Monday, April 19, 2010

Nearly getting paid to shop

Lately, I have been hitting some good bargains. This is what a few of my recent receipts looked like:

Target: 4 packs of diapers, 2 Gerber Fruit Twist boxes, 1 package underwear, 1 bag of Cheetos, 2 boxes of Target fruit chews, 3 boxes of something else Target snacks (don't remember), 1 bottle of Euricin lotion, 4 bottles of Dial shower soap, 15 boxes of 30ct Rolaids.

Total before sale prices: $116.33
Total savings: $66.24 (of which $61.55 was saved with coupons!)
Total after sale prices/coupons: $62.50

Kroger: 1 box of Cheerios, 9 bottles (20oz) of Sobe Lifewater, 1 bottle of Nesquik syrup, 1 family size Stouffer's Lasagna.

Value of coupons used: $11.14
Coupons values that doubled: $4.35
Saved due to Kroger sale: $16.80
Total Saved: $32.29 (89% of total price)
Total Spent out of pocket: $4.27

Kroger: 9 bottles of Sobe Lifewater, 1 small package of M&M's

Value of coupons used: $5.79
Coupon values doubled: $4.00
Saved due to Kroger sale: $7.11
Total Savings: 16.90 (104%)
Total Spent: -.61 and then.... .17

Yes, they owed me money. That is why Kale got a small package of M&M's. I had to get to the side of $0 where they were making money. They were baffled at how they owed me money. I knew why, but kept my trap shut because it never works out well when I try to explain it to them. So, instead of working any longer to figure it out, they just pulled .61 out of the drawer and then rang up the M&M's separately...and I had to come up with .17 for the difference. Then Kale and I got out of there lickety split!

Then there was today...where I went to Walgreens (2 separate stores) and bought 12 bottles of Vitamin D gelcaps, 3 bags of Pull-Ups, and 3 packages of Peeps (which I don't even like!). Here is how that worked out for me:

Spent: less than $7 total including tax
Received: $60 in register rewards of which $15 was spent on the I still have $45 in register rewards.

If anyone needs some Vitamin D gelcaps...let me know. I have given away 3 bottles already, but that leaves me with a 3+ year supply.....

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