Monday, November 17, 2008

Manic Monday

Just another manic Monday whoooaaaoooo.... (anybody besides me remember that song?)

Kale woke us up at 5am...for no reason other than to talk to us apparently. There were lots of Dada and Hi's being said in our bed this morning...before dawn. Ugh. We responded with a lot of shhhh and its still night night and its sleepy time, but he didn't care. After 30 minutes of bed olympics, he finally settled back down with a bottle while I cradled him next to me. Ep helped send him the message that it was still sleepytime by snoring from his side of the bed. Then Kale proceeded to sleep until 8am! I had to get up by 7am to take a shower before Ep left. Oh yea!

When the sleeping prince awoke, I got him dressed and fed him breakfast. Apprently, he wanted the world to know I fed him breakfast because he gave my jeans an open mouth oatmeal slathered slobbery kiss...twice. I knew that if I changed jeans, he would just find a way to make the I just wore them anyway. He proceeded to bite me several times before we left the house...they weren't aggressive bites...they were more like the "I am loving on you...mmm, you taste good...chomp!" kind of bite.

Down the road we went to the pediatrician...and what does he do? He falls asleep. I thought I might sneek in a trip to Target, but since he was sleeping I just decided to hang out in the parking lot and let him rest. I waited until the last minute to get him out...and of course he woke up. Mr-I-can't-miss-anything was not going to sleep through getting out of the truck, oh no! He wasn't sure where he was...but he was ok with it. Poor guy, had no idea what was coming. He got his shot (for RSV) and nearly turned purple...he was definitely crimson red...and then came the dreaded wail. So, I just stood there and held him tight until he decided that we hadn't tried to kill him. He gulped down some bottle while I put his pants back on. Oh...and he weighs 24 pounds, 9.5 ounces.

So, back in the truck and down the road we go to Aunt Robin's house. He nearly fell asleep again. He was being pretty clingy and docile when I left him with Robin. Thankfully, he was clinging to her and not upset that I left. Mema Nana picked him up a few hours later and they are probably back at our house by now. Thank you Robin for keeping him for a couple of hours really helped!

I don't know what tonight holds, but I know it involves tackling projects on the "get it done before Dec 20th list" and also cutting up deer meat (Ep will be doing that!). We didn't shoot cousin did...and shared the meat with us.

Just another manic Monday...whooooaaaooooo

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Bekah said...

I wish it were Sunday woaooaoooa cause that my fun day I don't have....... Have to cath an early train got to be at work by 9:00 if I had an airplane I still wouldn't make it on time...0