Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here are some random observations from the land of Fletcherville....

Kale said "something" this morning.  He didn't say "sunkin", he said "something".

Last week, Kale still called toothpaste...pooftaste.  It sounds so funny and I laughed so hard that I nearly peed myself.  I guess I got what was coming to me for laughing.

Sneezing is not a pregnant woman's friend. 

Kale doesn't like policemen.  Not quite sure how that is going to fit in with his daddy's new profession...

If its loud, Kale doesn't like it.  Fire trucks, police cars, ambulances...they all scare him because he thinks the siren could start sounding at any given moment.  This may be part of the reason he doesn't like policemen. 

Kale starts in his own bed at night.  By morning, he is comfortable in our bed.  For some reason, no matter how far I push him back towards the middle or his daddy's side of the bed....within a nanosecond he is once again trying to sleep right next to me.  He is a cuddler by nature, but only when he is sleeping!  He won't stay still long enough to cuddle when he is awake.

He thinks the postman is amazing because he keeps delivering new dvd's to Kale...even though I tell him that Mema ordered them for him, he still thinks they come from the postman.  Its so bad that he now asks if any of the mail is for him. 

I am pretty sure that the fedex/ups man knows I am pregnant or thinks we have a new baby already.  So far, they have delivered about 10 boxes of diapers.  I have one more box on the way.  If Amazon gets Huggies back in stock, I will have probably another 5 more boxes coming.  Nothing like paying .07, .51, or .66 for an entire box of diapers!  (yes mom, the deal got even better!)

I don't remember the last time that there were so many "things" that affected me that were so out of my control or influence.  Oh wait, yes I do.  It was the last time I was pregnant.  Hmmmm, starting to make a connection here....

I choose to see all these "things" that are affecting me without my control or influence to be reminders from God that He is in control, not me.  My daily ability to cope with this and have the right attitude does fluctuate though.  I could blame that on pregnancy emotions and hormones, but the reality is that its just because I am who God made me. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photos from recent snow days (2 storms: one little, one big!)

 No nap + pushing a dump truck about a mile in an inch of snow = passed out!  
This was the first time he has ever just sacked out on us like this!


Snow and God's lesson

It snowed.  It snowed a lot.  We ended up with about 7 inches of snow at our house.  The neighbors tried to sled with Kale yesterday, but the snow is too deep with not enough kids around to pack it down.  The snow comes up to Kale's knees.  We are a sight as we try to navigate around the yard...Kale with snow up to his knees and the confinement of a being 6 months pregnant and trying to keep my footing in the snow and keep Kale upright.  Good thing aren't at my in-laws house in the northwest corner of the state because the snow would be up to Kale's armpits up there! 

Now that I have documented the snow...on to the God's lesson thing:

Before going to far into this next ramble, I should note this:  my entire relationship and eventual marriage with Ep has been God's constant reminder that God is in control (not me) and that He truly has a sense of humor.  I am certain that my husband would whole-heartedly agree with me...and say the same is true from his side of the relationship as well (especially since God "blessed" him with a smart, stubborn, questioning, strong-willed, and opinionated wife who will tell him exactly what is on her mind).  

God is in the process of once again proving to me that I should never say never and that God can put a deep love in my heart that is beyond my comprehension.  My dad was a police officer while I was growing up.  He has long since retired.  Well, from that job anyway.  As I got older, I swore I would not marry a man who had any aspirations to become a gun toting officer of any kind.  In fact, back before I met my husband I was once asked on a date by a nice guy who I knew had ambitions of being a police I turned him down simply on that fact.  Right now, my father in law is probably laughing because he can see where this is going.  My mom may be as well.  See, I just didn't want the worry that comes with being the wife of an officer.  I also didn't want my kids to know the worry of being an officer's child.  

Well, here we are.  My husband was issued his gun last week.  By the time this baby growing in my belly arrives, her daddy will be a commissioned officer carrying a gun.  I still haven't been told that I can say where and what he will be doing as he carries that gun, so I won't.  I will say this.  I whole-heartedly support my husband is his new career.  I can't think of a more perfect job for him.  That is the truth.  The way I see it, God just waited until my heart was beyond full of love for my husband before He let us know the true career path He had in mind for my husband.  So, yes, God once again has proved the "never say never" to me!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quizno's Prime Rib Sub $2.99

Ok, here is a yummy food coupon.  With this coupon, for $2.99 you can grab a great prime rib sub from Quizno's.  Print...go to Quizno's....Enjoy!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Save during Cold/Flu season

Robitussin has a $1 coupon that you can print!  It is no secret that when I find a good coupon that I can match with a good sale, I will stock up and save!  I don't yet know of a good sale for Robitussin, but I do know a good coupon when I find it! 

I wanted to share in this post, but the link would not work, so I just posted it to the top of my blog page.  Look up at the top of my blog, under the Fletcherville on the Robitussin sign. 
Go print yours now before this coupon disapears!!!  I will let you know if I come across a good sale to combine with this coupon!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In my place

In case you are wondering, I have been put in my place.  By my three year old.  Lovely. 

I originally had some plans to take care of some very important stuff (read: get something done for my husband) on Monday night.  So, on Sunday night I asked Mema if she would pick up Kale from school on Monday afternoon.  She proceeded to tell Kale that she would take him to dinner.  He told her that he would want steak.   

Monday afternoon rolled around and my plans changed (read: hubby said nevermind).  I called to let Mema know I could pick up Kale from school.  She told me to bring him home, but that then we would all go out to eat.  The problem was, we didn't run this by the household tyrant (Kale).  Yes, I just called him a tyrant.  I am sure he will need therapy for that someday (like he wasn't going to need it with me as his mom anyway???). 

The tyrant was NOT happy to see me when I picked him up from school.  He immediately poked out his bottom lip and started crying.  I was told that he wanted his Mema to pick him up and he wanted steak.  He finally calmed down after I broked the news that Mema had a surprise for him at home and still planned to take him for steak.  This was put in my place event #1. 

We got home and he asked Mema for his surprise (coloring book).  The next comment had to do with steak.  We tried to convince him to go with something closer because it was just yucky out (foggy and misting).  Nope.  He wanted steak.  Tyrant.  He also choose that moment to let me know that I was staying home and it was just him and Mema going for steak.  Let's call that put in my place event #2. 

We eventually convinced him that if he wanted Mema to sit with him in the backseat, then he needed to let me come so that I could drive.  Put in my place event #3.

We ended up at Outback.  My dad called while we were at dinner and he seemd pretty convinced that I put Kale up to the whole thing.  Nope.  The little tyrant managed this one all on his own...and yet again proved that he is the offspring of his parents (me: getting what he wanted, daddy: $teak!).  While we were there, he gave Mema a couple of hugs.  He told her that only she could have them and she was his best friend (oh, the charm of his daddy at work!).  He also made sure to let me know that Mema was his best friend and that he didn't have any hugs for me.  Put in my place #4. 

I can only shake my head in a combination of humor and fear, for I have truly been put in my place.