Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day to Day

Life lately for me seems very day to day.  This pregnancy is kicking my tail.  Zofran is now helping.  Yet, I am hungry all the time.  I am tired of eating.  Never thought I would say that.  I told that to someone yesterday and they said it was crazy talk.  So, maybe I have just gone crazy.  Who knows. 

It seems that about 6:30pm every night, I start slowing down.  Kale does this too...only he managed to wait until 7:30pm.  Last night, I was in bed asleep by 8:30pm.  Poor Ep.  Wait.  He has the entire house to himself every night after Kale and I maybe not poor Ep. 

Each afternoon is Gator Time at our house.  Yesterday, Kale took out the security sign again...on purpose.  He tried to give himself whiplash at least four times and we couldn't help but laugh as he just kept on going like it was no big deal.  He also drove himself right up onto the porch and then straight into the bush.  Yes, we laughed then too.  At least he had his helmet on while he was riding! 

For now, all things are gator related.  Kale is whining?  Big boys who ride gators don't whine!  Big boys who ride gators also don't throw fits...but, well, Kale disproves both of those theories often these days.  He is, after all, three. 

The best news of the day?  Kale has been coming to our bed at night and when he asks for more milk, we tell him that he has to go back to his bed for more milk.  Its working.  The last two nights it has anyway.  I probably just jinxed the whole thing and Ep might make me sleep on the deck tonight.  Next step...take away the milk at night (and the bottles too).  Yes, there it admittance to our colossal fail at parenting....our three year old is still addicted to his bottle. 

Ok, I have done enough damage...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Saturday

We held a birthday party for Kale on Saturday.  We simply invited his entire class (11 other kids) because they have a rule that you are not allowed to invite one classmate without inviting them all.  The invitations went out later than we had planned and the Hog game started before the party was over, but two kids showed up anyway.  Yep, 2 out of 11.  It was perfect, especially since one of them was as Kale puts it "my Sloaney".  We had a great time with running around, cupie cakes, rice krispie cake, and fun presents.  I think that everyone who attended seemed to have a good time. 

We went home for naptime.  We got up from nap to realize that the Hog game had been delayed by storms, so we watched the end of that big win before everyone slipped outside to watch as Kale discovered that he finally has his own John Deere gator.  His cousin Fletcher helped me distract Kale in his room while everyone else went outside.  Then, we led Kale outside.  The look on his face was just pure joy.  He hopped right in and had a blast. 

We rounded out the afternoon with an early dinner of steaks and potatoes!  Yummy!  Once again, Ep did a great job cooking.  My sister in law made the salad, which was so very helpful since the thought of lettuce was grossing me out at the time.  Since we ended up with two extra steaks, our neighbors got to enjoy Ep's grilling as well. 

Overall, despite some unecessary family drama, it was a great day!  Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and knew what the day was about...celebrating an amazing miracle 3 year old boy! 

Oh...and first thing on Sunday morning, Kale was ready to drive the gator and started conning his way outside.  "Mema, lets just go look at it..."  and "I won't drive, I will just sit in it." He did eventually get to ride in it...most of the afternoon until the storms were about ten minutes away and then it was parked under the house.  He was happy to leave it there, especially after the tornado sirens started going off!  He is not a fan of those sirens!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Kale...THREE!

Dear Kale,

Today, you turned three years old.  Let me tell you how you started your day.  You came stumbling down the hallway asking me where your daddy was.  When I told you he was gone for the day, you crawled up into my lap for some amazing cuddle time.  Mommy loved it.  I told you that it was your birthday and you told me it wasn't.  I told you that you were three.  You told me: no, I'm not three...I'm four.  And that my son, is how you decided to take on being three.  

Three years ago this morning, your mommy and daddy didn't know you.  Mommy knew you were my squirm worm and we both knew that you were going to be our October pumpkin instead of our December stocking stuffer.  Other than that, we didn't know much about you.  We didn't know you would have hair that gets complimented even at the grocery store.  We didn't know you would have blue eyes that sometimes look like the sky on a spring day.  We didn't know you would be wicked smart to the point that it scares us.  We didn't know anything about the love that would take hold our our hearts and turn our worlds upside down.  We didn't know that you would love tractors and be so scared of the dark that you would refuse to walk from the living room to the bedroom without the kitchen light on in between.  We didn't know that you would love to "dig in the dirts" but would hate having your sticky/dirty hands.  We didn't know how persistent you would be.  We didn't know what kind of fight you would have in you.  We didn't know that within the first month of your life, you would show us exactly how amazingly strong you were and in the meantime teach us more than we could have known about ourselves and our faith in God.  We didn't know how much joy you would bring to so many people.  We had no idea that our child would have a personality to at completely dwarfs our own personalities.  We just didn't know.  We are still learning.  It seems as though each day, you teach us more.  Each day, our love for you grows.  Each day, we learn that, amazingly, we actually can love you more.  

Son, three years ago, we didn't know you.  Some days, I have a hard time remembering what life was like before three years ago.  Today, we can't imagine life without you.  Thank you for being you.  Each day we thank God for giving us the blessing of Kale George Fletcher.  We love you more than you will ever begin to know!   Happy birthday Kale.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Short and Sweet, from Romania with Love

This post will be short and sweet.  I am in Romania.  Work brought me here.  I have worked with people here for 6 years and this is my first time to be in thier country.  I have even managed to see a former colleague while here (Hi Anca!) and take a look at her new scooter.  Don't worry, I didn't ride it.  I am pregnant...otherwise...well, maybe I would have. 

I will tell you one thing I have found here.  Sleep.  Ah, glorious sleep.  Although I do miss the little feet that curl themselves under my back/butt/head/whatever body part he can find while he shoves his head into his daddy's back.  Yet, for a few nights, I have had some amazing "I am growing someone" sleep.  Whew, I needed it.  I would love to give a shout out to the amazing doc who provided me with a script for Phenegran.  It is great to sleep without waking up at 2am and your brain shouting at you that you need to haul yourself out of bed and solve all the problems in the world because your brain thinks its the middle of the day.  Its also great to wake up and not be nauseous! 

Today, we go to the mountains.  As many of you are waking up on Thursday, I will be settling into my new room in Vata (prounaounced Vatza) in preparation for dinner tonight and meetings tomorrow. 

That is all for now.  I love and miss my family.  They know this, but just let me proclaim it publicly here. 

I need to go...I am in the breakfast area that they are dilligently trying to change to a fancier lunch area, despite the fact that half of the food they serve here for breakfast would only qualify as lunch or dinner fare at home.  Tomatoes and salami for breakfast anyone?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby #2 Proof and lots of information

Not that anyone is asking for it, but here is proof that baby #2 has taken up residence.  Yesterday, we went to the doctor and covered quite a good bit of information.  Initially, we were going to have to leave without hearing the baby's beating heart.  I brought up my concerns that I wanted to board my international flight knowing that everything sounded or looked the way it should at this point.  The doc completely understood and I was worked in for an ultrasound.  So, we saw and heard our little babe's beating heart.  Ep appropriately described the baby and yolk sac as looking like a little diamond ring. 

My due date varies, depending on which method you want to use to date the pregnancy.  If you go by my last cycle: May 24.  If you go by when I know (within a 48 hr period) that conception happened: May 28.  If you go by the ultrasound: May 31.  I am going with one of the last two dates.  They seem more scientific and accurate.  So, as of yesterday I was either 6wks4days (conception) or 6wks1day (ultrasound).  Given that this child is the size of a piece of rice...I can see how the measurement might be off by a few days! 

We also found out that I will automatically be tossed into the category of seeing a specialist.  Most parents are given the choice to screen the baby for syndromes/problems.  During my pregnancy with Kale, we opted out of them because we knew we were going to love and keep him regardless.  None of those screenings would have detected his specific heart defect.  My goal was to opt out of these tests again.  Not an option.  I don't have to get the blood work done like moms 34 and under.  I get to skip that step because I will be the ripe old age of, gasp, 35 when this child is born.  So, I will go see a specialist who will give the baby an extra close look to check for any problems.  I am ok with that.  I am also curious to find out if this doctor will be able to look at the heart with enough detail to know if we are dealing with another WPW baby.  There is no genetic link for WPW patients...but I am going to want to know one way or the other with this next baby.  Kale's can only been seen on an EKG.  If this new baby has to have an EKG to find out if he/she has WPW, then I am ok with that.  Now I am getting way ahead of myself.  Slow down!

None of this will come into play until further down the road of this pregnancy.  We have time, lots and lots of time.  At least for now....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last week, my posting came to an abrupt halt.  Maybe you didn't notice, simply because I have previously gone longer than a week before between posts.  Usually, when I go quiet, there is a very stark reason.  It varies somewhere between being too angry to form words, too hurt to make sense, or just being asked to "keep it quiet".  Last week, my silence was an angry silence. 

I got angry.  Nothing new there.  A long time ago, my dad tried to teach me that sometimes its really best to keep my mouth shut.  I am pretty sold on the idea that he thinks I wasn't listening to him during any of the 39,528 times he tried to teach me that lesson.  Guess what dad, I was listening.  I just wasn't good at practicing what you were preaching...that took time and  HUGE learning curve.  I have learned my dad was right--sometimes you really do learn a lot more by keeping your mouth shut and you have a lot fewer messes to clean up if you don't run your mouth when you are angry.  If you don't believe me on that one, just ask my mom about that time she told my brother to "swallow it, fart it".  For those of you who don't know, my mom just now fell out of her chair when she read that.  Ok, back to me.  Because its all about me....or maybe not.  Either way, I was angry.

I wrote a post about why I was angry.  I smartly saved it and sent it to a friend for editing.  I trust this friend with my son, which is essentially saying that I trust this friend with my life.  I asked for her two cents.  She gave it.  I meant to go in and make some edits and then publish.  I guess I was too tired to follow through with that intention. 

All to often in the past year, I have wanted to post things here...and haven't.  I have let others censor me.  I have let trying to keep the peace censor me.  I have let trying not to offend others censor me.  I think, for the most part, I am mostly done with that.  However, please know that I don't set out to intentionally hurt, offend, or embarrass someone when I write things here...ok, well, most of the time.  So, in the future, if you read here...know this:  I will be writing again from my heart and my head.  I will continue to respect the wishes of one person in regards to my blogging: my husband.  I won't be sharing nude pics of our son (no matter how cute and innocent they may be) and I won't be writing about things that are shared in confidence by my husband. 

And as for that post I wrote and have yet to publish.  It might eventually show up.  It will remain with its original date, so it won't come to the front of the line.  It will merely step in line between the original posts around which it was created. 

Wow.  That felt good.  Moving on...