Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Not?

I thought I had longer. Nope. I don't. Its here. The infamous question that will eventually probably drive me over the parental breaking point. Our child comes from parents who constantly question (althought sometimes not out loud)...authority, rules, procedures, reasoning....we are always questioning and we just can't help ourselves on that one.

So this morning, I should not have been surprised by the question from the back seat that, well, surprised me. I reintroduced Kale to Teddy Grahams this morning and he rediscovered his love of them with a vengence. A vengence to the tune of 5 servings...and asking for more. We were driving down the road, almost to daycare, when he asked for "more bears". I told him no. And then it came...WHY NOT? I kept us on the road amid my disbelief that he had just said that. Then I wondered if I heard him correctly. He must have read my mind because he said it again. WHY NOT? And I started laughing because I knew what freaking neverending black hole of parenthood that Ep and I had just dove (or been pushed by our child) into without so much as a life jacket to save ourselves. When his second round of quesitoning didn't get him a response, he added my name to the mix while I scrambled for an answer. I had a valid one, but just didn't know that I was going to have to explain my simple No answer. So by the time he got done with WHY NOT MOMMY?!?!, I was able to tell him it was because he was almost to school and he would get another serving of breakfast there.

So there you have it. Be prepared. He might ask you next. He's you best have a really good and valid answer!

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Sue said...

"Because Mommy said so" could be the answer but it never worked with either you or Chris. Give it a try it might work a few times. Though it is wise to have valid answers to "NO" and also to choose your battles. Also good to state before hand what the limit is and again when the limit is near it's end. This can sometimes avoid a power stuggle to see who gives first as you have just found out the next step is coming at you fast. Raised two kid I would not trade for the world and used all the resources I could find and still felt like I came up short many times. Ask God each day to guide your words and actions. Those actions are being watched and most times can speak louder than the words. Almost deleted this because I know you are a wonderful mother and already know this stuff.
Grandparenthood is sweet and wonderful and soon to be times 2.
Thanks for sharing and giving me a heads up for the weekend.