Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Momma, Gator?

On Sunday, Kale had the opportunity to inspect a John Deere Gator--the kind that is made for kids. He has inspected one before. It was no surprise that he wanted it. He wanted it now. No, he was told...not until you are three. And the madness began.

He has started a war. Its not the typical 2 year old I-want-something war. Oh no. There are no fits involved (yet). There is no whining (yet). Its the kind of war that is making his mommy's ears bleed. Well, not really, but close.

All the way home from the store on Sunday, he asked if he could have the gator when he turns 3--it comes out like "mommy, gator Kale tree?". He asked non-stop...until not having a nap caught up with him and he passed out. Curious about the conversation he wanted to have on teh way to school on Monday, on the way home from school on Monday, and on the way to school today? Sure you are! I know you are! Yep, it was this:

Him: Mommy, Kale gator tree (three)?
Me: Yes, you can get a gator when you are three.
Him: Mommy, Kale two, get gator?
Me: Yes, you are two. You can't get the gator until you are three.
Him: Mommy, Kale tree?
Me: No, you are two.
Him: Kale get gator two?
Me: No, you get the gator when you are three.

At the end of our 25 minute commute this morning, I was about to lose it. We went in that circle of conversation for the ENTIRE drive. Thank you Lord that I don't have an hour commute! I would have parked and walked. Well, not really. But I would have thought about it.

I guess its only fair if I add in that he did change the subject once. Once was when we were stopped in traffic on the interestate. He told me to go. Go Mommy! I told him we had to wait our turn. And then he went back to the gator topic.

Did I mention that he isn't getting the gator until he turns 3? Did I mention that he doesn't turn 3 until October? AAAACCCCCCKKKKKKK!

I have no doubt what our afternoon conversation will be about....

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