Monday, March 8, 2010

Clearing my head

If you don't like random or a long post, you might as well stop reading now. This one will probably jump around and go in a few circles. Sorry for that. I just have a lot of thoughts that need to stop just swimming in my head.

I have been following a blog now for a while. I also follow the blogger on twitter. I like to see what people tweet back to her, so I aslo have a search that updates in twitter. This means that I not only see the positive replies and remarks to/about her, but also the negative ones as well. In essence, what is unraveling within her blog/twitter world is quite possibly one of the the biggest flaws with a gaggle of women. I won't go into great detail, but its suffice to say that there are people who are in upmost support of her and there area also people who not only don't support her, but who are making every effort to bring this woman down. In the meantime, I just want to scream. Seriously, why are we women so freaking judgemental and competitive and non-supportive of one another? Ugh. It makes me sick. I will admit that some of thier judgemental comments about her have made me stop and think about how I come across to other people and also where I lay my priorities. Still. There is a better way folks. Really, we are all capable of bringing our own selves down enough...we don't need to help push anyone else down too. We should be lifting each other up. Stepping off THAT soapbox now.

I am currently caught in limbo. I don't know which side of the pasture to land in from my perch on this fence. I can't really talk about this decision here. Sorry. I know, thats mean. There are just some topics that I don't bring up here...and this is one of them. However, a decision will have to be made. When the decision is made...either I will be frustrated with myself or I will be seen as someone who doesn't "get in line". Ok, it would definitely not be the first time that I didn't get in line...but I just don't know if its worth it to fight getting in this line. I will figure it out.

My husband sold his boat. There has been a huge financial weight lifted off our shoulders by this act. It was a huge sacrifice by my husband. One that is not overlooked or appreciated. I will be happy to have him around more or for us to be able to sometimes join him in whatever activity he replaces "boat time" golf. However, I will miss watching my husband and son tool around in the boat together. I will miss our first trip out on the water in the boat...never happened. Well, we did float for about 3 minutes by the boat ramp...but that doesn't fully count in my book. Regardless, my husband made a sacrifice. Its not the first, nor will it probably be the last, that he has made for our family. I just hope he knows that its not overlooked.

I am flabergasted that my brother is getting married in a few months. Moreso, I am floored that he will be a daddy by the end of summer. Its way crazy that the little boy I watched grow up is about to start raising a child of his own. He is capable and will be a great dad (and husband). Still, it just floors brother is getting married and becoming a dad. Whoa.

Out in front of me, there lies a 22 day period where I will be at home for all of 3 days. That is going to be one fast and furious month.

Ok, brain dump over. Sorry if this was boring or not my usual...but I just needed to stop having so many thought swimming in my head!

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