Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goldfish, Doctor, and Crayons

Well, I am trying to do better at updating. I have been consumed (read: addicted) lately with a crazy combination of ebay and coupons. are some pics of the man in charge...
Flirting with momma...wanting a golfish cracker.
Seriously, how in the world could anyone resist that smile (thus, one of the bajillion reasons he is sooo spoiled).
and he got what he wanted...of course!

Hanging out at the doctors office...waiting on the doctor...AFTER the big humongous scare he gave us.
He heard he wasn't getting any he was happy! (ok, really, he is happy most of the time anyway)

I bought him some of the Crayola Beginnings Tadoodle crayons. The packaging says they are for 18+ months. He a few months to go, but I let him have them anyway. The little booger figured out how to take the crayon out of the holder...and tried to eat it! Yuck! Can you see the hint of blue around his mouth??? He was NOT happy that I took his new toy away. Maybe we will wait a few more months...
Kale learned to walk backwards this week. We don't know how he figured it out...he just did. Its hilarious when he does it...its a very slow and thought out process! I can't get it on video because when he starts to do it, he realized that the video camera is on and wants to come take it from me...thus the end of walking backwards. He is also just shy of a running...and practices everytime he has something that he is not supposed to have. You ask him to give it back or put it back or whatever...and off he goes....thump, thump, thump of little feet running away from you.
Pray for us this weekend...I am going to try to wean him from his night bottles and maybe even get him to sleep in his own room...even if we have to just put mattresses on the floor (and hope that I don't wake up to find him trashing his closet!)

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