Friday, January 16, 2009

Well, Ep likes Oreo's. I try to keep him with a supply on hand at the house. Most nights, there is a moment where he drinks some milk and kills a few Oreo's. Most night, this takes place AFTER Kale is already asleep. Last night, Ep left the entire bag of Oreo's on his bedside table, along with the empty milk cup. He left before Kale was awake this morning. Its quite the norm for Kale to hang out in our room with me while I get dressed. He is also quite good at hitting the play button for music on Ep's clock radio (wait until he figures out he can change the numbers!) and I am certain that is why he went to the bedside table.

Well, what do you think Kale gravitated to this morning? Thankfully, the bag was sealed or we would have had Oreo's from the bed to the closet to who knows where. Instead, he brought the sealed bag to his Mema Nana (who was also in the room) who obliged him with a small piece of Oreo cookie. I snapped this evidence as I was leaving the room...

On another note...Mema Nana had left the bed in Kale's room to find the potty this morning. Kale was still sleeping. As I made a run to the kitchen, I noticed that he was sitting up in bed. I went to the kitchen and then returned to my room to find Kale standing in my bathroom. See, when you aren't in a crib and your bed is near the floor and you are actually sleeping on the mattress that is next to your bed (and on the floor), its pretty easy to get yourself out of bed at 15 months thus...the happy little boy was standing in my bathroom looking for me...and was happy to see me reappear in the bedroom.

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