Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Leaving the bed

Well, there is a lot to share, but seemingly no tiem to share it...so here is what I have for the moment...

I transitioned Kale's bed to the toddler bed. We can't find two small screws that are supposed to secure his toddler bed rail. We didn't put his bed together (and are still thanking Ep's family for that!) and so we don't know where the screws went. This is not Ep's family's fault...I am sure that they put them in a safe place, along with the bed assembly instructions--which I do remember seeing since the bed was put together. The problem is that I have NO IDEA where I put them after that...we will probably find them when Kale is 15 and we no longer need a crib! O well. So, in the meantime, we used the rail that has been on Mema Nana's bed. It works well, but doesn't leave him a spot to climb down from his bed. The whole reason he hated his crib was because he couldn't escape it (yet another very definite way of know he is truly our child). So, not being able to get out of the toddler bed was not an option for him...obviously. He slept in the bed for four hours on Friday night...and then joined us in our bed. By Saturday afternoon, he had it all figured out....as you can see in the pictures...and as you can also see, in the end he thought it was great fun. Oh the glorious world of boys!

His other new things are constantly bringing me books and saying Momma. I try to get him to sit down and look at them with me...but oh no...he wants to go find another book and bring it to me...over and over and over.
He also goes into the kitchen and says "mmmmmm". He knows exactly where his snacks are and can still get to them...but not open them. However, you can give him one of everything in the kitchen and he will STILL go in there and say "mmmmmm".
All dogs are named Daaaaa. My brother has a dog named Dash, who really lives up to his name. He dashes everywhere. After hearing us talk to Dash during various points in his life, Kale has deemed all dogs as Dash...but it only comes out Daaaa. Its very different from Dada and it also comes out more of a yell...appropriately so, since most times when he hears it, we are yelling for Dash to come, go outside, or just stop whatever it is he is doing. :) So when he sees Goose...DAAAAA. When he sees the great danes that have been making appearances at our house....DAAAAA!
Oh...and we had a Mr Feets and Kale interaction on Sunday. I let Mr Feets (rabbit) out of his cage. Kale was very mesmerized by this, as it hasn't happened much around him. Kale really surprised me. He was very gentle and lovingly patted and petted Mr Feets. It was the sweetest thing. He and Kale are bonded in a sense...Kale constantly shares his snacks with Mr Feets and even enjoys Mr Feets snacks at times...which is fine because its all dried forms of fruit...bananas and cranberries and apples. However, Kale isn't always patient enough when trying to share with Mr Feets...and he drops the treat before Mr Feets can get to it....and then it goes to the bottom of the cage where neither of them can reach it and mommy deems it uneatable by either because then it has been in the litter pan. If Kale ever figures out the litter pan can slide out...well, Mr Feets (we) will have to find a higher home for his cage!

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