Tuesday, April 13, 2010


All I can say for this video is WHHHEEEEEEEE! That had to be what he was thinking. I thought he would pause at the edge of the driveway. I thought wrong!


Sue said...

Do we have dare devil on or hands or what???? Loved it but wonder if he will after his first spill. Yes, I bet he will get up and want to do it again. Thanks for sharing. Who knew a $3.00 garage sale find would lead to so many adventures. Thanks Ep for pulling it out of hiding earlier than we thought he would need it because his feet doesn't reach the pedals. He just used the Flintstone method for months and now has learned fly. Wonder how many miles he has put on that thing! :))

Amy said...

I love that you actually paused the CAMERA at the end of the driveway, subconsciously thinking (maybe hoping!) that he would pause. And it caused you to lose sight of him on the video for a split second. Ha!