Sunday, February 1, 2009

Be warned!

Be warned...several blog posts are coming thoughout the day. I really, really have to get this stuff out of my head and into this blog before I forget more than I already have. Thankfully, there are pictures to add as well, which will help me remember stuff! I am sure I will forget something along the way anyway...

So, here is a start...
There are some Great Dane dogs (Jake and Jasmine) that live somewhere near our neighborhood. They come out of the woods, so we don't know exactly where they live. However, they figured out that we would feed them. So, for a few days, they became regulars on our deck. Meanwhile Goose was still locked in his yard. He was not happy with this. He tried to eat them if they got near his fence. Anyway, Kale was not one bit scared of the dogs. As you can see in the picture, the dogs are taller than him...but he want right up to them at the door anyway!

I bought Kale some of the Crayola Beginnings crayons. They are triangle crayons in a round animal holder. They are supposed to be for 18+ months. We aren't there yet, but tried them anyway. Kale didn't quite get the idea of coloring, but he did like trying to eat the crayons and then actually managed to take the crayon out of the holder. While I was trying to put one crayon back in the holder (they each have their own holder), he took the next one out. So, those went up on the counter and have stayed there. He preferred trying to eat the blue one...

Kale loves anything sweet, including fruit. He loves bananas, but on this day he was handed an entire apple to eat. He was quite surprised he got the entire apple. The look on his face just says "For me, its all for me? Really?

Just too darn cute!

He is a bonafide chocolate lover. He really likes it when Nana Mema makes 4 layer delight!

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