Monday, February 9, 2009


Oh, this has to be fast. Today and tomorrow are nothing but fast...

The radiothon starts tomorrow. I am finishing up my fund raising efforts with a last minute push.

I have to round up any couponing that has to be done this week...which will probably end up being about none. I just don't have time....unless I do it after midnight and that won't happen.

I have to pack...YEA! I get to pack shorts, t-shirts and tank tops. I need to apologize now to those who live where we are body hasn't been exposed to sun in a while--so that white glare will be coming from me. Ep and I are heading out of town for some fun and sun...and fish. I am looking forward to it a lot. I don't remember the last time I got to go fishing with Ep "just for fun". Let me tell you, there is NO fun involved when he is tournament fishing. None at all! The last time I went with him fishing, we fished a tournament...and he managed to sink a hook into me! Yes, really. And when was this? Oh, yes, it was the weekend before we found out that I was pregnant with Kale. Yes...its been an entire (yet shortened) pregancy + 15 months of raising Kale since I went fishing with my husband. For those of you who missed the math gene, that is at least 2 years. Its been at least 4 years since I got to go "fun fishing" with him. Ever since he became a pro...he became no fun when fishing. He has two options...either have fun with me while fishing this next week or swim to the shore of the lake because I will push him in if he gets too serious! And that, my friends, is his one and only warning. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I will follow through on that threat. :)

Kale will be chilling with Mema Nana. He will probably miss my iphone more than he will miss me! That kid already knows how to scroll through my pictures at freaking 15 months. Crazy kid!

Tomorrow evening, I will make my brief appearance at the Arkansas Children's Hospital Radiothon. Its an annual event and its very, very cool. I will be on the radio telling Kale's story around 5:20pm tomorrow. Kale is going to meet me there (Mema will drive him) so that we can turn in the change we have collected. If you haven't donated and wish to do so...let me know pronto!!! If you want to hear me on the radio...check out around 5:20pm can listen live online.

Ep and I will leave at "5 bells" on Wednesday morning. Don't worry, I am sooo taking my pillow and a blanket! Its at least a 12 hour drive. I just can't wait to spend this time with him. Really, I am excited. I will miss our little man...but if I can survive 12 days without him, I can manage 5 now.

Ok, I gotta go...way to much work to finish before tomorrow afternoon!!!

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