Thursday, March 25, 2010

Babies! Babies and More Babies!

Babies! Whooohoooo Babies!

Before I go any further, you should know that I am a BzzAgent and my username there is chaoticfun. if you are interested in that. But now, back to Babies!

This is a new movie coming your way on Mother's Day weekend. How appropriate!

This movie follows the ups, downs, cries, laughter and so much more that goes on during the first year of life for these four babies. I am very intrigued about this movie because it will be so incredibly interesting to see how these babies are being raised and how different or similar raising a baby can be depending on where you live. I mean, wow...a baby is getting a bath and here comes a farm animal to sneak a drink from the tub? Wow!

Hey, don't trust me...check out the trailer for yourself and then put this movie on your calendar because its for sure a must see flick!

I would love to see your comments on this movie!

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