Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I had planned to be home today. I had planned to update the blog with some pictures and also get a few more "jobs" done around the house. But no...the weather didn't cooperate. Or, maybe it did, but just not with my plans. We didn't get the ice/sleet/snow the weathermen predicted last night. Oh well.

So, I am back at work today amidst a bunch of people who are trying to cram 2 days of work into 1 day. Oh joy...

I do want to add this tidbit of info...

Kale has a cardiology appt on Feb 5th. I thought it wouldn't be until June. I called the clinic. One of the nurses told me she could see in the notes that it says our next appt would be in one year (which would be June). They plan to investigate and call me back. In the meantime, I hear from the pediatrician that Kale has an appt scheduled with the urologist. I talk to her about the confusion with the cardiology appt. She says that in the notes they sent to her, it says to return in 9 months. I remember the doctor saying one year. Ep remembers hearing 9 months. Oh, who knows at this point. I finally quit fighting the path that God is leading us down and remember that I am not in charge...and know that we must need to go to this appt for some reason. the appt we will go. And I am reminded not to fight God's path and his intentions. I know they are both good and way smarter than mine! Thank you God for that reminder and I got the message. Thanks for not sending a harsher message!

Kale's urology appt is on March 11th.

So...between RSV shots and Sorry kiddo! My new theory is that we are getting all the "old man" appointments out of the way now and that he won't have to have any of those types of appts as an actual old man. That theory works, right?

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