Sunday, March 21, 2010

Howwy Doowy and more

There are some fun verbal times in our house lately...well, ok, all the time.

Here is a sample...

In the bathroom, you can find Poilet Taper

On the phone, you will be told "Howwy Doowy" which sounds alot like Howdy Doody, but really is "How you doing?" and we know this because its quickly followed with an "I fine". So really, when he asks how are you doing, don't bother answering because he will answer himself!

The other day, when Mema either wasn't answering him (due to muliple times a zillion requests), he asked her "You Hear Me?"

If he wants your attention and you aren't giving better watch out if he can reach your face because two little hands will grab each side of your face and swing your head in his direction and he doesn't care anything about giving you whiplash!

At night, don't be surprised if you are in bed with him and he says "turn around" to you...meaning you should roll over and face him.

He will tell you good morning...even at 6pm in the evening.

This one rings a proud bell...and the reminder that he is always paying attention. The past few days, we have been hearing "I did it!" and then its followed quickly with the self praise of "Good job Kale!"

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