Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kale's first haircut

Its not what it looks like. This happened while we were waiting for Kale's turn in the haircut chair. This little girl is four months older than him. She was quite perplexed that he wanted to put all the toys into the container and then take them back out again. I think she knew that wasn't the point of the container game, but Kale was oblivious. She just held the container for him while he put them in and took the out. He did try to put one of the shapes in the side, but gave up pretty quickly and just put it through the large opening!
First snip....sniff, sniff...
Kale says:
Hey mom, how's it going? No big deal here...this lady is just cutting my hair. I really like this car chair and helicopter!
He was such a big boy about it all. It did not phase him one single bit. Of course, no clippers were involved. Still...he sat there and just let her snip, snip, snip and didn't reach for her scissors once!!!
As Kale would say.... aw duh (all done)!
Such handsome fellas!!!

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Kim said...

Cute cut! That looks like a fun place... I wanna get my hair cut there.. no places like that around here :(