Sunday, January 25, 2009

15 months

Ok...I owe everyone an update. Kale had his 15 month shots and check-up. While we were there, he also got his monthly synagis shot (to help fight RSV during the cold/winter months).

Here are his stats:
26 lbs 3.8 oz (73rd percentile)
30.25 inches long (24th percentile)
18.75 inch head (64th percentile)

So, as you can see, his legs have yet to catch on that he is a Fletcher...maybe he got his momma's legs? Still, look at those percentiles! And to think that we weren't even on the shaded part of the chart until 4 months of age! Whooohooo...look at him now!

We do have one minor issue. Its something that Mema Nanna and I were both afraid was going to happen. Kale needs to see a urologist. Now, if you get squeemish about issues with "boy parts" then you need to just skip to the next paragraph. Ok, there was your warning. Kale was circumsized the day we brought him home from his first NICU stay. We were told how to care for him and how to help it all heal properly. We were diligent about doing our part. Then, as everyone knows, Kale decided to have a second NICU stay. I very much remember telling his nurses that his "male parts" were still healing from his circumcision (sp?) and that they needed to be sure to handle that. We weren't allowed to hold Kale or change his diaper for quite a while (1 or 2 days). It was several more days until we were given free reign with him and completely in charge of his diaper changing. Ugh. The damage had been done. His pediatrican has made two attempts to "unstick" what has grown together. I know, ouch, right? There is a portion on the underside of his male part that is grown together in a way that it needs to be surgically repaired. Great. It doesn't hinder him in any way now, but it will be much easier and much less traumatic on him if we go ahead and get everything taken care of now.

Due to his heart condition, our pediatrician doesn't feel comfortable just sending him to any urologist. He wants him to see the urologist at ACH (Arkansas Children's Hospital). They said it will take at least a week for them to get an appt set and that our appt probably won't be for 2-3 months. Our pediatrician says that they will sedate him (anesthesia) and so he wants to make sure that the urologist, cardiologist, and anesthesiologist are all working together on it. We will keep you updated on this. We dread it, so please pray that some of our dread is lifted and that we continue to remember that everything happens for a reason that its all in God's time and reason.

We didn't think we were supposed to see the cardiologist until June. Thats what he said last time we were there last June...see you in a year. So, when I got a letter yesterday from ACH saying we have a cardiology appt on Feb 5th, I was kind of shocked. I plan to call tomorrow and see what its all about. If we need to go, then we will go. There is chance that our pediatrician called in Kale's weight to check about having his dosage checked on his heart medicine...because he did ask about that during the appt. So, we will see.

On a much lighter note. We are going to have to cut Kale's hair. Not once, not twice, not three times, not four times, but FIVE times this weekend he was either called a little girl or we were asked if he was a little girl. Yep, we get the message. Our cute little boy is going to have to lose some of his curls. His Mema Nana and Granddaddy are just going to have to survive. I no longer think a trim on the front of his head is going to get it done...its going to have to be a full hair cut.

There is more everyday stuff to share as well as some pictures...but that will have to come later....

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Kim said...

We'll be praying for the procedures and wisdom of doctors... Also, I wanna see some pics of the long locks!