Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Potty time!

Thanks to "school", we have started diving deeper into the world of potty training. Most days, Kale's potty training still involves a diaper or pull up being shoved down, his booty barely hitting the potty, the diaper/pull-up bing pulled up, and then washing his hands (the highlight for him!).

UNTIL...he went in the potty at school. The first time he did it, his teacher was already gone for the day so I could not ask her if she had truly MEANT to put the U on his sheet (see below). The second time, there was a U and a sticker and she confirmed (and laughed while she said that most of it went in the floor because he was sitting and um, didn't point it down....whoops!) Hey, he is learning. I mean, he is just now truly figuring out that he can control what is going on down there in that area! I made a HUGE deal out of that sticker. When we got home, I made a big production telling Ep that Kale had something to show him. Ep also made a huge deal out of it. Talk about a proud little boy!

And then there was tonight. He had given us a stinky gift right after dinner. Since it was bath time, I didn't put another diaper on him. As we walked to the bathroom, he said he needed to potty. I told him to have a seat on his potty and walked into the kitchen to get a drink before starting his bath. Imagine my surprise when I returned to find him peeing in his potty! He was giggling and so proud. Again, we made HUGE racket about what a great job he had done. Of course, I documented the event...

Sandbox (but don't try to put him in it!)

Afternoon sandbox fun....

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Why Not?

I thought I had longer. Nope. I don't. Its here. The infamous question that will eventually probably drive me over the parental breaking point. Our child comes from parents who constantly question (althought sometimes not out loud)...authority, rules, procedures, reasoning....we are always questioning and we just can't help ourselves on that one.

So this morning, I should not have been surprised by the question from the back seat that, well, surprised me. I reintroduced Kale to Teddy Grahams this morning and he rediscovered his love of them with a vengence. A vengence to the tune of 5 servings...and asking for more. We were driving down the road, almost to daycare, when he asked for "more bears". I told him no. And then it came...WHY NOT? I kept us on the road amid my disbelief that he had just said that. Then I wondered if I heard him correctly. He must have read my mind because he said it again. WHY NOT? And I started laughing because I knew what freaking neverending black hole of parenthood that Ep and I had just dove (or been pushed by our child) into without so much as a life jacket to save ourselves. When his second round of quesitoning didn't get him a response, he added my name to the mix while I scrambled for an answer. I had a valid one, but just didn't know that I was going to have to explain my simple No answer. So by the time he got done with WHY NOT MOMMY?!?!, I was able to tell him it was because he was almost to school and he would get another serving of breakfast there.

So there you have it. Be prepared. He might ask you next. He's you best have a really good and valid answer!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Babies! Babies and More Babies!

Babies! Whooohoooo Babies!

Before I go any further, you should know that I am a BzzAgent and my username there is chaoticfun. if you are interested in that. But now, back to Babies!

This is a new movie coming your way on Mother's Day weekend. How appropriate!

This movie follows the ups, downs, cries, laughter and so much more that goes on during the first year of life for these four babies. I am very intrigued about this movie because it will be so incredibly interesting to see how these babies are being raised and how different or similar raising a baby can be depending on where you live. I mean, wow...a baby is getting a bath and here comes a farm animal to sneak a drink from the tub? Wow!

Hey, don't trust me...check out the trailer for yourself and then put this movie on your calendar because its for sure a must see flick!

I would love to see your comments on this movie!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh boy Oh BOY! Oh Connor!

My brother just sent me a text message with the news...they are expecting a BOY in August. I am so excited for them, not just because its a boy, but because they are no longer having an "it" and somehow that just makes it all more real.

I am a tad overwhelmed with emotions right now. I know that my brother will be a GREAT dad. I know that he will embrace fatherhood. I also know that he has no idea of the journey that awaits him in the world that surrounds raising a little boy.

I just can't wait to see him with his newborn see this child grow and become playmates with Kale...just all of brain is swirling with hope, love, and excitement!

Yea for good news! Yea for Chris and Amy! Yea for Connor (baby, unless they change their minds about the name). Yea for blessings!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sleeping boy

This is a sleeping boy! He slept in HIS bed from 8pm-5am!!! At 5am he crawled into our bed and with some milk in a bottle, zonked back out. As I publish this, he is STILL sleeping.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kale and Daddy

I took these on Saturday night (3/20/10) of Kale and Ep...

They were out on the deck and I grabbed the camera...

Nothing like some Daddy love!
I am not sure which one of them is more smitten with the other... fake smiles here from both of them....

Our days in pictures

Here is a glimpse into the daily life around here...
or maybe I should say, Kale's daily life around here....

The world ends when he doesn't get to go down the stairs..
And then the world is ok again when I tell him to sit in my lap so we can take pictures and he can look at them...Nevermind the mess behind him
or the dust on his daddy's mismatched shoes....
HOLY MOLY I can't believe how much he looks like me in this pic...SO weird! I get this look a lot...not sure what it means yet,
but probably not headed anywhere good!
This one makes me melt! Little Larry?
I told him to look at me and show me his teeth...not exactly a smile, but close...
What mess? What chocolate?
Asking for more Puff Cheetos (or chocolate...always chocolate)...

Howwy Doowy and more

There are some fun verbal times in our house lately...well, ok, all the time.

Here is a sample...

In the bathroom, you can find Poilet Taper

On the phone, you will be told "Howwy Doowy" which sounds alot like Howdy Doody, but really is "How you doing?" and we know this because its quickly followed with an "I fine". So really, when he asks how are you doing, don't bother answering because he will answer himself!

The other day, when Mema either wasn't answering him (due to muliple times a zillion requests), he asked her "You Hear Me?"

If he wants your attention and you aren't giving better watch out if he can reach your face because two little hands will grab each side of your face and swing your head in his direction and he doesn't care anything about giving you whiplash!

At night, don't be surprised if you are in bed with him and he says "turn around" to you...meaning you should roll over and face him.

He will tell you good morning...even at 6pm in the evening.

This one rings a proud bell...and the reminder that he is always paying attention. The past few days, we have been hearing "I did it!" and then its followed quickly with the self praise of "Good job Kale!"

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Facebook Debacle

I have been thinking all day about what I want to say here. I have been searching for the right path and the right way to express myself without causing any more unnecessary drama for our household. This is my best stab at it. I will try not to point fingers or be rude.

I live out loud...I am a "what you see is what you get" person...I will tell you what I think/feel/need/want/etc at the drop of a hat. Sometimes this is my greatest asset and other times its is my greatest downfall. Yet, this is just who I am and how God made me. My husband...not so much. God made him quite different. He is more private. Getting information from him can be like trying to pull a tiger's tooth while the tiger is eating its first meal in days. Not going to happen. He is an amazing, interesting, spontaneous, and unique man.

Several months ago, Ep started talking more and more about getting LASIK corrective surgery for his eyes. Due to some decisions that we have made and both of us wanting to be free from wearing contacts and glasses, Ep decided to move forward with having the surgery.

On Wednesday night, I posted an update on twitter/facebook that I thought I was more nervous than Ep and all I had to do was drive him and take care of him. Ep was sleeping, I wasn't. Enough said. It never occurred to me that he hadn't told anyone in his family that he was having the surgery the next day. It was the next morning on the way to surgery that I asked him if he told his family...and his answer was no. Not my choice, not the way I would do it, but it was HIS choice and I RESPECTED that. Ep had turned his phone off and it was only hours later that I realized this fact. After his surgery, he wanted to come home and sleep, which is exactly what he did.

I understood that for whatever reason, he had chosen to not tell anyone else about he surgery. For that reason, I didn't post any more updates except to say he was doing well and resting. I didn't think that it was my place to announce to all of facebook, the internet, or anyone else what HE had CHOSEN not to share. I had nothing to do with that choice. However, I don't blame him one bit for his choice, especially after the way everyone seems to have conducted themselves in the aftermath of realizing that he had left them out of the loop.

Both of us had our facebook pages lit up with accusations, blame games, and rude comments. Supposedly they were all in the name of worry. I don't know about you, but when I see someone (family or friend) has something going on...I pray for them. I might ask what is going on, but if they don't respond, I just continue praying for them. I don't berate them or their spouse for not sharing the information. When they choose not to share the situation, I most certainly do not tell them how they should be handling the situation differently and do not tell them that "what goes around comes around". Nor would I be so arrogant as to think I knew the entire situation or the full scope of why certain choices were made.

Since so many accusations have been made, I think there are some things that do need to be shared. The posts on facebook paint a one-sided picture. Sadly, some people thought they had the whole picture and posted some really rude comments. In the end, all those people did was alienate themselves from us. Its funny what some people think they can say and do in the name of being family.

The first misconception I think needs to be addressed is that I don't control Ep. I don't want to control Ep. I don't think anyone but Ep CAN control Ep. I feel sorry for the person who might think they can control Ep. I don't care how anyone thinks he was raised--he is his own person, he has his own beliefs, he makes his own deicisions, he believes in God and follows His Divine direction in life---and he deserves to be respected for all of those things. Please take note: Ep nor I respond well to being told what to do. We both entered into our relationship that way and its something that still rings true of our individualness today. So really, don't waste your time telling us what to do, how we should act, or what we should believe. We are both quite familiar and capable of asking for help when we need it.

Not once did my phone ring yesterday. When his family could not reach him, they didn't once call me. I called Ep's sister and left her a message. I got a text back and awaited her call. I did not call Ep's parents because I did not want to be part of the "not calling" situation that was happening between Ep and his dad. Ep is a grown man and his communication choices are his to make and I don't make the for him. There seemed to be some confusion about that yesterday.

Until yesterday, Ep's dad had not called him for weeks. That might be normal in some families, but in his family it signals a problem. His dad is known to call him daily. Not calling for weeks is sending a message. Apparently it all started or hit a climax or whatever on a day when Ep's parents were at our house and Ep did not bring Kale home from daycare when he got off work. There is a very valid reason that Kale did not come home with Ep....its as simple as Ep's employer mandating that Ep can not have a car seat in his company car, which also means he can not take Kale anywhere in his company car. I was at work trying to meet a deadline and just like every other single afternoon M-F, I picked Kale up on my way home from work.

I am standing on my own two feet here. So is Ep. And if you look between us, you will see we are holding hands in solidarity. We may not always react the same, handle situations the same, or see eye to eye on everything--but we do respect and love each other immensely. Ep handled the situation as he chose. I stood by him and that decision. I respected it. Anyone who condemns either of us for the decisions we make or for how we handle situations isn't anyone I consider to be family or a friend.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people--including family members--just don't see that thier behaviors, actions, and words actually do affect how other people interact (or choose not to interact) with them.

That's modern day life in Fletcherville for you. Thank you to our friends and family who did pray for Ep (and us) yesterday. Your prayers and kind words are/were appreciated.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sitting this one out

Today is Not Me Monday, but I am sitting this one...ok, the last few...out.

However, here are a few things going on right now...or that happened in the past week.

My mom and I were enjoying some great "early shopping" at a consignment sale because we were both consigning. This meant we go to look for the deals and steals before the general public. While I was shopping, Ep was at home with Kale and keeping me up to date on the weather. We were just about ready to leave when a voice came over the loudspeaker and said, "We don't want you to panic, but we need to evacuate the building. Nobody needs to run, but we do need to move quickly. There is a CONFIRMED tornado coming this way and we might be in its path." Now, I had just spent 2+ hours finding my deals...and I have to abandon them? OK, we were in a concrete building with a metal roof. Yep, we had to leave. We went to the old colosseum. On the way over there, I called to tell Ep what was happening. His exact words: "Thats just great! I hope you know that if the roof blows off of that thing, ya'll are dead." There was just a mild level of panic in his voice. I waited until I hung up the phone to laugh. My options were to run to the car to try to outrun the storm, stay in a tin box building, or take refuge in an old concrete/steel support building under the concrete bleachers next to sturdy beams. We chose the entrance to the men's bathroom as our spot. I called Ep to tell him all was well. His words: "Now I know how you felt all those times when you were worried about me being out on the water when it was storming. But that was a thunderstorm, not a TORNADO!" I kept my mouth shut, but my mind was saying: really, what exactly is the big difference between me blowing away and you getting struck by lighting??? We all lived...and so it goes.

Ep and I then proceeded to run away for the weekend. Thank you Mema! Two things we learned while we were away: we are old and our son is increasingly telling lies. Mema took him to get a haircut on Friday, but if you ask him...nope, he did NOT get a haircut. However, he truly understand yes/no and having an opinion and its pretty darn cute when he tells you how he really feels about things!

Kale can stick his bottom lip out about half a mile when pouting or trying not to get upset. Seriously, half a mile folks! It will melt you and break you all at once!

Today, Kale got allergy tested again. The bad news is that he is still allergic to egg. We really didn't expect that to have changed. However, we saw a new doctor and I really like his style. I am glad we took the plunge and changed (even though it meant retesting). The good news is that this doctor doesn't think it does any good for Kale to not eat the other main allergens such as nuts, honey, shellfish, and such because he did not react to any of them on the test. He even tested him specifically for catfish! No reaction! YEA!!!! Tonight, we introduced Kale to salmon. In a few nights, he will get his first try of peanut butter. Funny how the small things can make a momma happy!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hug them tight

Got kids? Hug them tight. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them thier strengths and what you admire about them. Don't wait. Tell them now. Even if you don't think they are listening, tell them you love them and lift them with compliments.

Tonight, my heart breaks for a family. Today, their two year old daughter ( went to Heaven. I have a two year old. I can not fathom what they have gone through or what they are now experiencing. Tonight, there is a grieving mom, dad, and two sisters who don't understand but have no choice in accepting this hard cold reality of loss. It breaks me.

Kale has been going to bed really well lately. Most nights, he doesn't even cry out anymore when the music/light machine quits. He just zonks out. For some reason, tonight was different. He cried out and kept crying. He called and called for daddy. He called and called for me. I resisted, but then thought of Layla Grace and her family...and I went to him. God gave me an extra excuse to spend 10 more minutes holding my child and comforting him. Tears rolled down my face as I realized that there are mom's everywhere that would give anything to be able to do this with a child who now resides in Heaven.

So...don't forget to give your kids an extra hug. Don't forget to tell them you love them. Don't forget to remind them that they are a blessing. And even if you think they aren't listening or aren't old enough to understand, tell them why they are a blessing and remind them of the traits that make them so special.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Clearing my head

If you don't like random or a long post, you might as well stop reading now. This one will probably jump around and go in a few circles. Sorry for that. I just have a lot of thoughts that need to stop just swimming in my head.

I have been following a blog now for a while. I also follow the blogger on twitter. I like to see what people tweet back to her, so I aslo have a search that updates in twitter. This means that I not only see the positive replies and remarks to/about her, but also the negative ones as well. In essence, what is unraveling within her blog/twitter world is quite possibly one of the the biggest flaws with a gaggle of women. I won't go into great detail, but its suffice to say that there are people who are in upmost support of her and there area also people who not only don't support her, but who are making every effort to bring this woman down. In the meantime, I just want to scream. Seriously, why are we women so freaking judgemental and competitive and non-supportive of one another? Ugh. It makes me sick. I will admit that some of thier judgemental comments about her have made me stop and think about how I come across to other people and also where I lay my priorities. Still. There is a better way folks. Really, we are all capable of bringing our own selves down enough...we don't need to help push anyone else down too. We should be lifting each other up. Stepping off THAT soapbox now.

I am currently caught in limbo. I don't know which side of the pasture to land in from my perch on this fence. I can't really talk about this decision here. Sorry. I know, thats mean. There are just some topics that I don't bring up here...and this is one of them. However, a decision will have to be made. When the decision is made...either I will be frustrated with myself or I will be seen as someone who doesn't "get in line". Ok, it would definitely not be the first time that I didn't get in line...but I just don't know if its worth it to fight getting in this line. I will figure it out.

My husband sold his boat. There has been a huge financial weight lifted off our shoulders by this act. It was a huge sacrifice by my husband. One that is not overlooked or appreciated. I will be happy to have him around more or for us to be able to sometimes join him in whatever activity he replaces "boat time" golf. However, I will miss watching my husband and son tool around in the boat together. I will miss our first trip out on the water in the boat...never happened. Well, we did float for about 3 minutes by the boat ramp...but that doesn't fully count in my book. Regardless, my husband made a sacrifice. Its not the first, nor will it probably be the last, that he has made for our family. I just hope he knows that its not overlooked.

I am flabergasted that my brother is getting married in a few months. Moreso, I am floored that he will be a daddy by the end of summer. Its way crazy that the little boy I watched grow up is about to start raising a child of his own. He is capable and will be a great dad (and husband). Still, it just floors brother is getting married and becoming a dad. Whoa.

Out in front of me, there lies a 22 day period where I will be at home for all of 3 days. That is going to be one fast and furious month.

Ok, brain dump over. Sorry if this was boring or not my usual...but I just needed to stop having so many thought swimming in my head!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kale can pray

At school, they say a prayer before eating lunch. Each child sits patiently with hands in lap while the teacher puts the food in front of them. When everyone has been served, she tells them to put their hands together. Eight sets of hands come together and they say a common prayer. It goes like this:

God is Great. God is Good. Let us thank Him for our food. Amen.

Kale recently started randomly picking and choosing when to say Amen when we eat dinner together. Twice, he has humbled his parents by stopping halfway through a meal and clasping his hands together to say "AMEN!".

His current version of the prayer is this: God is Great. God is Great. Amen!

A few moments ago, I put his lunch in the oven (frozen pizza, which he loves). It was quite funny that right after his non-cooking mommy put something in the oven, Kale clasped his hands and said "God is Great, God is Great, Amen!" Not sure if he was getting the prayer out of the way now so he wouldn't have to pause before eating or if he knew that its a good time to pray anytime his mommy touches an oven. Either way, he melted his mommy's heart...again.

So, Kale can pray. Its precious. Its humbing. We, as his parents, pray often. However, we also most times fail to pray before eating. Shame on us. However, I am pretty sure God sent us a precious reminder that will remind us to be thankful for our food! (and many other things in life).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Tree

This morning, Kale got around to asking his daddy if we could go to Walmart and get a gator (as in John Deere riding gator--see post from yesterday).

In true Ep fashion, he answered his son's question with a question. He asked Kale how old he was. In true Kale fashion and an early attempt to show us his ability to lie, Kale bold faced told his daddy that "I'm tree (three)".

I nearly fell into the closet trying not to laugh. Ep had to purse his lips together in the effort not to laugh. Then he remined Kale that he was two. Then both of us seemed to let out a collective sigh at the slippery slope of parenting this child of ours. We are going to pay and pay and pay and pay again for our raising. Don't you worry. We WILL pay!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Momma, Gator?

On Sunday, Kale had the opportunity to inspect a John Deere Gator--the kind that is made for kids. He has inspected one before. It was no surprise that he wanted it. He wanted it now. No, he was told...not until you are three. And the madness began.

He has started a war. Its not the typical 2 year old I-want-something war. Oh no. There are no fits involved (yet). There is no whining (yet). Its the kind of war that is making his mommy's ears bleed. Well, not really, but close.

All the way home from the store on Sunday, he asked if he could have the gator when he turns 3--it comes out like "mommy, gator Kale tree?". He asked non-stop...until not having a nap caught up with him and he passed out. Curious about the conversation he wanted to have on teh way to school on Monday, on the way home from school on Monday, and on the way to school today? Sure you are! I know you are! Yep, it was this:

Him: Mommy, Kale gator tree (three)?
Me: Yes, you can get a gator when you are three.
Him: Mommy, Kale two, get gator?
Me: Yes, you are two. You can't get the gator until you are three.
Him: Mommy, Kale tree?
Me: No, you are two.
Him: Kale get gator two?
Me: No, you get the gator when you are three.

At the end of our 25 minute commute this morning, I was about to lose it. We went in that circle of conversation for the ENTIRE drive. Thank you Lord that I don't have an hour commute! I would have parked and walked. Well, not really. But I would have thought about it.

I guess its only fair if I add in that he did change the subject once. Once was when we were stopped in traffic on the interestate. He told me to go. Go Mommy! I told him we had to wait our turn. And then he went back to the gator topic.

Did I mention that he isn't getting the gator until he turns 3? Did I mention that he doesn't turn 3 until October? AAAACCCCCCKKKKKKK!

I have no doubt what our afternoon conversation will be about....