Monday, February 16, 2009

Wednesday and Thursday--lets drive forever and then go fishing!

Oh my where to start?

Let's go back and start with last Wednesday....

Ep and I had planned to leave before the crack of dawn, otherwise known as 5am...and if you are like me, then you also refer to that as the buttcrack of dawn! That was the night that all the storms were brewing and tornadoes were reported in Oklahoma. I dug out the weather radio and plugged it in...around 2:30am, it went off. Just a thunderstorm warning and I don't know that it ever even thundered at our house. We were up. We weren't going back to sleep. We tried and it didn't work. So, we were up. We waited for the rain to stop so we could load a few final things and then we woke up Mema Nana to tell her we were leaving. I hugged and kissed my sleeping prince goodbye. Off we went into the darkness and we were on the road before our goal...yea us!

Wednesday was a little bit of Arkansas and the entire freaking state of Texas. Literally. We went though Dallas, Waco, Austin, San Antonio and every little town between all those big cities. We made it to our destination about 12 hours after we left home. We were both sick of being in the Tahoe at that point. One bright note for me is that I didn't have to drive one single mile while we were gone. We were pulling the boat. I don't pull the boat. I CAN pull the boat...I just don't. We checked into the hotel, went to buy our fishing licenses, ate dinner, got some groceries (sandwich stuff for lunches), and then flopped into bed. I think we were both asleep by 7:45pm. I must include that we ate at the Steak House. Don't picture something like your local )Outback...more like your local 25+ year diner. However, the food was awesome and the prices were great!

Remember that story about Ep hooking me? If not, check my last entry before this...and just keep it in mind as we proceed.

Thursday we arose a little after 6am. We slept at least 10 hours. I can't tell you how amazing that felt. I seriously don't remember the last time I slept that long. Wow! We got dressed, ate breakfast, and headed for the water. It was a beautiful morning. The temperature was in the mid 50's. I was in shorts, tank top, short sleeve t, and a sweatshirt. I should have used the blanket to cover my legs because as we zoomed across the water, I was pretty sure my legs became fat popsicles. We had been fishing maybe 30 minutes when my dear wonderful husband tried to knock me unconscious. He was using this really cool lure and wanted me to see how it looked in the water. Its called a swim bait and it really does look like a small fish as it approaches the boat. As I was leaving the front of the boat, I paused before taking a step down and got thumped in the back of the head. It literally made a thud as it hit my head. I was completely stunned for a moment as I tried to figure out what just happened. Ep started apologizing immediately. After hitting my head, the bait with its treble hooks took off with my hat and landed about 20 feet out in the lake. My hat was hooked well enough that Ep was able to reel it back with his bait. Now...remember, this bait flew at least 20 feet AFTER hitting my head. Some of you may not know this...but Ep was a baseball pitcher in college. The fella can throw and he uses all his gusto when tossing a lure. After reeling his prized bait and my hat back to the boat, he finally put down his rod and checked the back of my head for damage. It was at this point that I was able to figure out what had happened. Sheer shock kept me from pushing him in the lake. He told me I wasn't bleeding, which I already knew. I went to sit down and the tears finally came. He kept asking me if I was ok. I kept reassuring him I was fine and that it was just the shock wearing off. By this point, he is feverishly working to get the treble hook out of my hat. I finally took it from him and worked on it myself. Yes, I got the stupid treble hook out and we resumed fishing.

I made sure to remind him several times and will continue to remind him that he smacked his wife in the head with a HUGE lure. Oh, and we caught some fish as well.
We closed out our day with a good meal at the diner owned by the same people who own the steak house. It was ok, but not the steak house. I think we were asleep by 8pm.

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