Friday, April 16, 2010

I can't make this up...

I seriously can not make this stuff up. I just got out of bed to blog this so it will not be forgotten.

Kale came to join us in our bed early tonight. He came wobbling into our room wanting more milk at 10:30pm. He refused the idea of returning to his bed. As I tried to go back to sleep, Kale finished his milk and then started talking in his sleep. I have no idea what he said, but then he started singing. Again, no idea what he was singing. Apparently Ep either understood him or wanted him hush, because he started making noises back at Kale. I started laughing so hard that I snorted. This caused Ep to grunt at me. Kale obviously thought this was funny because he laughed out loud in his sleep. Seriously, they were BOTH still asleep. Snoring ensued, from both of them. It was quiet for a few minutes before Kale said something else. Then Ep said "huh?"....and then the snoring returned.

Y'all, I am as sober as can be...and there is no way I can make this stuff up!

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Sue said...

You just needed to go to sleep and then you could have understood the communication and joined in. It means a lot that Kale sings and laughs in his sleep. One happy little boy.