Thursday, April 1, 2010


We finally recovered enough from the weekend diet (aka: stomach virus) that we decided to venture down to our local mexican diner for some evening grub. We told Kale we were going to get cheese dip. He replied that we were going to eat mexican. The smart little man surprised both of us with that one!

We were sitting in our booth enjoying our meal when family was seated two tables away from us. A young girl was with them and she looked close to Kale's age. As a ploy to keep him entertained at the table while we finished our meal, I told him to say hello to the girl. What did our not a shy bone in his body child say? Oh yes...he looked square at her and said, "Hey BABY!"

To Kale's defense, his name for any child he doesn't know is baby. The kid can be twice he size and he will call the kid a baby. There is no distinction for him yet. Every child, young and old, is a baby. I am sure that many parents would agree with him and many kids would completely disagree, but back to the story...

I laughed. Kale said it again. HEY BABY! I am pretty sure that Ep wanted to crawl under the table. HEY BABY! with a wave this time. I thought it was hilarious. Everyone else was either smiling at him or just ignoring him (yes, this is actually possible it seems).

I have to give kudos to Ep. He has come a LONG way down the parental trail. Had the same thing happened two years ago, he would have probably snatched Kale right up and took off running with him out of sheer embarrassement. I would have had to box up our meal, pay, and try to catch them before he got 5 miles down the road to our house. I would have been lucky to catch them! And not in a MILLION YEARS would Ep have ever returned there to eat. But the parental path has taught him well and he just sat there while his son yelled HEY BABY at the cute little girl. Turns out, the little girl is two. If you ask her, she will tell you she is two but her fingers lie because she only holds up one finger while saying two.

Here is to cute kids and the never ending ways that they work on us as toddlers to prepare us for the mayhem that is the teenage years!

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