Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday to Sunday

On Friday, we went south. Actually, we went to the lower end of Lake Falcon--down by the dam. Ep was a chicken and wouldn't get anywhere near the USA-Mexico border that just so happens to be in the middle of Lake Falcon. He was convinced that gun boats would come out of nowhere and get us. I didn't see one gun boat the entire time we were there. In fact, I only saw one boat that "might" have been border patrol. However, let me clarify something. Given that not just my family, but a lot of Ep's family is/was in law enforcement, I am well aware that someone somewhere was watching the border. I doubt they ever saw us though, as we didn't come anywhere close to the "border bouys"!!!! There was a huge dam that I wanted to see...connected to a humongously long bridge. On one portion of the bridge you can see the USA customs and border station and just down the way you can see the Mexico version of the same thing. Ep avoided them like the black plague. The lake repaid him for that well...he didn't catch one single fish down there. I however, caught two fish! Yea me!

We eventually loaded back up and drove back north bit and fished the area we had fished on Thursday. Ep caught some fish there and I just read my book. I didn't want to outfish the pro. Go ahead. Laugh. I can poke all the fun at him I want...he hit me in the head with a lure, remember? Oh wait...and on Friday he also hit me in the hip with a spinner bait. He didn't manage to sink his hook in me or my clothing that time. So yeah, I can poke fun at him...A LOT!

We returned to the steak house for dinner and then chilled in the room and got packed up. We intended to fish until noon on Saturday and then drive a part of the way home.

On Saturday, we headed for this neat little ramp that Ep heard about from some guy. As we saw it, I nearly laughed. It was in someone's front yard. Ep tried to talk himself out of that fact. We went down the road and it was obvious to one of us that the entry to the ramp was also the driveway to the house. The other one of us tried to convince himself that this little dirt road beside the highway would give us access. Of course, in true Fletcher form, he had to give it a try. I suggested we walk down to see if it would give us access instead of pulling the entire truck, boat/trailer down there....oh no, we couldn't do that. One of these days, I swear he MIGHT actually learn to take my advice. With that option no longer being an option...he had two choices. Drive back to Zapata or just start driving towards Arkansas. I assured him that there were probably more boat ramps between where we were and Laredo, but I don't think he cared. We headed for Laredo...and we only stopped for gas or food until we got to an area east of Dallas. We found a hotel and took showers and went in search of red meat. It was time for a hearty steak and potato...or not. The steak house next door was packed at 9pm on Valentine's day and the wait was still 1.5 hours. We walked to the sushi/steak place next door...bingo, they had us at a table in less than 10 minutes! The food was awesome and with full bellys, we headed for our room. Now don't get any hanky panky ideas. We went back to the room and crashed.

Apparently, there was no time for leisure, as we were checked out of our room, had the hotel breakfast, and were on the road by 9am. The Fletcher blood kicked in and Ep could not get home fast enough. I tried to stall us all the way across the rest of Texas and eventually gave up when he wouldn't stop in Texarkana for lunch. We got home around 1:30pm, unpacked the truck, made a run to Sonic (I tried to tell him there wasn't anything to eat at our house), and then we both took at 2 hour nap.

The best part of the day was by far what happened around 10pm. Kale came home. Mema Nana walked him down the hall and he was soooo happy to see us. He started smiling and clapping his hands. He crained his neck to look past me to see if his daddy was in the room. It was too cute! He was already in his pj's, so we grabbed his bottle and cuddled until we all fell fast asleep.
The next morning...he gave me this look....I think we are in trouble!!!!!

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