Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Potty time!

Thanks to "school", we have started diving deeper into the world of potty training. Most days, Kale's potty training still involves a diaper or pull up being shoved down, his booty barely hitting the potty, the diaper/pull-up bing pulled up, and then washing his hands (the highlight for him!).

UNTIL...he went in the potty at school. The first time he did it, his teacher was already gone for the day so I could not ask her if she had truly MEANT to put the U on his sheet (see below). The second time, there was a U and a sticker and she confirmed (and laughed while she said that most of it went in the floor because he was sitting and um, didn't point it down....whoops!) Hey, he is learning. I mean, he is just now truly figuring out that he can control what is going on down there in that area! I made a HUGE deal out of that sticker. When we got home, I made a big production telling Ep that Kale had something to show him. Ep also made a huge deal out of it. Talk about a proud little boy!

And then there was tonight. He had given us a stinky gift right after dinner. Since it was bath time, I didn't put another diaper on him. As we walked to the bathroom, he said he needed to potty. I told him to have a seat on his potty and walked into the kitchen to get a drink before starting his bath. Imagine my surprise when I returned to find him peeing in his potty! He was giggling and so proud. Again, we made HUGE racket about what a great job he had done. Of course, I documented the event...

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