Monday, October 25, 2010

Birthday Saturday

We held a birthday party for Kale on Saturday.  We simply invited his entire class (11 other kids) because they have a rule that you are not allowed to invite one classmate without inviting them all.  The invitations went out later than we had planned and the Hog game started before the party was over, but two kids showed up anyway.  Yep, 2 out of 11.  It was perfect, especially since one of them was as Kale puts it "my Sloaney".  We had a great time with running around, cupie cakes, rice krispie cake, and fun presents.  I think that everyone who attended seemed to have a good time. 

We went home for naptime.  We got up from nap to realize that the Hog game had been delayed by storms, so we watched the end of that big win before everyone slipped outside to watch as Kale discovered that he finally has his own John Deere gator.  His cousin Fletcher helped me distract Kale in his room while everyone else went outside.  Then, we led Kale outside.  The look on his face was just pure joy.  He hopped right in and had a blast. 

We rounded out the afternoon with an early dinner of steaks and potatoes!  Yummy!  Once again, Ep did a great job cooking.  My sister in law made the salad, which was so very helpful since the thought of lettuce was grossing me out at the time.  Since we ended up with two extra steaks, our neighbors got to enjoy Ep's grilling as well. 

Overall, despite some unecessary family drama, it was a great day!  Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us and knew what the day was about...celebrating an amazing miracle 3 year old boy! 

Oh...and first thing on Sunday morning, Kale was ready to drive the gator and started conning his way outside.  "Mema, lets just go look at it..."  and "I won't drive, I will just sit in it." He did eventually get to ride in it...most of the afternoon until the storms were about ten minutes away and then it was parked under the house.  He was happy to leave it there, especially after the tornado sirens started going off!  He is not a fan of those sirens!

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