Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm Tree

This morning, Kale got around to asking his daddy if we could go to Walmart and get a gator (as in John Deere riding gator--see post from yesterday).

In true Ep fashion, he answered his son's question with a question. He asked Kale how old he was. In true Kale fashion and an early attempt to show us his ability to lie, Kale bold faced told his daddy that "I'm tree (three)".

I nearly fell into the closet trying not to laugh. Ep had to purse his lips together in the effort not to laugh. Then he remined Kale that he was two. Then both of us seemed to let out a collective sigh at the slippery slope of parenting this child of ours. We are going to pay and pay and pay and pay again for our raising. Don't you worry. We WILL pay!

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