Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh boy Oh BOY! Oh Connor!

My brother just sent me a text message with the news...they are expecting a BOY in August. I am so excited for them, not just because its a boy, but because they are no longer having an "it" and somehow that just makes it all more real.

I am a tad overwhelmed with emotions right now. I know that my brother will be a GREAT dad. I know that he will embrace fatherhood. I also know that he has no idea of the journey that awaits him in the world that surrounds raising a little boy.

I just can't wait to see him with his newborn see this child grow and become playmates with Kale...just all of brain is swirling with hope, love, and excitement!

Yea for good news! Yea for Chris and Amy! Yea for Connor (baby, unless they change their minds about the name). Yea for blessings!