Monday, March 15, 2010

Sitting this one out

Today is Not Me Monday, but I am sitting this one...ok, the last few...out.

However, here are a few things going on right now...or that happened in the past week.

My mom and I were enjoying some great "early shopping" at a consignment sale because we were both consigning. This meant we go to look for the deals and steals before the general public. While I was shopping, Ep was at home with Kale and keeping me up to date on the weather. We were just about ready to leave when a voice came over the loudspeaker and said, "We don't want you to panic, but we need to evacuate the building. Nobody needs to run, but we do need to move quickly. There is a CONFIRMED tornado coming this way and we might be in its path." Now, I had just spent 2+ hours finding my deals...and I have to abandon them? OK, we were in a concrete building with a metal roof. Yep, we had to leave. We went to the old colosseum. On the way over there, I called to tell Ep what was happening. His exact words: "Thats just great! I hope you know that if the roof blows off of that thing, ya'll are dead." There was just a mild level of panic in his voice. I waited until I hung up the phone to laugh. My options were to run to the car to try to outrun the storm, stay in a tin box building, or take refuge in an old concrete/steel support building under the concrete bleachers next to sturdy beams. We chose the entrance to the men's bathroom as our spot. I called Ep to tell him all was well. His words: "Now I know how you felt all those times when you were worried about me being out on the water when it was storming. But that was a thunderstorm, not a TORNADO!" I kept my mouth shut, but my mind was saying: really, what exactly is the big difference between me blowing away and you getting struck by lighting??? We all lived...and so it goes.

Ep and I then proceeded to run away for the weekend. Thank you Mema! Two things we learned while we were away: we are old and our son is increasingly telling lies. Mema took him to get a haircut on Friday, but if you ask him...nope, he did NOT get a haircut. However, he truly understand yes/no and having an opinion and its pretty darn cute when he tells you how he really feels about things!

Kale can stick his bottom lip out about half a mile when pouting or trying not to get upset. Seriously, half a mile folks! It will melt you and break you all at once!

Today, Kale got allergy tested again. The bad news is that he is still allergic to egg. We really didn't expect that to have changed. However, we saw a new doctor and I really like his style. I am glad we took the plunge and changed (even though it meant retesting). The good news is that this doctor doesn't think it does any good for Kale to not eat the other main allergens such as nuts, honey, shellfish, and such because he did not react to any of them on the test. He even tested him specifically for catfish! No reaction! YEA!!!! Tonight, we introduced Kale to salmon. In a few nights, he will get his first try of peanut butter. Funny how the small things can make a momma happy!


Phoenix33 said...

Which Allergy Doctor are you using? Is the new Dr part of Arkansas Allergy Clinic there in Little Rock? They are supposed to be the best ones in the state.

Marcia said...

Actually, AR Allergy is who we were seeing...but weren't quite happy with the care. So, we transferred to Little Rock Allergy to see Dr Ingram. We have a friend with a child who had seen Dr Ingram and their family was pleased with the care provided. I have to say that I am much happier wth the care that we received there as well. Just a little more kid friendly kind of doctor.