Monday, April 19, 2010

Not much lately

I haven't posted much lately. Not because there hasn't been stuff to post. There are always cute pictures or stories from Kale. There is always a story or two about how I drive my husband insane (and not in a good way). There is always something.

Yet, lately, I have been going so fast that I don't slow down enough to let it all out. Thus, there is a circus of stuff going around like a merry go round in my head. There are so many "have I done that?" and "is this taken care of?" and "what deadline is next?" I never seem to have, correction: make, time to just blog the fun stuff lately. Hopefully, that will soon change.

Between work deadlines, vacation planning, work travel planning, and all the craziness that my brother has going on this poor head.

I took some time this past week and weekend to just enjoy my son. Well, more than usual. I enjoy him every day. Some days, he doesn't enjoy me so much. You know, on those days when I ask him to obey, tell him something he doesn't like, don't let him play in the water hose because its too cold out, etc. Yeah, on those days, he hates least for a few minutes anyway. Back to this past weekend. He and I enjoyed a few days last week with an absentee daddy because he was working out of town. One afternoon, I did what he will soon not let me do with him: I took him to Target, Kroger, and then to Moe's. See, he was EXCITED to go to those stores. Target has toys. Kroger has carts with cars to drive. So, yes, he was excited to go shopping with mommy. Moe's was pretty much empty and we enjoyed a quiet dinner with common 2 year old conversation...which is pretty much about whatever happens to catch his attention at the moment. Saturday brought a trip out that included a garage sale, haircut, lunch, and Kroger (he wanted to ride in the cart). We had a good day. It was relaxing. My little boy is just big enough to enjoy time with mommy without being so big that he rolls his eyes at the idea of spending time with mommy. Ahhhhh...I know these moments are fleeting.

I know this is probably just rambling and such...but see, this is my mind these days. Moving, jumping, jerking from one thing to the next. A much needed vacation is coming. I won't say when, because the entire internet does not need to know when we will be on vacation. But, don't worry. When we return from vacation, things will only get more hectic. Slovakia, a wedding, and the arrival of my brother's child awaits on the other side of vacation. AND, if God answers a prayer the way we hope, then there is the possibility that it will get even more hectic somewhere in the middle of all of that.

I am pretty sure that my sanity is long gone! Check back this fall to see if it has returned!

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