event. That resulted in a disgruntled phone call on Monday evening, which resulted in a visit to our house by the manager the next morning, which resulted in a team of three merry maids revisiting our house that afternoon. And THEN we had a very clean house! Wednesday came and went with a half day of work for me and then some errand running with Kale. My dad arrived and Ep had made deer stew...we all enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving meal!

Thursday was a fast and furious version of Thanksgiving. We all went to Lonoke...but not really Lonoke to be thankful with some extended family. It was a good time. From there, Ep and I ran away together for a few days. Kale stayed in Little Rock with Mema Nana and Pawpaw. We think he kept them in line.

Ep and I had a lot of fun...I did some shopping, but very little was on Friday and I was disapointed with my options on Saturday. Duh Marcia...Friday was the busiest shopping day of the year...there are NO BARGAINS LEFT the next day! We returned home today to find our little boy walking all over the place. Its just plain unreal to me! He will just take off walking...its crazy! He will also walk with you by holding onto your pant leg, but if you try to hold his hand to help him walk then he just drops to the floor. I am posting the proof of walking in the video below...

Larry, you might want to get that firewall fixed and Wendi, here is your warning...your dad is probably about to come to your house... :)

As I was typing this, Ep made the following comment from the couch: "Marcia, he is walking all over this house...he just walked from the ottoman to halfway across the room and to his rocking horse and...(I don't remember the rest)., ignore the people in the background of this video!

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