Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby #2 Proof and lots of information

Not that anyone is asking for it, but here is proof that baby #2 has taken up residence.  Yesterday, we went to the doctor and covered quite a good bit of information.  Initially, we were going to have to leave without hearing the baby's beating heart.  I brought up my concerns that I wanted to board my international flight knowing that everything sounded or looked the way it should at this point.  The doc completely understood and I was worked in for an ultrasound.  So, we saw and heard our little babe's beating heart.  Ep appropriately described the baby and yolk sac as looking like a little diamond ring. 

My due date varies, depending on which method you want to use to date the pregnancy.  If you go by my last cycle: May 24.  If you go by when I know (within a 48 hr period) that conception happened: May 28.  If you go by the ultrasound: May 31.  I am going with one of the last two dates.  They seem more scientific and accurate.  So, as of yesterday I was either 6wks4days (conception) or 6wks1day (ultrasound).  Given that this child is the size of a piece of rice...I can see how the measurement might be off by a few days! 

We also found out that I will automatically be tossed into the category of seeing a specialist.  Most parents are given the choice to screen the baby for syndromes/problems.  During my pregnancy with Kale, we opted out of them because we knew we were going to love and keep him regardless.  None of those screenings would have detected his specific heart defect.  My goal was to opt out of these tests again.  Not an option.  I don't have to get the blood work done like moms 34 and under.  I get to skip that step because I will be the ripe old age of, gasp, 35 when this child is born.  So, I will go see a specialist who will give the baby an extra close look to check for any problems.  I am ok with that.  I am also curious to find out if this doctor will be able to look at the heart with enough detail to know if we are dealing with another WPW baby.  There is no genetic link for WPW patients...but I am going to want to know one way or the other with this next baby.  Kale's can only been seen on an EKG.  If this new baby has to have an EKG to find out if he/she has WPW, then I am ok with that.  Now I am getting way ahead of myself.  Slow down!

None of this will come into play until further down the road of this pregnancy.  We have time, lots and lots of time.  At least for now....

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