Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here are some random observations from the land of Fletcherville....

Kale said "something" this morning.  He didn't say "sunkin", he said "something".

Last week, Kale still called toothpaste...pooftaste.  It sounds so funny and I laughed so hard that I nearly peed myself.  I guess I got what was coming to me for laughing.

Sneezing is not a pregnant woman's friend. 

Kale doesn't like policemen.  Not quite sure how that is going to fit in with his daddy's new profession...

If its loud, Kale doesn't like it.  Fire trucks, police cars, ambulances...they all scare him because he thinks the siren could start sounding at any given moment.  This may be part of the reason he doesn't like policemen. 

Kale starts in his own bed at night.  By morning, he is comfortable in our bed.  For some reason, no matter how far I push him back towards the middle or his daddy's side of the bed....within a nanosecond he is once again trying to sleep right next to me.  He is a cuddler by nature, but only when he is sleeping!  He won't stay still long enough to cuddle when he is awake.

He thinks the postman is amazing because he keeps delivering new dvd's to Kale...even though I tell him that Mema ordered them for him, he still thinks they come from the postman.  Its so bad that he now asks if any of the mail is for him. 

I am pretty sure that the fedex/ups man knows I am pregnant or thinks we have a new baby already.  So far, they have delivered about 10 boxes of diapers.  I have one more box on the way.  If Amazon gets Huggies back in stock, I will have probably another 5 more boxes coming.  Nothing like paying .07, .51, or .66 for an entire box of diapers!  (yes mom, the deal got even better!)

I don't remember the last time that there were so many "things" that affected me that were so out of my control or influence.  Oh wait, yes I do.  It was the last time I was pregnant.  Hmmmm, starting to make a connection here....

I choose to see all these "things" that are affecting me without my control or influence to be reminders from God that He is in control, not me.  My daily ability to cope with this and have the right attitude does fluctuate though.  I could blame that on pregnancy emotions and hormones, but the reality is that its just because I am who God made me. 

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