Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I had planned to be home today. I had planned to update the blog with some pictures and also get a few more "jobs" done around the house. But no...the weather didn't cooperate. Or, maybe it did, but just not with my plans. We didn't get the ice/sleet/snow the weathermen predicted last night. Oh well.

So, I am back at work today amidst a bunch of people who are trying to cram 2 days of work into 1 day. Oh joy...

I do want to add this tidbit of info...

Kale has a cardiology appt on Feb 5th. I thought it wouldn't be until June. I called the clinic. One of the nurses told me she could see in the notes that it says our next appt would be in one year (which would be June). They plan to investigate and call me back. In the meantime, I hear from the pediatrician that Kale has an appt scheduled with the urologist. I talk to her about the confusion with the cardiology appt. She says that in the notes they sent to her, it says to return in 9 months. I remember the doctor saying one year. Ep remembers hearing 9 months. Oh, who knows at this point. I finally quit fighting the path that God is leading us down and remember that I am not in charge...and know that we must need to go to this appt for some reason. the appt we will go. And I am reminded not to fight God's path and his intentions. I know they are both good and way smarter than mine! Thank you God for that reminder and I got the message. Thanks for not sending a harsher message!

Kale's urology appt is on March 11th.

So...between RSV shots and Sorry kiddo! My new theory is that we are getting all the "old man" appointments out of the way now and that he won't have to have any of those types of appts as an actual old man. That theory works, right?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

15 months

Ok...I owe everyone an update. Kale had his 15 month shots and check-up. While we were there, he also got his monthly synagis shot (to help fight RSV during the cold/winter months).

Here are his stats:
26 lbs 3.8 oz (73rd percentile)
30.25 inches long (24th percentile)
18.75 inch head (64th percentile)

So, as you can see, his legs have yet to catch on that he is a Fletcher...maybe he got his momma's legs? Still, look at those percentiles! And to think that we weren't even on the shaded part of the chart until 4 months of age! Whooohooo...look at him now!

We do have one minor issue. Its something that Mema Nanna and I were both afraid was going to happen. Kale needs to see a urologist. Now, if you get squeemish about issues with "boy parts" then you need to just skip to the next paragraph. Ok, there was your warning. Kale was circumsized the day we brought him home from his first NICU stay. We were told how to care for him and how to help it all heal properly. We were diligent about doing our part. Then, as everyone knows, Kale decided to have a second NICU stay. I very much remember telling his nurses that his "male parts" were still healing from his circumcision (sp?) and that they needed to be sure to handle that. We weren't allowed to hold Kale or change his diaper for quite a while (1 or 2 days). It was several more days until we were given free reign with him and completely in charge of his diaper changing. Ugh. The damage had been done. His pediatrican has made two attempts to "unstick" what has grown together. I know, ouch, right? There is a portion on the underside of his male part that is grown together in a way that it needs to be surgically repaired. Great. It doesn't hinder him in any way now, but it will be much easier and much less traumatic on him if we go ahead and get everything taken care of now.

Due to his heart condition, our pediatrician doesn't feel comfortable just sending him to any urologist. He wants him to see the urologist at ACH (Arkansas Children's Hospital). They said it will take at least a week for them to get an appt set and that our appt probably won't be for 2-3 months. Our pediatrician says that they will sedate him (anesthesia) and so he wants to make sure that the urologist, cardiologist, and anesthesiologist are all working together on it. We will keep you updated on this. We dread it, so please pray that some of our dread is lifted and that we continue to remember that everything happens for a reason that its all in God's time and reason.

We didn't think we were supposed to see the cardiologist until June. Thats what he said last time we were there last June...see you in a year. So, when I got a letter yesterday from ACH saying we have a cardiology appt on Feb 5th, I was kind of shocked. I plan to call tomorrow and see what its all about. If we need to go, then we will go. There is chance that our pediatrician called in Kale's weight to check about having his dosage checked on his heart medicine...because he did ask about that during the appt. So, we will see.

On a much lighter note. We are going to have to cut Kale's hair. Not once, not twice, not three times, not four times, but FIVE times this weekend he was either called a little girl or we were asked if he was a little girl. Yep, we get the message. Our cute little boy is going to have to lose some of his curls. His Mema Nana and Granddaddy are just going to have to survive. I no longer think a trim on the front of his head is going to get it done...its going to have to be a full hair cut.

There is more everyday stuff to share as well as some pictures...but that will have to come later....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am so like my mom...

Ok, as all kids do, I swore that I would never be like either of my parents. I have since decided that there are several of their qualities that I am ok with having inherited or learned or adapted along the way.

However, I couldn't help but laugh at myself today. My brother called me. I missed his call (big surprise, as I never seem to know when my phone is ringing lately--thanks iphone!). I called him back and left a message. He returned my call and we chatted for about 2 minutes until he said that he just wanted me to know why he had called but that he had to get back to work. We hung up, and the realization hit me. When my brother goes "back to work", he is wearing a gun and driving/riding in a car with lights and sirens. Wow. This STILL shocks me. It may just be one of those things that my brain refused to believe until I see it in person.

So, you are wondering, how does that connect me to my mom. This is how...just last night she was talking about being in Walmart and him coming to meet her there--in uniform. As she walked along calling him sweetie and honey, she said she had to stop and apologize to him. I guess she realized the uniform wearing strap of a man beside her may not want the whole world to know that he is still her little boy (sweetie, honey, etc). Yet, while mom told the story, you could still see it in her eyes and in her expression...she is still trying to grasp the fact that he is a police officer. It has nothing to do with his ability to be an officer and everything to do with the fact that he is a grown man and no longer just her little boy.

So, lets go back to me hanging up the phone with my the picture came to my mind of what it "looked" like for him to go back to work, I nearly laughed out loud. He is soooo no longer the little boy playing baseball, riding bikes, and watching Sesame Street. He is Officer George. That realization struck me hard. It makes me grin and want to cry all at once. There was a time when I thought he was MY little boy. Being 8 years older than your brother tends to bring forth the mothering instinct in little girls...and boy was mine ever in full blown gear. So...I too have the hard task of trying to make my brain grasp that he is grown up enough to be a police officer.

I should note....none of this has anything to do with his ability to be a police officer...we fully believe in him. He is happier than he has been in a long time, which is obvious to everyone around him. He is living his dream, and as much as it scares us...we are elated for him.

And on another note. I completely failed to sprinkle my brother with magic dust that keeps little boys from growing up into a strapping big man...which reminds me...I need to go home and sprinkle my little boy with it because I surely don't think I could cope with my little boy turning into a man.... (hey, leave me alone and let me live in my little state of denial...)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

...and it is finished...almost

Ok, so today is my 33rd birthday. That said...anyone who knows me that I am forever 29 and usually going on about 10 (bring on the dirt, trees, bikes, etc!). Moving on... :)

So, I converted Kale's crib to the toddler bed recently. We then put a twin mattress down beside it for two reasons: the first was to offer a buffer if Kale decided to go over the top of his rail...which he did, so then it because just a buffer if he decided to roll out of his bed (because we removed the rail) and then there was the second and more important reason in Kale's world--so that Mema Nana or someone could sleep next to Kale.

However, this created a 3 inch gap between his mattress and the twin mattress. Kale decided this was just enough of a difference to constitute the need to free fall from his mattress to the twin one. Oh..and it was also enough difference that he felt the need to make the transition from his mattress to the twin one (where someone was sleeping)...and usually made this transition head first in the form of a push or lunge. Talk about a wake up call. Nothing like 26lbs of boy landing on you!

So, it is finished. Today, I took apart his toddler bed. Now, there is his mattress and the twin mattress in the floor. I will say that it saddened me, but that blow was buffered a bit by the knowledge that we are trying to get Kale to the "place" where he not only likes his room, but wants to sleep in there and sleep all night! If we have to tell the crib/toddler bed goodbye in the process, so be it! I have already caught Kale laying on the twin mattress more than once in the past hour. If the toddler and twin matress idea doesn't work then we will be moving on to the next step of putting the full size box springs and mattress in his room.

....and so it is finished...for now...

and on another note...Ep and I decided today that Kale needs a hair cut. Its time. I don't know when or how...but its going to happen...we will keep you posted.

Friday, January 16, 2009

K-Mart doubles

I snuck off to K-Mart today for my lunch...

K-Mart has been doing a double coupon up to $2 thing. That means if you have a coupon of any value up to $2, they will double the value. Even when the coupon says do not double...they don't care! Or at least they didn't today.

Here is what I bought:

Scotch mailing tape (ebay packages, etc!) 5 x $1.79= $8.95

Theraflu (various types) 5 x $6.29 = $31.45

Theraflu (not sure why this was cheaper...maybe because no alchohol?) 1 x $5.29= $5.29

Johnson and Johson Safety Swabs (for young 'un ears) 4 x $1.59 = $6.36

AirWick Luminair Starter Kits (they smell great!) SALE! $4.99 x 6= 29.94

Total before coupons or tax = $82.19
Tax = $6.39
Total AFTER tax = $88.58

Now...the coupons...I had one for every single product. If the product costs $1.59 and you have a $1 coupon, then it only double to the total price of the product, so no overage. Thats fine...I can live with FREE!

Side note...I thought all the Theraflu was $5.49, so I paid about a dollar more per bottle than intended...but thats fine. Its not worth the drive to return it! total after coupons....with tax...$19.27!!!!!

We are good on packaging tape, adult cold medicine (for day or night), and our house shouldn't stink for a long, long time....
Well, Ep likes Oreo's. I try to keep him with a supply on hand at the house. Most nights, there is a moment where he drinks some milk and kills a few Oreo's. Most night, this takes place AFTER Kale is already asleep. Last night, Ep left the entire bag of Oreo's on his bedside table, along with the empty milk cup. He left before Kale was awake this morning. Its quite the norm for Kale to hang out in our room with me while I get dressed. He is also quite good at hitting the play button for music on Ep's clock radio (wait until he figures out he can change the numbers!) and I am certain that is why he went to the bedside table.

Well, what do you think Kale gravitated to this morning? Thankfully, the bag was sealed or we would have had Oreo's from the bed to the closet to who knows where. Instead, he brought the sealed bag to his Mema Nana (who was also in the room) who obliged him with a small piece of Oreo cookie. I snapped this evidence as I was leaving the room...

On another note...Mema Nana had left the bed in Kale's room to find the potty this morning. Kale was still sleeping. As I made a run to the kitchen, I noticed that he was sitting up in bed. I went to the kitchen and then returned to my room to find Kale standing in my bathroom. See, when you aren't in a crib and your bed is near the floor and you are actually sleeping on the mattress that is next to your bed (and on the floor), its pretty easy to get yourself out of bed at 15 months thus...the happy little boy was standing in my bathroom looking for me...and was happy to see me reappear in the bedroom.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How can anyone resist?

If anyone can resist this boy, I don't know how they do it.....

Just wanted to share...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leaving the bed

Well, there is a lot to share, but seemingly no tiem to share here is what I have for the moment...

I transitioned Kale's bed to the toddler bed. We can't find two small screws that are supposed to secure his toddler bed rail. We didn't put his bed together (and are still thanking Ep's family for that!) and so we don't know where the screws went. This is not Ep's family's fault...I am sure that they put them in a safe place, along with the bed assembly instructions--which I do remember seeing since the bed was put together. The problem is that I have NO IDEA where I put them after that...we will probably find them when Kale is 15 and we no longer need a crib! O well. So, in the meantime, we used the rail that has been on Mema Nana's bed. It works well, but doesn't leave him a spot to climb down from his bed. The whole reason he hated his crib was because he couldn't escape it (yet another very definite way of know he is truly our child). So, not being able to get out of the toddler bed was not an option for him...obviously. He slept in the bed for four hours on Friday night...and then joined us in our bed. By Saturday afternoon, he had it all figured you can see in the pictures...and as you can also see, in the end he thought it was great fun. Oh the glorious world of boys!

His other new things are constantly bringing me books and saying Momma. I try to get him to sit down and look at them with me...but oh no...he wants to go find another book and bring it to me...over and over and over.
He also goes into the kitchen and says "mmmmmm". He knows exactly where his snacks are and can still get to them...but not open them. However, you can give him one of everything in the kitchen and he will STILL go in there and say "mmmmmm".
All dogs are named Daaaaa. My brother has a dog named Dash, who really lives up to his name. He dashes everywhere. After hearing us talk to Dash during various points in his life, Kale has deemed all dogs as Dash...but it only comes out Daaaa. Its very different from Dada and it also comes out more of a yell...appropriately so, since most times when he hears it, we are yelling for Dash to come, go outside, or just stop whatever it is he is doing. :) So when he sees Goose...DAAAAA. When he sees the great danes that have been making appearances at our house....DAAAAA!
Oh...and we had a Mr Feets and Kale interaction on Sunday. I let Mr Feets (rabbit) out of his cage. Kale was very mesmerized by this, as it hasn't happened much around him. Kale really surprised me. He was very gentle and lovingly patted and petted Mr Feets. It was the sweetest thing. He and Kale are bonded in a sense...Kale constantly shares his snacks with Mr Feets and even enjoys Mr Feets snacks at times...which is fine because its all dried forms of fruit...bananas and cranberries and apples. However, Kale isn't always patient enough when trying to share with Mr Feets...and he drops the treat before Mr Feets can get to it....and then it goes to the bottom of the cage where neither of them can reach it and mommy deems it uneatable by either because then it has been in the litter pan. If Kale ever figures out the litter pan can slide out...well, Mr Feets (we) will have to find a higher home for his cage!

Friday, January 9, 2009


I got a free wooden deck box this morning. SCORE! Ok, well, its been used and has a top corner that was lovingly (or not so lovingly) chewed a bit by a dog. But it was free and is in great working order. One good washing later, it will look just fine on our deck and will serve as a great hiding place for Kale's outside toys, my gardening stuff, or whatever ends up in there. Now, if my husband had only been willing to help me go pick up the free chicken house a few months ago...

Ok, so surely you want to know how I got a deck box free....maybe you have heard of it, maybe not. Its called freecycle. Here is how it have something you no longer need, but don't want to go through the hassle of hauling it off or donating it. Get rid of it fast and easy with freecyle. OR, got something you are looking for...check out freecyle. You can google it to find out if there is a group in your area. I opt to get daily emails from my group. This is the first time I have been chosen to receive a freecycle gift from anyone, but I really don't respond to many of the ads anyway. I plan to use it the next time I have something to give but don't feel like lugging it to the salvation army drop site., I gotta get back to ebay and email...errrr, I mean email and work...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goldfish, Doctor, and Crayons

Well, I am trying to do better at updating. I have been consumed (read: addicted) lately with a crazy combination of ebay and coupons. are some pics of the man in charge...
Flirting with momma...wanting a golfish cracker.
Seriously, how in the world could anyone resist that smile (thus, one of the bajillion reasons he is sooo spoiled).
and he got what he wanted...of course!

Hanging out at the doctors office...waiting on the doctor...AFTER the big humongous scare he gave us.
He heard he wasn't getting any he was happy! (ok, really, he is happy most of the time anyway)

I bought him some of the Crayola Beginnings Tadoodle crayons. The packaging says they are for 18+ months. He a few months to go, but I let him have them anyway. The little booger figured out how to take the crayon out of the holder...and tried to eat it! Yuck! Can you see the hint of blue around his mouth??? He was NOT happy that I took his new toy away. Maybe we will wait a few more months...
Kale learned to walk backwards this week. We don't know how he figured it out...he just did. Its hilarious when he does it...its a very slow and thought out process! I can't get it on video because when he starts to do it, he realized that the video camera is on and wants to come take it from me...thus the end of walking backwards. He is also just shy of a running...and practices everytime he has something that he is not supposed to have. You ask him to give it back or put it back or whatever...and off he goes....thump, thump, thump of little feet running away from you.
Pray for us this weekend...I am going to try to wean him from his night bottles and maybe even get him to sleep in his own room...even if we have to just put mattresses on the floor (and hope that I don't wake up to find him trashing his closet!)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kale...oh the medical fun.

This was posted in Kale's blog, which is specifically about him and his medical adventures (hey, I am trying to find a positive word for it!). Anyway, here is the post....and a few additions afterwards...

Ok, well, I have some news to share. Its about Kale. I didn't post anything last night because I didn't know what to say. Kale is fine now...I want to assure everyone of that. However, Kale scared us pretty good last night.

He was playing in his room with me and Ep. Kale fell against the glider and hit the side of his face pretty hard. He really hasn't learned to brace himself when he starts to fall. It all happened so fast that neither Ep nor I could grab him. What all happened next is somewhat of a blur for both of us. I grabbed Kale because I was already on the floor. I brought him to my body and he was kind of hunched up. He had cried out, but then not made another noise. He gulped in a huge amount of air, but never blew it out. I pulled him away from my body and laid him down. He was very rigid and non-responsive. His eyes were partially open, but it was really like he wasn't 'there'. I tried to move his arms, which were frozen mid-air and could not move them. He was that rigid. Ep was with me in the floor and moved in on Kale. I jumped up to run for the phone. As I grabbed my phone, I could hear Ep telling Kale to breathe and then I heard Kale wail. Let me tell you...when Kale was born, I couldn't see him but I knew I would be able to hear him...and I never knew I could be as equally relieved to hear him wail as I was the day he was born. But last night, I was equally relieved. He was crying pretty good when I got back into the room. We watched him really closely and made sure that he was ok and decided not to visit the ER. He was walking around, playing, and following directions. His heart rate was fine and his eyes were normal and responsive. The only indication that anything had happened was the small bruise that was already forming on his jaw line.

We got a 9:10am appt to see his pediatrician this morning and that went well. He checked out Kale's cough as well. He just has a small cold, minus the runny nose, etc. The pediatrician said that what happened with Kale is more common than folks realize. Basically, he is responding to pain by holding his breath and he held it long enough to make himself pass out. He said that usually this behavior stops by 2 years old and the most valid theory is that it stops because at that point the child is able to verbalize the pain better. This has happened before with Kale at least a couple times, but none were as rough as this experience. The previous times he bounced back before we could really grasp what was happening.

Can what happened last night happen again. The answer is yes. We need your prayers to ask that it doesn't. Its an extremely scary experience for everyone and not healthy for Kale. There is not a way to keep Kale from knocking his noggin, which is the only time this type of thing occurs with him. you know what we know....and now you know what we need for you to pray please lift a quick Kale prayer up!

Here is what that post didn't say:
  1. Ep's parents informed me that when Ep was little, he pulled the same kind of stunts on them when he would have to get shots. Well, great! At least THAT attribute is not my fault! (unlike the temper, stubbornness, etc)
  2. Kale is doing fine. He is his normal, whiney, playful little self...all is well in his world. His parents, however, are just now finally returning to their levels of stress and are constantly trying to keep a clear path for Kale so he doesn't stumble (and yes, we know this will be impossible...but we can try!).